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  1. You are correct. The limitations that a feedee experiences as she exchanges one set of abilities for another and becomes a slave to her appetite are very hot.
  2. Way better after photo! You look sumptuous. The before photo pains me to look at.
  3. Good girl! You know that the best way to avoid temptation is to give into it. Every bite of food helps to increase everything that is good about your body.
  4. That is phenomenal! Keep that belly straining. Do I understand right that you are eating six to eight meals a day? He must be very proud of you. I wonder what that all adds up to in terms of calories?
  5. Gold medal gain! 🌟🥇🏆. Unleash your appetite, embrace excess and push yourself that much further as you celebrate your success with a cake and a shake. 🎂🍰🧁🍦🥤
  6. Such an awesome post, that the entire universe froze for a moment. 😮🤯
  7. Intensify her association of food and sex by buying a remote control vibrator to reward her for being a good piggy when you go out to eat.
  8. Obviously, food and sex are an inseparable part of the feeding lifestyle. Using sexual gratification to condition a feedee to associate eating with sex is one of the sublime joys of feedism. Has anyone thought of taking things a step further by purchasing a remote controlled vibrator that the submissive feedee wears beneath her clothes so that the controlling feeder can give her a secret pulse-raising reward when she eats in in public? Perhaps also accompanied by some good natured teasing and humiliation?
  9. Naturally after living a lifestyle of appetite and indulgence I would hope that you would be incapable of stopping at 345. How could you reach that goal and not have a feast and a cake to celebrate your marvelous achievement? 🎂🧁🐖🥇🏆
  10. I applaud your dedication in more than doubling your starting weight. What about a long term goal of 345? Three times the girl you used to be.
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