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    I didn't know what to expect going in, feeling like there's no way the hype for the video could match the actual video. I was dead wrong. Every positive comment summarizes what I could've said about Kitty; she has blown up and looking great in the process. The new camera accentuates the curves even further and she looks even bigger than the weight she said she's at; she could definitely crush someone with all that. It's always crazy to see someone's growth over the months and the dedication has certainly been there for her.
    This woman is getting bigger and wider, and the thumbnails don't show her justice. I couldn't believe it and she's really closing in on that goal weight; if she kicks it up a few notches, it'll be attainable soon. All I know is, if I wanted to eat she can't come to my Thanksgiving dinner lol
  1. I'm just trying to be patient with the weigh in and possibly a measurements video

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