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    Great video! Nice gains! 10 pounds in just a little over a month 😍🥰 that’s impressive! Clearly somebody’s been eating well 😏those stretchmarks all over your tummy show exactly how much of a greedy piggy you’ve been. It’s kinda unrealistic but imagine if you kept up pace all year?😱 Lol seriously though you do look noticeably bigger now than you were in this vid so I’m even more excited for your next weigh in update and everyone else should totally be too.
    WOW 🤩 I still can’t believe how HUGE Kelli looks in this video!! She looks SO MUCH FATTER it’s literally unbelievable. Not only is it incredibly hot listening to her talk about how BIG, FAT, DOUGHY, and SUISHY she is, looking extremely stoned and cute! Kelli has become such a greedy piggy that her food delivery order on its way while she’s showing off her fat body to us! I love the double chin she’s she’s starting to develop! Kelli, please keep up the amazing work! I highly recommend that everyone (fan of Kelli’s or not) BUY THIS VIDEO! I promise that you won’t regret it! Kelli needs our help and support to keep those food delivered orders coming 24/7, 365!
    Savannah you look so adorable in this video! You definitely need to come visit New York if you love pizza that much! You you fatter in every video and I love it! Everyone buy this video! You won’t regret it and it’ll help Savannah fund her pizza addiction. Imagine if she starts eating an entire pizza pie once a day everyday for a month straight? We can make that happen guys! Buy this video and help support this beautiful growing goddess keep getting fatter and fatter for us 😍
    10/10 MUST BUY video!!! Savannah has gained so much weight since the last time she has gone into her office, none of the people she works with are going to recognize her because of how fat she’s gotten! Watch her struggle to squeeze her ever-growing body into professional clothes that don’t come anywhere near close to fitting her now. Keep eating and growing Savannah!! You look sexy asf and I hope to see you get huge! 🥰
  1. How do I sign up to volunteer? Lol I’ll gladly be your full time belly rubber 😝I’d make sure that your pampered, fed, spoiled, and stuffed 24/7 ❤️
    Fantastic video! Laura looks fatter than ever, I can’t even imagine how sexy she will look by the end of 2022! Keep drinking those weight gain shakes! I would love to see you gain 100 pounds or more in 2022!
  2. Damn you are so adorable! I love your chubby belly, I’d really like to see it get a lot bigger 😍
  3. Extremely cute belly! Please post more!
  4. @STCChristopher -Take it easy bro, if your comments freak me out I can only imagine how @Chubbycat666 must feel. Why so many weird questions dude?
    Another fantastic video from Chubbycat666! A absolute MUST BUY for anyone that’s a fan of her’s. She’s back and bigger than ever. @Chubbycat6666 - I want to make a suggestion about your upcoming wedding dilemma, what if you buy a dress that’s a few sizes too big (if the place you have to order it from has a larger size in stock) this way you’d have to push yourself to quickly gain weight so you’re able to fit into it in 30 - 40 days for the wedding! I think we’d all love to see that! lol And about the ice cream thing, you should eat a whole container of ice cream every night before bed for a week straight and then make a video for us on the 7th day to show off the results! 🥰❤️💕
  5. How come I can’t buy this video? I don’t care about the issue with the sources I’d still buy it!
  6. Omg you look adorable Candii! I love how chubby your belly’s looking! Hope the holidays treat you well
    Fantastic video from JuicyJunt! She really pushes herself to the limit in this one. It’s adorable to see how fat she is getting. Looking bigger and bigger and every video, I can’t get enough!
    Absolutely amazing video! Lovesbreadsticks is a true goddess, looking bigger and sexier than ever in this vid. Watch her get out of breath while she struggles to squeeze into some of her old clothes that she’s recently outgrown. Then for the finale she weighs in! Showing off her astonishing gain thus far as she talks about how much more weight she wants to gain in the near future. This is the hottest video I’ve watched on curvage by far! A must buy for everyone. We all need to continue to support her so she plumps up so much more!
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