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    Another fantastic video from Honeybaby, she looks even fatter in this video! Keep eating those doughnuts, I can’t wait to see you get even bigger 🥰😍
    Fantastic video! This video really shows how big Honeybaby is getting! I love watching her stuff herself silly in her car, this vid is amazing….a must see for sure
    Wow incredibly hot first video from feedxmexdaddy!! You are a up and coming star on this site for sure, Curvage’s next top model just waiting to be discovered by so many of us out there. This video is worth every penny, watching feedxmexdaddy stuff herself with McDonald’s while chatting with us about how much of a piggy she’s been lately, you can’t go wrong with that! It’s insanely cute how stretchmarks are forming on her sides. I can’t wait to watch as she continues to grow bigger and fatter by the day. This girl has amazing potential, I have a feeling she’s going to become a legendary model in the feedee community very quickly if she keeps releasing videos like this! I wouldn’t be surprised if she rapidly puts on a ton of weight the way she seems to enjoy constantly overindulging herself. There’s no doubt about it that she’s a natural born feedee at heart and the fact she’s now releasing her inner desires to grow into a big fat piggy couldn’t be any hotter 😍. The quality of this video is absolutely fantastic! Especially considering that it is her first video I personally was very impressed by how great of a job she did filming this. Hats off to feedxmexdaddy!! I can’t wait to see more videos from you! In the meantime I hope you keep stuffing that sexy belly of yours which I’m sure will
  1. Wow 😍 you are absolutely gorgeous! I love your chubby little belly it looks so cute!! Keep eating girl you definitely have the potential to be one of the next top curvage models! I’m looking forward to seeing more of you on here! Can’t wait to see you hit your first goal of 200…..message me if you need a feeder to spoil you I’d be happy to help
  2. Hottest gain I’ve ever seen on this site! @BagelPig thank you so much for sharing your gain this far with us! We would absolutely love to see a video of some sort from you even if you are not comfortable showing your support beautiful face in it for personal reasons that’s completely fine and understandable. Regardless of that I hope that you continue to share pics with us as you continue to ballon up more and more! It seems like your feeder is doing a excellent job so far and I hope that you keep increasing your calorie intake and keep drinking those shakes!
  3. You look super hot at 215! Any thoughts about getting bigger?
    10 out of 10 video from the amazing Laura Fatty! In this video Laura talks to us about her astonishing weight gain journey thus far, she tells us about how she plans to keep getting bigger for us and she looks absolutely huge in this video, with stretchmarks all over her belly to show just how much she’s grown recently. Keep up the fantastic work Laura! I can’t wait to see you get even bigger! You are truly a legend!
    Laura fatty is back! She looks like the fattest secretary I’ve ever seen in this video as she helplessly stuffs more and more food into her greedy mouth! I’d love to see a future secretary video where your boss gives you like a dozen doughnuts and a gainer shake to eat/drink as part of your work assignment! I think that would be really hot!
    Just when I thought her last video couldn’t get any better Amelia is back again with an even better one. In this vid Amelia looks extremely cute while she talks about all of her favorite foods. She’s shirtless the entire video so we get to see her big sexy belly throughout the whole video as she constantly eats candy. Amelia you have one of the sexiest bellies I’ve ever seen! I’d love to see it get a whole lot bigger! 😍 Keep stuffing yourself silly every single day for us! Hopefully we can add some more stretchmarks to your big sexy belly in no-time. I strongly recommend this video to everyone! Buy it! You won’t regret it. It’s honestly a great bargain for the price
    Great video! Amelia looks super hot as she stuffs her face with T-Bell while she plays with her big growing belly as she talks about how she wants to keep getting fatter for you! It’s worth every penny! Fantastic job! I can’t wait to buy more of her vids.
  4. Wow 🤩 you look fantastic! Please make a updated video for us soon! I’m sure that your belly is just as sexy even with a little scar, definitely keep eating well and I hope to see some more new content from you soon!
  5. I can’t wait to see how much bigger you are in your next video update!
    Great video! Nice gains! 10 pounds in just a little over a month 😍🥰 that’s impressive! Clearly somebody’s been eating well 😏those stretchmarks all over your tummy show exactly how much of a greedy piggy you’ve been. It’s kinda unrealistic but imagine if you kept up pace all year?😱 Lol seriously though you do look noticeably bigger now than you were in this vid so I’m even more excited for your next weigh in update and everyone else should totally be too.
    WOW 🤩 I still can’t believe how HUGE Kelli looks in this video!! She looks SO MUCH FATTER it’s literally unbelievable. Not only is it incredibly hot listening to her talk about how BIG, FAT, DOUGHY, and SUISHY she is, looking extremely stoned and cute! Kelli has become such a greedy piggy that her food delivery order on its way while she’s showing off her fat body to us! I love the double chin she’s she’s starting to develop! Kelli, please keep up the amazing work! I highly recommend that everyone (fan of Kelli’s or not) BUY THIS VIDEO! I promise that you won’t regret it! Kelli needs our help and support to keep those food delivered orders coming 24/7, 365!
    Savannah you look so adorable in this video! You definitely need to come visit New York if you love pizza that much! You you fatter in every video and I love it! Everyone buy this video! You won’t regret it and it’ll help Savannah fund her pizza addiction. Imagine if she starts eating an entire pizza pie once a day everyday for a month straight? We can make that happen guys! Buy this video and help support this beautiful growing goddess keep getting fatter and fatter for us 😍
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