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  1. I certainly won't be complaining if you decide to do more butt-centered content. Love your pear figure, Stuffingkit!
  2. It's why she looked better pregnant.
  3. I'm saying yes it's common for women and perfectly normal. Were you asking just to see if others noticed a difference in her breast size? It just seems like a really random thing to bring up.
  4. It's common for breasts to not always be symmetrical, but there's no rationale to it, just like slight facial asymmetry. I don't really see the value in the comment.
  5. Vekelvy

    Nicki Minaj

    Her face has gotten rounder for sure compared to old photos.
  6. Vekelvy

    Gia Paige

    Knew I saved these for a reason.
  7. Yes, most conventional models aren't round-faced because the industry still employs a lot of slim women. We still live in a world where you're either a "model" or a "plus sized model." Not saying it's a good thing, but that's how much of the industry still works. My point is Lucy doesn't look like the model she started off as.
  8. I thought she got a boob reduction years back? Have they just happened to grow again?
  9. At this point she doesn't even look like a model, her face has gotten so round.
  10. It's not the stuffing one where the blonde can't fit through the door at the very end is it?
  11. Any chance you've thought about returning to Curvage for updates?

  12. Give it time, once this stuff blows over and everyone has forgotten about it, her pics will reappear again.
  13. This image was recently posted to ^ and I was wondering if anyone knew who this was? It has a camgirl vibe about it, maybe because it reminds me of Katie Cumming's shows in her kitchen. Regardless, anyone have a name?
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