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drunkwa1fu, the fat bimbo that used to be a cheer queen <3

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15 hours ago, matismarclouis@gmail.com said:

Hi !

First of all you're one of the most beautiful model i ever seen on this site. And it's an amazong thing cause there's only beauties here. Well anyway, i think you're even know that.

I have a suggestion for you (i don't know if you need suggestions but let's try), i saw that you were an ex cherleeder before your goddess life. Would it be possible that you do a clip of a workout cherleader's routine or just a workout clip ? That could be a good way to see you mooving, like you say in you're previous clip. But i totally understand if they're not your plans and if you don't have the motivation.

So thank's for all and for the amazing price of you're clips even though they're amazings. (and sorry for my english i'm european like you but from a country where we are bad in english) (france) 

awww thank you so much this just made my day 💕💕

i'm always open for content suggestions! after all i don't do content only bc it's a lot of fun but i want to make people happy! i also really like doing content that hasn't been done a lot so far.

trying out an old cheer choreography would be lots of fun.. but also very exhausting. will definitely try that. but i will have to make up for the burned calories 🤪🤪

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forgot some txt

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