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    Sexysabrina you are a true goddess! I love everything about this video! That scooby doo mystery machine crop top might be the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Then the weight gain story just tops it off and makes this vid absolutely amazing! I’m in love with your new stretchmarks and big growing belly! Can’t wait to see you get so much fatter ❤️
    Blossom, you look so sexy in this video! Greedily stuffing your beautiful face with fattening desserts and whipped cream while talking about how much of a fat pig you’re becoming. You look absolutely amazing! I can’t until you are going through 3 cans of whipped cream a day 😍
    Watch Blossom’s belly balloon into a bigger ball of fat as she stuffs herself silly with fattening snacks while drinking her first weight gain shake. Looking fatter than ever, blossom really shows everyone she means business and is committed to gaining a lot of weight in this video. I recommend that everyone purchase this one. Not only because it awesome...it’ll help blossom, the beautiful gaining goddesses that she is, continue to grow into the greedy fat gluttonous pig we all want her to be
  1. It clearly says Photos in the description!! And they look sexy af. I can’t wait to see you gain even more weight to the point were you won’t be able to put on those tiny clothes anymore. Looking so fat and hot in these pics!
    Danni is by far the fattest and sexiest she’s ever been in this video...if you look at the comparison cupcake stuffing vid from the last tine this shirt was warn by the goddesses, it’s pretty obvious she’s ballooned into a complete and total gluttonous porker now. Plz buy this vid to help make this fatty get even fatter
    Best video from Candi yet! I absolutely love how fat and lazy she is becoming!!! Please purchase this vid to help her get even fatter!
    Best video I’ve seen yet from Dannithefatty! Looking bigger and fatter then ever, she over indulges herself with cupcakes while wearing a sexy outgrown outfit. She plays with her big sexy tummy and stuffs herself silly. I recommend purchasing this one, it’s well worth it For the price. Hope everyone helps support Danni so she can add some new stretchmarks to that beautiful growing belly of hers! True goddess in the making with so much potential.
    Tipsy Casey, looking tubbier than ever before, flirtatiously flaunts her fat around to give us a great show of where all the newly added lbs she’s put on have gone. Bulging out of an old pair of lingerie, you can clearly see how much of a fat gluttonous piggy she’s eaten herself into. Unaccustomed to her bigger oversized body, Casey struggles to dance around the room. Letting her gigantic gut jiggle, big booty bounce, and thighs quiver with each and every slight little movement. By the end of the video, Casey becomes “wildly out of breath”. Becoming such a overweight, out of shape fatass really turns her on....but I truly believe that it turns me on even more! Absolute “MUST SEE” as noted by the growing gorgeous goddess herself in video details. I strongly recommend everyone to buy this one! Cost is nothing compared to the quality, it’s truly a bargain.
  2. If you could do an all day stuffing video, like breakfast, lunch, then dinner/dessert, that would be amazing!! Keep up the good work Casey! You are looking sexier and sexier everyday!
    Another 5 star video from the amazingly beautiful curvage model Candi! We are all so lucky to have you back Candi! I’d love to see you set a weight gain goal for 2019 that we can all hopefully help you achieve. My favorite part of this video is watching Candi struggle her way into these old way too tight clothes, getting hot and outta breath, sexiest thing I’ve ever seen!
    Candi looks hotter than the ever in this video. Fellow Curvage people, if you haven’t purchased this one yet you’re definitely missing out! Candi -Great video, all the details you give are awesome. Can’t wait to hear more stories about what the same people you talk about in this video do or say as you continue to get bigger
    One of the best videos I’ve ever purchased on Curvage. Recommend it to everyone, it’s well worth the money. Candi, you’re looking bigger and better than ever! You look sexier with every additional pound you put on! ! Please keep eating, gaining, and growing for us!
    I can’t wait to see that beautiful belly of yours get bigger. It’ll be so hot when you can’t zip up those sexy piggy 🐷 pyjamas anymore
    By far your best video yet! Every video you make seems to get better and better. So sexy
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