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    Absolutely amazing video! Lovesbreadsticks is a true goddess, looking bigger and sexier than ever in this vid. Watch her get out of breath while she struggles to squeeze into some of her old clothes that she’s recently outgrown. Then for the finale she weighs in! Showing off her astonishing gain thus far as she talks about how much more weight she wants to gain in the near future. This is the hottest video I’ve watched on curvage by far! A must buy for everyone. We all need to continue to support her so she plumps up so much more!
    Nice gains so far in 2020! Can’t wait to see how much bigger you can get by the end of the year. You look gorgeous in this video. I love how gluttonous you’re becoming! It’s incredibly hot! 🥰
    5 out of 5! Love how big you are getting Danni! Keep up the good work piggy🐷
    Great video, well worth the buy. My favorite part about this vid is the camera angles really show you just how much of a fatty Danni has become lately. Danni’s double chin and chipmunk cheeks are so hot and of course her big growing belly!
    Awesome video! Danni you are getting huge! And I love it. Keep ballooning up like you’ve been and get so much fatter for us!
    Favorite video from Danni so far! Can’t believe how fat she got!! Someone has been eating well for sure! Looking bigger and sexier than ever. I can’t wait to see her get much much bigger!
  1. Luckiest guy in the world!! Be careful..looks like you might crush him underneath all that weight soon lol 😘
    Sexiest video ever! Love how your bed creeks under your weight and huge you are getting. Its so hot please getting bigger
    Great video, love seeing how much food you eat before bed. I guess that’s why your stomach seems to have more stretchmarks in every video update that you post! Keep this up and you’ll be as big as a house in no time 🥰😘
    Fantastic video, just like every other vid from Chubbycat666! Soon enough her belly’s going to be so much fatter and we’ll be looking back on this one as a before companion. Bet that car’s going to be much more of a tight squeeze than in this vid as this beauty continues to grow. larger and larger. Well worth the purchase on this one!
    Best video I’ve purchased on Curvage! Wish I was one of those people in the jacuzzi that you speak of who got to see you wearing this bikini. That would’ve been the sexiest thing ever! Can’t wait to see how it fits come beach season next year 😘🥰😍
    I loved this video! It’s so sexy how you get a little out of breath from trying on the too small workout clothes 🤩
    Sexysabrina you are a true goddess! I love everything about this video! That scooby doo mystery machine crop top might be the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Then the weight gain story just tops it off and makes this vid absolutely amazing! I’m in love with your new stretchmarks and big growing belly! Can’t wait to see you get so much fatter ❤️
    Blossom, you look so sexy in this video! Greedily stuffing your beautiful face with fattening desserts and whipped cream while talking about how much of a fat pig you’re becoming. You look absolutely amazing! I can’t until you are going through 3 cans of whipped cream a day 😍
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