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The Thin College

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This story is inspired by Batman76, Swahilimonkfish, and a true story ("based on a true story" -- like all those amazing movies).

Chapter One

               “… so what I need to tell you is, we’re never going to date.”

               I stared at my crush like a deer in headlights. How are you supposed to answer that? “Never?”

               “Never, never, ever,” she replied as she pushed her fork through her mashed potatoes. Never once did she look at me.

               I should’ve known better. I really should’ve. But after a couple months of asking her out and her half-shod excuses for why she couldn’t go, I should’ve taken the hint. But I was getting desperate. I had no relationships – or friends for that matter.

               She slowly carried a fork-ful of mashed potatoes to her mouth with a graceful bend of her long, slender arm. Her arm was so beautiful and captivating – then again, wasn’t her whole body just as entrancing? She was just as tall as me, long and slender, clothed modestly in a soft but form-fitting green sweater and blue jeans. Bracelets and beads adorned both her wrists, and a necklace rested on her soft bosom without looking scandalous. From beneath a full head of straight, black hair, I could see her eyelashes fluttering over green pupils. She still wouldn’t look at me.

               “So… why?” I finally asked, ignoring my own food. “I’m not a bad person; I’d take care of you.”

               “But that’s just it,” she said slowly, piecing the words carefully together into sentences she’d probably rehearsed to herself all day. “You’re not supposed to love me.”


               “Loving anything in the world is wrong. The only person you’re supposed to love is God.”

               I felt a cold, invisible dagger pierce my heart.

               “What are you talking about? That’s crazy! God made everything around us – that’s why I love it so much.”

               “But it’s a sin, Jason,” my crush stared down at her food. “The world is finite and impure. Only God is eternal. That’s why you’re only supposed to love Him. You want a relationship with me because you long for me, but not God. That’s why it’ll never work.”

               She was nuts. Was this really my last shot at a relationship in this damn college? “That’s – that can’t be right. There’s no way you really believe that. What about your parents? Don’t they love each other? Don’t they love you?”

               “Yes, I get that, but they don’t love each other. They love each other… through God.”

               “Okay…” I tapped the edge of the table with my palms, glancing left and right at the other people in the chow hall, hoping we didn’t stick out like a sore thumb. “You know I’m one of the most religious people here, right? So I can do that too.”

               She shook her head softly, still staring down. “You think so, but no. You’re really smart Jason. Really smart. But even though you know God, you don’t have a relationship with Him.”

               “We’ve talked about this,” I tapped my foot anxiously. “I’m terrified of Him – for a lot of reasons. I’ve read Isaiah; I’ve read what He does on a whim. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a relationship with Him.”

               “But that’s why we’ll never go out and date. That’s why. Jason… you’re really smart. You can do anything if you set your mind to it, you know that?”

               “Uh huh. Yeah,” she was feeding me the same line every damned girl did at this damn college. I was so smart. But there was always some stupid reason they never wanted to get close to me. Was it because I wasn’t strong and buff? Was it my nerdy personality? Was it my social awkwardness? Who the fuck cared? It always ended the same way.

               “I know you’re going through a lot right now, but honestly, just give it some time and someday, somewhere, I know you will find the one God sends you to be with.”

               “Oh yeah,” I could feel my voice cracking. “I’ll just be sure to never love them, pray three times a day, and God will wave His magic wand and we’ll all be happily married with nine kids, right?”

               For the first time, she shyly looked up at me with her green eyes. She hesitantly reached a hand out to hold mine, but I shook my head, pushed my plate away, and stood up.

               “I’m sorry,” I said as I dodged her look. “I’m not hungry. I have to go.”

               “Do… do you want me to walk you home?”

               Was she fucking serious? “No, no… you’re fine Brandy. You’re alright…”

               I turned away from her and walked myself home. Hopefully, not too many people noticed the tears starting to slosh against my eyes.


               At “home” in my barren prison-cell of a dorm room, I turned my PC on and tried to play some Call of Duty to get my latest heartbreak off my mind. With barely any social life, gaming filled the woman-shaped hole in my heart better than anything. But not this time. Everything good in the world was grey. Turning off the game, I sighed and pulled out my Economics homework and turned-on my study playlist. By some damned twist of fate, “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” started playing. When a lovely flame dies, smoke gets in your eyes. Fuck. What was I studying for? Why was I here?

               What was I thinking when I enrolled here at Biltmore College? Laughing through a fit of tears, I held my head and leaned against my desk. A women’s college opened-up to men as of two years ago. I thought I was so lucky when I was the only man who happened to do so. One man, twelve-hundred women, and somehow none were remotely interested in me. Oh, sure, I got lucky every once in a while – a nice conversation, good vibes, potential for something more – and then there was always a reason why it never worked. “I like you as a friend,” “I have a boyfriend back home,” “I like girls,” or “you’ll never understand; you’re a heterosexual white male.” I’d heard it all by now – and every time they’d comfort me with “Jason, you are so smart, but…”

               So here I was, trapped on an island campus, surrounded by beautiful women – all young, fit, and absolutely gorgeous – and not a single one was interested in me. What the hell was wrong with me?

               I eyed the bottle of dry gin between my desk and my bed.


               A few sips turned into swigs. Before I realized it, my half-filled bottle was already empty. Music blaring from my laptop was masking my soul-wrenching cries. Jesus screamed with me to the tune of “Gethsemane” from Jesus Christ Superstar. “I want to know, I want to know my God, I want to know, I want to know my God, want to see, I want to see my Lord, want to see, I want to see my Lord, if I die what will be my reward, if I die what will be my reward…”

               Why, of all songs, was this playing? It didn’t matter. I was crying so hard at the ceiling that I was laughing. I had no one. No sex, no love, no real friends… had I been lied to my whole life? Wait for marriage and all that… no porn, no masturbating, be patient…

               Fuck it! If this was what patience gave me, what was the point? I needed to take what I could get! Now!

               Stumbling to my feet, I dropped the bottle and staggered my way to my laptop. What was a good porn site? I had no idea… could I google it? No… Youtube. I could look up some stripteases. Or something. There had to be something…

               Nothing. Just some vids with still images. “Click below to see more.” Youtube really had purged itself of anything questionable, hadn’t it? That’s what everyone was saying… but fuck it. After several dead ends, I gave in and clicked a link, willing to accept whatever malware or viruses were attached. At this point, what did it matter?

               Livestreaming? Girls were livestreaming on here? Body parts bombarded me from all corners of the screen as I nervously clicked on one of the sexier-looking icons. This was far beyond anything I had imagined growing-up.

The screen was black for a brief moment. My music stopped playing as the feed kicked-in. There she was. A real woman on the other end with a real body. She was a curly brunette, wearing laced, black lingerie, black lipstick, black eyeliner, and nothing much else. She leaned back with a sigh, reaching up to squeeze her C-cups with her hands, her black fingernails spread wide.

Drunk courage should be kicking-in right about now, right? I decided to try faking it. “Uh…” I sniffed as manly as possible. “Nice.”

“Do I have your attention?” she asked, sensually rubbing her sides as she squirmed in her seat.

“Sure do…” I pursed my lips and reached down for my belt with a shaking hand.

“Good… keep doing what you’re doing. Take hold of that cock and don’t let go. Understand? Stroke it slow… as slow as my hands. Keep watching them. Don’t look anywhere else.”

“Y-yeah,” I shook with adrenaline. What the hell was I supposed to do in a livestream? How did masturbation work?

“Keep going,” she leaned in with her smoky eyes, cleavage hanging below her as she reached behind her to undo her bra strap. “And don’t stop, no matter what. They’re watching.”

“Wait, who’s watching –”

“Don’t stop. They have eyes everywhere, but not ears…” she peeled off her bra and held it in front of the camera before chucking it. I gawked at her nipples. They practically stared back at me the way they pertly jutted forwards…

“So someone’s recording –”

“Shh. Listen carefully; I don’t have much time,” she fingered her nipples, tongue lolling as her fingers made slow, sensual circles. “Jason, none of this is real. It’s all an illusion.”

Weird flex, but okay. I guess I could roll with it. “Oh yeah, tell me about the illusion babe…”

“Think about it Jason. An all-girl college? On an island? And every single one of them is fit and thin?”

“Mm. Yeah… the matrix. I’m going to learn kung fu…”

“Pay attention to me…” she raised her arms and wiggled her body like a snake so her breasts wobbled in front of me. “You are cursed Jason. Trapped. I’m calling you from the outside. I’m going to help you escape, but you have to do everything I say.”

“Anything, babe. Anything…”

“Go to the log on the beach you like sitting on. When you reach it, you will see a striped rock. Dig under it and you will find what you need. I’ll be waiting…”

And she was gone. The screen demanded that I create a profile and set up a monthly pay plan to continue.

I stared down at myself. I never managed to fumble my fingers through my jeans. That probably wasn’t how masturbation was done. Whatever. I leaned back against my chair and stared at the ceiling, arms hanging limp towards the floor.

Wait… how did she know my name? Or the log?

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WOW, a touch of the supernatural!  Combine that with an island full of thin women and I'm beginning to understand your previous mention of "EPIC" to describe your next project.

Well, you're certainly laying down the ground work!                                                                                              

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2 hours ago, Tornasunder said:

WOW, a touch of the supernatural!  Combine that with an island full of thin women and I'm beginning to understand your previous mention of "EPIC" to describe your next project.

Well, you're certainly laying down the ground work!                                                                                              

Speaking in terms of mathematics, Fattening the Personal Trainer was set to an arithmetic rate. The Thin College is set to a geometric rate.

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So, I bet you enjoyed your lengthy sabbatical between stories lol.

I always appreciate when someone writes a story in a world and style so comprehensively that you feel it's the only story that their locker, and then there next one is a complete shift in tone and environment. That's when you know they are a great writer. 

Great set-up with strong character work, cleverly introduced world-building and also balancing narrative and genre elements.

And thanks for mentioning me in your pre-blurb spiel, alongside the venerable batman76 no less, not sure I deserve it but I'll take the compliment.

And, hang on, also based on real life? You grew up in a school full of sexy thin girls on an island, and the porn you watch knows your name? Your backstory is as interesting as your characters

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Okay. So first, a few ground rules. First rule is... never talk about the Thing. Second rule is... never talk about the Thing...

Chapter Two

               Stumbling with a water bottle in my hand, I made my way through campus shrouded in moonlight. It being a Friday night, the place was alive with drunken revelry, even if it was half-past-witching hour.

               Even this late, I could see the svelte outlines of women’s bodies silhouetted in the lit windows of the student union, where they were no doubt watching shows on the big screen, playing Smash Bros, smacking balls around the pool table, and enjoying each other’s company.

               It was more silent around the class buildings. I could hear my shoes scuffing drunkenly against the concrete of the sidewalks, and I could’ve sworn I heard a squirrel skitter for cover around one of the various trees or bushes. I stared forlornly at the mix of modern and Victorian architecture surrounding me. It was a truly beautiful campus during the day, with sidewalks twisting and turning around a well-gardened landscape that would make a nice golf course for some royal European family somewhere if it weren’t for the fact that we were on an isolated island off the coast of British Columbia. But it was night now, and the dark walls and cragged treelines in the distance reminded me more of Dark Souls than a golf course. I hugged my jacket close and hastened my pace.

               The campus’s main buildings all fit into one block, ringed by a road and some small parking lots. Beyond was the rest of the campus: the new sports facility, the adjoining football field, several dorms, and lots and lots of sorority houses. I could hear them laughing in their backyards, trying to out-do each other with barbeques and drinking. The sound of their voices echoed off the surrounding buildings like an eerie ghost of a waterfall. It was even worse that I could never truly be part of their mirth – not like the rest of my feminine classmates.

               There they were, chatting and laughing around their bonfires and swimming pools, faces glowing against the flickering light of the flames. My path took me off the sidewalk and towards a well-worn dirt trail straight through the woods. Two long shadows ran past me, stretching towards the horizon. I turned towards the source and spotted two pledges running together into the woods. One of them spotted me.

               “Oh my God,” she giggled and dodged behind a tree trunk like she was naked.

               I jogged away as fast as I could. Having an entire sorority add more gossip to the legend of “Stalker Jason” was the last thing I needed, especially now.

               Stumbling past the weathered roots of the downhill path, I took a swig from my water bottle. A branch scratched my face before I could dodge out of the way, but I tried anyway. This only made me drop the water bottle, which fell out of sight. Oh well. At least I had an Angry Orchard in my inner jacket pocket. By now the echoing laughter had faded into the distance as the sound of crashing waves grew louder. I had travelled this path at least every other day; the beach would be in sight as soon as I ducked under this bramble…

               I still nearly got stuck. I was sure there were thorns stuck in my clothes, but I was too drunk to notice; it was enough to keep from stumbling down the sand dune. The wide expanse of the ocean glittered under the moonlight, waves crashing constantly against the sand. There were no beach parties this time, but several charred, blackened campsites showed how popular a pastime it was here.

               My spot, however, was further. Slowly, with heavy, staggering steps, I pressed onwards, wind blowing from the sea. I passed the high cliffs on the edge of the island, walked through the land bridge while enviously eyeing Kappa Omega’s “castle” (a refurbished lighthouse), and followed the beach around a bend. One more bend, and the I could see the outlet to Beaver-run Creek.

               The creek wasn’t big enough to empty into the ocean directly; the force of high-tide built sandbanks around its mouth that only broke down every three days or so to empty out. Otherwise, it simply leaked seawards through the sand itself. Each time I came here, the creek was slightly different. It was a great place to study – or just take a break and ponder my life’s choices. Tonight, the tide was low and the sand bank was high. My log was right where I had placed it – atop the side of the sand bank, facing the sea.

               Half sitting, half falling, I landed atop the log and stared at the ocean. As dark as the night was, I could still see the froth of the waves doing their best to reach me, constantly crashing against the beach, reaching forward before withdrawing back into the next wave. There was something captivating about waves. There was something about being drunk that made you see the world more clearly in a single, seamless moment than you could with a full, sober mind. My brain was a computer that ran over half a dozen tabs at any given time, but when I drank, the tabs closed one by one until there was one left that ran perfectly with no lag or interruptions: perception of the now.

               I held the bottle of Angry Orchard in my hand, feeling its perspiration against my palm, observing its cap. Damn it. I’d forgotten to bring my bottle opener. I moved to slip the bottle back into my jacket pocket. It slid free of my grip and thunked against the sand. Grumbling, I bent down to retrieve it. A striped rock. My bottle was right against it. Of course! The rock…

               With the madness of a honey badger digging for yellowjackets, I scraped my fingers against the sand. Two inches in, the sand became dark and moist. I had dug here before, absentmindedly building dams and sandcastles to see how they interacted with the creek and the tide. I knew if I dug six more inches, I would hit the water-table. Anything buried underneath this rock would have to be above it. I kept digging.

My Angry Orchard fell into the hole, striking my knuckles. Damn… hold on, this wasn’t my bottle… this was a can. I must have dug past it and dislodged it. With sand-crusted fingers, I held it up to my face. Soup-can sized. Black. A seam ran around its middle. I grabbed both sides and gave it a pickle-jar twist. The thing popped open. Crumpled paper fell out… was something written on it?

Wiping sand from my fingers, I unfurled the paper and took a look. A ring had been taped to the inside of the paper, along with some handwritten note. I pulled my phone out to shine light on the message: Text me xxo. How? Where was the number? Oh. There it was… 666-666-6666.

Interesting. Wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. The number was easy enough. Nothing. Of course. Oh, wait. The number was upside down. It was nines, not sixes. Of course…

The response was almost instant.

Sup babe.

I saw the three dots play against the lower corner of my screen. My screen filled with a faceless, body-selfie. I recognized the black fingernails splayed modestly over the bare breasts.

First, some ground rules, she texted quickly. No matter what. Don’t tell a thing. Don’t show anything. Understand?

Heart pounding, I started to type that I did.

Also. Don’t text this number. Understand?

“Not really,” I muttered to myself.

Just don’t. It doesn’t have to make complete sense yet.

Chills ran down my spine. “You can hear me?”

Quiet. Not much time. Download this app: 5S2o4. Be seeing you xox

She left me another torso picture. This one was angled down her flat stomach towards her splayed legs as she crouched on her bed. I leaned back on the log and stared at the moon, wondering what I had gotten myself into. After some slow thinking, I decided that I was too drunk to figure that out.

I sighed and looked down at my phone. I had to unlock the screen again. “Five-es-two-oh-four…” I muttered as I typed into the app store. Of course, only one result showed up. Its icon was a simple grey box. Honest to God, it looked like an unfinished program. Oh well… I started the download. It was a bigger program than it looked, so it gave me plenty of time to contemplate the ring still taped onto the paper.

It was a simple gold ring, as far as I could make out from the light of my phone, but not quite plain. There were some interesting patterns etched on the inside and outside, not enough to draw comments, but still be detailed enough to admire if you looked long enough. It was a small ring too…

The app finished downloading, so I opened it from the menu screen. It was asking me to set up an account by setting a username and password. To keep things simple, I used my own name for the username and typed my laptop’s password in.

Place ring on the left little finger to complete your account.

The ring? So it was connected to this app in some strange way. I peeled it from the paper, tore off the last of the tape, and slide it onto my pinkie finger. It was a snug fit once it passed my second joint, but would probably still come off if I gave it a twist.


I watched the installation icon circle itself a few times before my phone came alive with a pleasant, purple menu.

Welcome Jason! Please review the terms of use before pressing ‘accept.’

I glanced at my phone, frowning and shaking my head. What the hell was this? This was nothing like any terms of use document I had ever scrolled through! Instead of fair use, liability, or other legal jargon, this thing rambled about confidentiality and secrecy. I was to never disclose of this app to anyone, never show it in public… on and on… I pressed ‘accept’ with my thumb.

The legal jargon vanished and was replaced with a smaller series of notes. This is your menu, the first bubble explained. From here you can review your profile. Another note. This is your current level. Note that you begin at level zero. I glanced at the level-up bar and noted the empty XP bar. Looked simple enough. This is your pounds bar, it explained. This is used for both spells and levelling-up. Earn pounds by making others lose pounds. Each pound lost is added to your balance. Now another blurb. This number is your balance in pounds. It is currently 0.00 lbs.

What a cruel twist of fate. As drunk as I was, I could still remember how much I detested my economics major, and all this reeked of accounting and finance. Why did I pick this major again? It was all theory anyway…

Press ‘inventory’ to review items. I did so, but there was only a picture of a ring. The “Hex Ring,” it said. Here you can see the items you have found and earned. Okay… I pressed my thumb on the Hex Ring to read its statistics. Apparently it allowed me to hex a single person every three levels starting at level one – but the hexes were directly weighed against my account balance… okay.

Press ‘objective’ to review your goals, the text prompted. Here you can see your current objectives. Your main objective is to grow as powerful as possible so that you can BREAK FREE. To do so, make everyone as heavy as possible…

What? Why? What the hell was this? I shook my head. Nothing made sense. Hell, I wasn’t even sure if it would make sense if I was sober!

Below, you have your level objective. To reach the next level, achieve a balance of 10.00 lbs. Eventually, you will see individual goals listed as well…

This concludes your tutorial. Thank you for downloading… and good luck.

I let the screen fade to black and leaned back on my log. Was this some damned prank done by hopeful sorority pledges? How did I know this was real?

My phone vibrated and I received a text. Trust me. It will make sense. Ttyl. *999-999-9999 has sent a photo*

Oh fuck. I glanced around to catch someone – anyone – snooping on me, but saw nothing. I’d have seen someone coming anyway; the only way here was the way I’d come. So… I had a supernatural cam-girl that somehow knew what I was doing, who just so happened to be telling me I was trapped in some kind of matrix… and the only way out was to use a weird app and magic ring to fatten up my classmates?

That didn’t sound so bad, actually – the part about fattening the girls, I mean. I was a good guy. I cared about people. Why the hell was I the only one all alone? Why did all these girls look down on me? What had I ever done to them? And what the hell were the odds of an entire college of girls saying no to my advances? That part never made sense! I really was cursed, wasn’t I? Being surrounded by hot college girls and not being able to be close to a single one of them… yeah. Come to think of it, if this was legit, it was my chance to fight back! Thinking that way, it made perfect sense that I needed to fatten the entire campus.

What the hell. Tomorrow was Saturday. I could give it a shot. Nothing major. Nothing too obvious. Just a testing of the waters to see if this was really an elaborate prank or not. After all, I had to be discreet. Wasn’t that what the terms of use said?

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Really getting into the premise.  It will be interesting to see what the spells are, and how they work.  Getting to choose how the points are used makes the experience more relatable.  That way he can customize his character and environment to his liking... maybe choosing NOT to break free.

Here is the confusion part "Earn pounds by making others lose pounds" 

Lose or gain?

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7 minutes ago, Tornasunder said:


Really getting into the premise.  It will be interesting to see what the spells are, and how they work.  Getting to choose how the points are used makes the experience more relatable.  That way he can customize his character and environment to his liking... maybe choosing NOT to break free.

Here is the confusion part "Earn pounds by making others lose pounds" 

Lose or gain?

Imagine how bewildered Jason is 😵

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Brilliantly suspenseful. You don't just use imagery, you ratchet up the tension with wonderful audio descriptions that help you immerse in the experience. When you're asking us to take such a large leap of faith in terms of suspension of disbelief, this kind of work is key, and the sound of his scuffling shoes or the fading sounds of the campus party are evocative and immersive

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On 2/5/2019 at 2:21 PM, swahilimonkfish said:

So, I bet you enjoyed your lengthy sabbatical between stories lol.

I always appreciate when someone writes a story in a world and style so comprehensively that you feel it's the only story that their locker, and then there next one is a complete shift in tone and environment. That's when you know they are a great writer. 

Great set-up with strong character work, cleverly introduced world-building and also balancing narrative and genre elements.

And thanks for mentioning me in your pre-blurb spiel, alongside the venerable batman76 no less, not sure I deserve it but I'll take the compliment.

And, hang on, also based on real life? You grew up in a school full of sexy thin girls on an island, and the porn you watch knows your name? Your backstory is as interesting as your characters

Love the story, can’t wait for more

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Chapter Three

               I woke up behind some bushes with my back resting against some wall. Groggily, I rubbed the dust out of my eyes. Where was I? What building was this? The wood panelling was a pale yellow, slightly chipped near the dirt ground. The dawn’s light was doing its best to leak through layers of fog, tree branches, and bushes.

               Time to figure out what was going on. I began to stand myself up – oh God, there it was! The hangover! Why do hangovers always strike once you start moving? And where was I? I looked back at the house as I stumbled past a bush. It looked pretty good, being two stories high complete with balconies, a large patio, and those faux turret things rich people build on the sides of their houses to make it look all classy. Hell, there was even a treehouse in an oak tree in the backyard with a slide that twisted its way towards a large pool…

               Oh my shit. The Sigma Omega house. I had to get out of here before I got caught and sent to the Dean’s office for trespassing – or worse.

               With my heart and head pounding, I ran through the back yard and made my way back home.


               Walking past Central Hall with heavy breaths, I regained some of my confidence. It didn’t look like anyone saw me. Also, the chow hall should be opening pretty soon, so I might as well head to the student union for breakfast…

               Then I started remembering details from the night before. It’s not like I’d forgotten anything, but alcohol has a way of scrambling your memories just enough to make you spend several minutes trying to piece each moment together. So I made contact with some woman on the internet. Could she really hear me with some supernatural ability? Or was this all a very elaborate prank?

               I entered the student union; no one was around but some girl by the large fireplace studying from a small stack of books. “Magic cam-girl,” I muttered to myself. “If you can hear me, shoot me a text.”

               Making my way to the chow hall, I pulled out my phone and looked at it. Nothing. Except… the app was right there, as obscure as ever – until I opened it. The app looked pretty well-made, but that could just be the result of someone’s school project. Anyone could make an app. So maybe this really was a prank. That would make sense. What better way to get back at “Stalker Jason” than to take advantage of my heartbreak? But then how did they get me to go to the right website to find that camgirl? What if she was actually another of the 1,200 students here? I mean, that seemed near impossible, but it made more sense than being trapped in some girl-college-matrix.

               I wanted the app to be real, though. But then again, did I really? No… I just wanted someone to love… someone that would love me back. I was feeling down because I was alone and romantically frustrated.

               “Hey Jason,” the girl by the fireplace called quietly.

               I squinted as I approached her, trying to ignore my hangover. It was Anna, a studious, slightly nerdy brunette who enjoyed sipping tea and reading books for pleasure – we had that in common, come to think of it. She smiled softly, pushing her glasses back up her slender nose. She was quite slender, with tight jeans and a wool sweater coating her frame along with an over-sized, colourful scarf wrapped around her neck.

               “Oh, hey Anna. Why are you studying so early Saturday morning?”

               “Why not?” she shrugged. “No one’s awake to distract me from reading, and I can get my reading assignments out of the way so I can enjoy the rest of the weekend.

               “Nice thinking,” I frowned, rubbing my poor head.

               “I heard what happened between you and Brandy last night.”

               Fuck. Anna took philosophy classes with Brandy. Of course. Brandy was probably the one who told her. “It really sucks,” I sighed. “I’ve tried dating her for, what, two months? She just never gave me a straight answer.

               “Don’t worry about it,” Anna’s voice became softer, more conciliatory. “You’re only twenty years old; you’ve got plenty of time. You’re really smart, you know?”

               “Yeah,” I grumbled. I doubted she knew how much that compliment stung. Was that the only thing I was to these people? The smart, nerdy one? Who dated people like that?

               “And you’re very handsome. Just be yourself and I’m sure everything will work out.”

               Rage flared within me for half a moment. I hated when someone told me to be myself. Being myself made me the “smart,” nerdy guy no one thought about dating. Being myself didn’t stop people from calling me “stalker Jason.” Being myself was the laziest, most useless advice I ever heard, and I heard it a lot.

               “I’d rather grow as a person,” I glanced into the fireplace to avoid her eyes.

               “Hey,” she closed her book. “You wanna go eat at the chow hall?”

               I blinked. The faintest glimmers of hope kindled deep within my soul. Was she into me? Surely not… she was just concerned about me. But really, could I turn a girl down for wanting to eat with me?

               “Okay,” I bit my lip. “Yeah…”

               “Great,” Anna leaned forwards as if to stand up from her seat, but then paused. “Um… could you do me a favour and get my food for me? I just wanna pack my books up real quick.”

               “Sure,” I nodded. “I’ll uh… save us a seat by the windows.

               “Perfect. See you down there.”

               So I entered the chow hall, where I slid my student ID at the cashier’s desk before making my way around the place to gather food at various counters. There was bread in one corner, along with an extra large section for fruits, vegetables, and other plant life. A bit further down was the meat and pasta sections, where I usually loaded my plate in an effort to bulk myself to something more than 135 pounds. Maybe I could hit the gym later this morning? Perhaps. In the meantime, my two plates were full, so I walked into the empty dining section, where an assortment of tables were scattered around another fireplace and ringed by large windows. True to my word, I placed the plates on one of the tables by the far window overlooking the foggy forests below and walked back to retrieve some soup.

               Anna smiled as she walked past me, a backpack full of books on her back.

               “I set us up over there,” I pointed back. “Just getting soup now.”

               “Great,” she said simply.

               The soup that day was French Onion, which was the first truly good thing to happen to me this Saturday. I hauled the bowls over and placed one in front of her.

               “Thanks,” Anna smiled, already started on her plate of food.

               “Yeah, for sure,” I said casually as I sat next to her. “So what are you studying lately?”

               “Oh, just the Book of Ecclesiastes,” she said as she stabbed at her food.

               “That’s the Old Testament, right?” I asked as I followed suit. “King Solomon wrote it, right?”

               “He did,” Anna’s eyes lit up. “Wow, I didn’t know you knew that.”

               “I mean, I’m one of the most religious people here,” I shrugged. “Not that anyone thinks so.”

               “It’s because… nevermind.”

               “What? What were you going to say?”

               “I wouldn’t worry about it.”

               “I’m curious. Why don’t people think I’m religious?”

               “Well, it’s just that there’s a difference between knowing God and having a relationship with Him.”

               “I don’t know what that means, but okay.”

               “Just because you read the Bible and know a lot about it, doesn’t mean you’re faithful.”

               “I’m faithful,” I insisted. “It’s just… well, it’s not like He’ll just talk to me, you know?”

               “God doesn’t usually work that way,” Anna said. “But you know that.”

               “Yeah,” I nodded. The only one who answered me in my time of need was some naked internet chick. Not that I’d say so. “Ecclesiastes,” I chuckled. “That’s the one where Solomon explains how pointless the material world is because everything dies eventually.”

               “Yes, exactly,” Anna agreed. “And that’s why he also concludes that the only thing worth loving is God Himself because only He is eternal.”

               “Funny logic, if you think about it,” I chuckled to myself. “The same logic a five-year-old uses when he asks why he needs to wash his clothes if they’re only going to get dirty again.”

               “Not really,” Anna frowned.

               “Why not? I think the material world still matters. Why would God put us here on Earth if it didn’t? It’s all a test, right?”

               “A test of faith,” Anna pointed out. “Anyway…”

               The conversation continued in much the same way as before. There was a slight tension between us as Anna spewed her sophomoric, philosophically-charged dogma while I would passive-aggressively counter with my own genuine concerns. College did weird things to your head. For lots of people, it was the first time they started really thinking and studying what they believed in, and they went through a weird extremist phase that looked borderline insane to all but their close-knit group of friends. All of the Bolsheviks were college kids. So were the Iranian Revolutionaries. The University of Oxford still has medieval walls built around it, leftover from the riots between the locals and the radicalized students within. Anna and Brandy were just the latest college extremists, and fuck it I was attracted to them both. Fuck me, right? Was I the only sane person here, or was I just as crazy as everyone else?

               She smirked at me happily. She’d finished her plate and bowl of food several minutes ago, but stuck around as I talked through my own meal. The glasses made her cuter, if I was going to be honest with myself, and her scarf made me wonder how much titty-flesh they were resting on. Very huggable.

               “Don’t you know you can do anything?” she asked warmly.

               “You think so?” I asked, wondering if “anything” included dating her.

               “You really don’t know how smart you are. Jason… you got pretty high grades in your economics major. You draw, you write… I know you’ll be alright. You just gotta hang on and everything will be alright.”


               “Yes,” she leaned in slightly with her palm on the table, as if offering it to me to hold. But I chickened out from doing that. “Now, I hope you understand, but I gotta get back to my studies. I wish I was as smart as you… getting A’s and B’s while playing Call of Duty all the time,” she laughed as she got up and tugged up her jeans.

               “Hey,” I smiled slightly. “Are we friends on Facebook?”

               “I don’t think so,” she smiled. “Just search for my name. Alright, see you!”

               “Yeah, let’s do this again sometime,” I said hopefully, hesitantly.

               “Bye Jason!”


               I found her on Facebook and shot her a friend request. Her profile picture was a shot of her laughing with some of her friends at a party from last month. The background picture was a feel-good verse from the Bible. She accepted the request sometime after lunch. Nice… now what?

               I surfed through Facebook for an hour thinking about it. It would be weird to just like her old photos, right? I mean, that’s not how you confessed your interest in dating, was it? Oh well, I still looked through all her old pictures. No sign of a special someone. No official relationship listed either. Queue open season… but how?

               More Facebook surfing was followed by a quick check of my Youtube subscriptions. Nothing new to watch. What about Drudgereport? I got a kick out of reading the news to see if anything significant happening elsewhere could shake me from my monotonous existence. Would I get drafted if a third world war broke out? Would riots start if the dollar finally collapsed? Alas, nothing. A new geyser erupted in Yellowstone, and that was fun to read about. No giant volcanic eruption though…

               What else was there? Call of Duty? I wasn’t feeling it yet. So then…

               The app was right there on my phone. I was alone in my room, so there was no sign of being caught. It wouldn’t hurt to look at it now that I was bored. Not like anything would change… hold on… two notifications? I opened the notifications and took a look. “New mission: Anna Joy.”

               I felt the skin on my face freeze. “What in the fuck…” I gawked at the mission list. The main mission was still listed, along with another simply labelled Anna Joy. When I opened her mission, it merely listed a weight: 113.26lbs. “What the fuck…”

               The other notification took me to the main menu, where my pounds bar had filled slightly with a yellow loading bar along with a new value: 0.84lbs.

               My thumbs was shaking so hard that I could barely navigate through my phone anymore. This whole thing was looking less and less like a prank. Sure, Anna could be a part of the whole scheme, but how would she know I’d enter the student union and head for the chow hall? This could be real. God damn it, I could be stuck in some kind of matrix!

               Okay then. There were several ways I could confirm this, but in the meantime, how had I managed to earn 0.84lbs. just from eating breakfast with Anna Joy? It had to be Anna Joy because she was the new name listed in the mission list, and it had to have been from breakfast because that was the only time I had seen her today. But hold on… I earned pounds from people losing weight! So how had that happened?

               It hit me. Of course. She’d taken a shit. Once upon a time, when I was twelve years old, I got bored and decided to weigh myself before and after taking a shit just to see how big it was. I lost 0.9lbs. in the process, so I knew that it had been a .9lb shit (and was proud of it). So… I had gotten Anna her food while at the chow hall, she’d eaten it, and in the last few hours, had shit it out, so… technically she’d lost nearly a pound of weight.

               I frowned at my desk like the Thinking Man statue. Fascinating. If I could do this ten or eleven more times, I could manage to earn ten pounds and get to level one… whatever that meant. I would have to do some more experiments to confirm it. I guess that meant I had to ask Anna if she wanted to do breakfast again. It was time to man-up and text her…

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1 hour ago, WaxerRed said:

Not really sure where this rabbit hole is going, but I look forward to seeing how far it goes down.!

Oh, it goes WAY down.

alice in wonderland disney GIF

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If you think about it, it's REALLY hard to feed a woman anything. If anyone has any tips, I'm all ears. Jason, of course, has to figure it out all on his own.

Chapter Three

               My time had come; my moment was now. Time to text Anna and attempt feeding her again. Yeah… right now. As soon as I figured out how to word this proposal. Proposal? I just wanted to eat with her again, not offer a ring! Damn.

               My thumb rubbed my Hex Ring as I absentmindedly stared at my messaging app. How do you text a girl and ask her out without being creepy? What if she took it the wrong way? What if I was overthinking it? Alright… my time had come; my moment was now…

               After two minutes of deliberation, I finally took a deep breath and shot her a text.

               That was a good time! Want to eat lunch together too?

               “And now we wait,” I muttered.

               I waited a long time. I watched more Youtube videos, read the news, got bored, and finally walked back to the Student Union to play Call of Duty on the TV’s over there. I could’ve played it on my laptop, but a TV was better and I didn’t own one. Plus, I could check out a copy of Black Ops, which I also didn’t own.

               Two hours later, and I had died at level nine of Nazi Zombies. I checked my phone for the seventh time. No reply yet. Shit. Should I have worded it differently? Could I salvage this situation with a double-text? Double-texts were very risky by nature; I didn’t want to look too thirsty. But I had to figure out this situation more than anything. I decided to go for it.

               Or dinner. If it’s more convenient, I mean.

               The second message was sent, and I was immediately overcome with regret. I shouldn’t have done that…

               It was now noon, and my phone hadn’t vibrated once. I unlocked it and stared at my messages. It said “seen at 11:14am.” Fuck. Now I really had screwed this up! Despair threatened to overcome me, but I shook it away with the power of positivity.

               “There’s other fish in the sea,” I nodded, turning off the TV and retrieving the Black Ops disk. “Twelve hundred of them. On an island with me… this’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel…”

               Speaking of which, there was a girl walking towards the chow hall right there! It was Natalie, a girl I met in Tae Kwon Do classes. She was wearing short-shorts and a white T-shirt, which showed-off her thin, muscled limbs. She was the kind of girl to change her hair colour every month, but for now her hair was bleached white.

               “Hey Natalie!” I said, trying to hide my desperation.

               “Oh hey Jason,” she said with a friendly smile. “What’s up? Enjoying your Saturday?”

               “Uh, yeah,” I managed not to stutter. “Um… are you heading to the chow hall? To eat?”

               She looked at me like I had cat-called her. “Yes? Why?”

               “I’m… I’m going down too. Want to eat with me?”

               She laughed. “You can come eat with me if you want. I’m sitting with my Big today.”

               Oh right. Natalie was a sorority chick. “Sure. Let me check this disc back in and I’ll head down and find you.”

               “Okay, see you Jason!”

               A few minutes later, and I was standing awkwardly in the midst of the dining hall with a plate of food in each hand. There were more people eating than before, and all were girls, of course. The jocks were eating in a far corner all to themselves, the cheerleaders had staked a claim on a couple tables by the windows, still in their uniforms (probably practicing their routines in the morning), and each sorority was seated in their own little corners, with nerds and loners filling-in all the gaps between the groups. I spotted Natalie’s white mane a few tables away, and I hurried over, thankful that she was so easy to spot.

               “Hey Natalie,” I said, seeing several girls glance up at me.

               “Jason,” she smiled. “Damn. Two plates? You working out?”

               “I, uh, got you one,” I placed one of my food-laden plates by her own.

               “Me? Thanks…” she frowned. “I got my own food, but okay.”

               I glanced around the circular table. Each chair had a sorority chick seated on it, but maybe I could pull another one over and squeeze in. I looked at Natalie and caught her Big whisper something in her ear as another girl quickly darted her eyes away from me. I could feel the awkwardness in the air as if it were made of a fine mist.

               “Alright, let’s see here,” I grabbed an empty chair and dragged it over. “I’ll just sit in this space over here…”

               There wasn’t enough room next to Natalie anymore; not with two girls whispering and laughing silently in her ear now. I knew they were laughing at my expense. I couldn’t hear any of the words, but I could easily guess. Stalker Jason’s got the hots for Natalie. Better watch out. I bet he drugged that food he got for you.

               Oh shit, that is what they were saying, wasn’t it? I silently ate my food, thinking of it. It was a mistake to try doing anything with Natalie, wasn’t it? This whole situation was just reinforcing the bad rumours spinning around me. They’d be laughing about me all day long. Had Natalie even touched the plate I gave her? Didn’t look like it. This sucked.

               I couldn’t finish my food fast enough. I managed to smile weakly and excuse myself with some lame excuse about needing to study. Oh, and Anna still hadn’t texted me yet.


               Frustrated and ashamed, I wandered my way through campus like a lost mountain goat. These long walks were the best way for me to think about the big picture. Nothing out here could distract my mind from attempting to solve my life’s problems. In any case, the crisp scent of fir trees and the salt of the sea was very relaxing.

               My mini-adventure took me past the football field, where the cheerleading team was stretching their legs to get ready for afternoon practice. I eyed their bare midriffs, chiselled abs, and ample breasts with no little amount of unfulfilled desire. No one seemed to train harder than the cheerleaders. Hell, no one was more stuck-up and proud than any of our cheerleaders. They strutted through campus every day like a pack of supermodels, flaunting their perfect figures and looking down upon the rest of the student body. Okay, maybe I was exaggerating; surely there must be a few nice girls on their team. Not that any of the nice ones had spoken to me.

               I found myself walking down the bottom of the football stands, eyeing their performance. I couldn’t help but stare at their supple legs as they kicked at the air. The miniskirts were a formality, really; they didn’t cover anything with them kicking so high. No one would complain, though…

               One of them was ten feet away from me, doing her best to reach her toes, ass bent in my direction. She glanced at me for half a moment before returning to her efforts.

               “Hey,” I waved, trying to be friendly and normal. “You’re training for the next game?”

               “Yeah…” she exhaled to compress her stomach and inch closer to her goal.

               “What is the next game? Football? Basketball? I lose track since I’m studying all the time…”

               “Football,” she grunted.

               “Ah, I see…” I suddenly noticed Brooke the team captain walking up with one of her cronies by her side. Her C-cup tits bulged from her top like my eyeballs did when I first saw them. Her hair was a perfectly-groomed mane of slightly-curled blonde locks cascading down her back. She stood in front of the girl I was talking to with her hands on her hips and her chin pointed at my nose.

               “Leave,” she ordered me.

               I stood there like a dumb beta male; the only thing moving was my blinking eyes. “What?”

               “Go away,” she frowned.

               I started to say something.

               “Now,” she sneered. “Creep.”

               I wasn’t a creep. I wanted to tell her something like that. I wished someone was there to vouch for me. But no one said anything. Her crony folded her arms and tapped her foot.


               “I’m going!” I threw up my hands and stomped-off. “Jesus Christ!”

               I started walking down a dirt path through the woods, leaving the campus and all my problems behind. How had I gotten such a bad reputation? What did I do to become “Stalker Jason?” Better yet, how did I shake it off me? Fuck if I knew.

               There was a wide clearing just ahead. A large farm was just ahead, complete with two houses, a barn, a coral, and about a hundred acres of open fields contained within white picket fences. This was the horse pasture. Here, the Equestrian Club practiced riding and playing polo with each other. A month ago, I had toyed with the idea of joining the club just to socialize with the hot blondes squatting in their tight breeches over their saddles, but somehow never did.

               There were three horses out in the field now, all of them quarterbreds with brown coats. It looked like they’d trampled all over their enclosure, so they had no grass to snack on… oh. Hold the phone… my app told me my pound bar filled-up when others lost weight, but did it say anything about them having to be human?

               I grinned for the first time in over a day and quickened my pace towards a hay bale. There wasn’t a soul in sight! No stuck-up cheerleaders or smug sorority sisters here! Just me and some big animals with giant stomachs. My heart fluttered at the mere thought of how easy this could be. Just one of these beasts could eat ten pounds of hay in a single meal, easy. All I had to do was start hauling the hay over the fence so they could reach it.

               “Hey horsie,” I said quietly as one of the horses walked slowly up to me. Some of the girls could be in the barn and I wasn’t sure what they’d think of me feeding their prized horses. “You hungry? I got a horse-salad here just for you…”

               I shoved my arms as far into the hay bale as I could, lifted up, and tossed a thick pile of golden hay towards the horse. By now, the other two horses were also walking up. Casually, as if they hadn’t a care in the world, the horses leaned down and began chewing at the hay. I smiled triumphantly as I saw how easily they chewed through the stuff. It was time to shove them another pile of hay…

               My phone vibrated in my back pocket. My eyes lit with further excitement. Had Anna finally texted back? I took a look at the lockscreen. I had a notification from the fattening app.

               Three new mission(s) added.

               Yes! I was right! It didn’t have to be humans!

               “Yessss,” I said excitedly in a low voice as I grabbed another double-armful of horse-food. “You like that, don’t you? Excellent! I’m glad you like it. Now you go ahead and have as much as you like. All of you…”

               “What are you doing?”

               I twisted around in surprise. There was someone in the barn, and she was walking up to me wearing tight, white breeches and high riding boots. She wasn’t wearing a riding helmet, so I could see her blonde hair tied smartly in a thick braid that wrapped halfway around her neck and rested over her shoulder.

               Luckily for me, I had a good habit of daydreaming exactly what I’d say if I was ever caught doing anything suspicious. “You’re here!” I said happily. “I came over just to see if I could join the Equine Club.”

               “The Equestrian Club,” she raised her eyebrows and folded her arms. “And why are you feeding the horses?”

               “They came over while I walked past the haybale, so I figured they were hungry…”

               She rolled her eyes. “You’re so weird sometimes. Whatever… Western or English?”

               “Riding style? English all the way. It’s more fun.”

               Her demeanour lightened. “Really? So you do know something about horses.”

               “I was going to try joining at the beginning of the semester, so I was studying for it, but you know, things came up.”

               “So you’re thinking of joining?”

               “Yeah, who do I talk to?” this was all an accident, but come to think of it, being part of the club would give me an excuse to feed the giant, hungry herbivores.

               “Well, I’m the only one here today; at least one person needs to take care of the horses every day.”

               “I’m Jason, by the way,” I held my hand out.

               “Mary,” she replied, shaking my hand cordially. “Anyway, since you’re here, how about you help out with cleaning the horses?”

               “Sure,” I said as she turned and headed back towards the barn. Her ass cheeks were spectacular in the skin-tight breeches; I could tell as she walked that riding English-style had done her inner thighs some good.

               “I’m gonna have you brush my horse while I take care of some things,” she explained absentmindedly. “It’s a good way to bond with the animal before you start riding together. They get used to your presence and you get less afraid of being stepped on – but don’t walk behind the horse.”

               “Nah, I’d never do that.”


               “What the name of your horse?”

               “My horse? Her name’s Hollywood; she’s a thoroughbred.”

               “Ooh, nice.”

               We walked inside and I took a look around. There were plenty of horse stalls and half of them were occupied by anything from a giant black Oldenburg horse to a small bronze pony. Hollywood was tied-up just ahead, just standing there as simple herd animals do.

               Mary bent over a bench and picked up a tin bucket full of cleaning utensils. She handed it to me and proceeded to take out two tools.

               “This is the scuzzbrush, okay? And this is the brush. You scuzz her back in little circles – see how the dust comes up? Then you brush it off her with the brush – but do it with the grain, not against it. Otherwise, her hide is all scruffed-up. You got it?”

               “Yeah, I got it,” I grabbed the tin bucket.

               “Alright then. I’m going to do some chores. I’ll be right back.”


               Hollywood and I got along pretty well, all things considered. I’d brush her hide clean, whisper sweet nothings into her ears, and all in all got good vibes out of it.

               “You know,” I said as I scuzzed her rump. “You’re the nicest girl I’ve met on this island, you know that?”

               Hollywood didn’t reply, but I was sure she understood.

               “It’s been awhile since Mary left,” I remarked. “Wonder what she’s up to? Ah well, it’s just the two of us, I guess.”

               My eyes drifted towards a barrel full of carrots. I’d been stealing glances back at it for the last hour, but didn’t want to be caught not doing my job. Perhaps I could give Hollywood a snack now? What were the odds Mary would walk in?

               “How’s about a snack?” I rubbed Hollywood’s back. “I bet you’d like something, wouldn’t you? Just give me a second.”

               I put my brush back in the bucket and made my way towards the barrel. The carrots looked new, as if they were fresh out of the ground (they probably were; the biology majors often grew crops out in corners of the farm). No one would notice if I fed Hollywood four… no, five giant carrots, would they? I scooped them up and walked back. Hollywood’s head nodded expectantly at the sight of the treats.

               “These carrots are pretty big,” I smiled as I cautiously stuck one into her mouth. “Must weigh, like, a pound each. Bio majors are probably learning how to do genetic modifications to food again.”

               Hollywood’s giant teeth nearly touched my fingers as they pulled the carrot into her slowly-grinding maw. I flinched away, unsure if my appendages would be safe from her casual bites. But I pressed onwards, feeding her one juicy carrot at a time, eagerly guessing how many pounds away I’d be from levelling up now.

               “Hey Jason!”

               I jumped and glanced back at Mary. She was leaning out of a door to a makeshift office with a textbook in one hand and a hi-lighter in the other. So she was studying. I guess me showing up was mighty convenient for her.

               “Mary!” I smiled. “I finished scuzzing Hollywood just now.”

               “That’s fine. Just don’t feed her those carrots. They don’t belong to us.”

               “Right,” I said as Hollywood pulled the last carrot from my grasp. “Sorry about that. You want me to put Hollywood back in her stall?”

               “No, it’s fine. I’m almost done reading – I mean almost done with chores now. I’ll do it.”

               “So… you need any other chores done?”

               “Nope, that’s it. Thanks for dropping by.”

               “Alright then… want me to come back tomorrow?”

               “We’re not riding on Sunday. Just show up on a weekday in the afternoon, got it?”

               “Yeah, sure. Bye Mary!”

               As I left, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes and scowl. Obviously, I’d been used. Oh well. I’d gotten what I wanted and then some. All I had to do was wait for the food to go through the horses’ digestive tracts.

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This is brilliant! It keeps bouncing off in unexpected directions, deviating from the obvious route each time. Jason's insecurity is really endearing too and makes a pleasant change from Cody's "got it all figured out" cockiness, shows you understand how to craft character. Good work, we're all on tenterhooks.

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Well... you've certainly made me symphatize with Jason thus far that's for sure, I really hope that things will be better for him in the future and that he will have his revenge against those stuck ups (also like the other comment said I can certainly feel the difference between Cody and him while reading and that speaks a lot of how good you're doing it :D).

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3 hours ago, swahilimonkfish said:

This is brilliant! It keeps bouncing off in unexpected directions, deviating from the obvious route each time. Jason's insecurity is really endearing too and makes a pleasant change from Cody's "got it all figured out" cockiness, shows you understand how to craft character. Good work, we're all on tenterhooks.

It’s so hard! I desperately want to get to the good stuff, but if I do that all the tension and build-up will be gone 😫 But I think it’s more fun to tackle the intricate details of how to make an entire campus fat without being caught. It would make for a pretty cool computer game, but I don’t know how to program 😭

4 minutes ago, scl04 said:

Well... you've certainly made me symphatize with Jason thus far that's for sure, I really hope that things will be better for him in the future and that he will have his revenge against those stuck ups (also like the other comment said I can certainly feel the difference between Cody and him while reading and that speaks a lot of how good you're doing it :D).

Vengeance takes massive amounts of effort and planning. It’ll take awhile before Jason is “strong” enough to take on the cheerleaders.

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5 minutes ago, >_< 0_0 said:

Vengeance takes massive amounts of effort and planning. It’ll take awhile before Jason is “strong” enough to take on the cheerleaders.

I definately don't think that it'll happen any time soon but I really hope that he will be able to get back at them eventually, it really made me mad at them (though the girls of the sorority were quite unpleaseant as well, he really seems to have it bad).

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1 hour ago, >_< 0_0 said:

It’s so hard! I desperately want to get to the good stuff, but if I do that all the tension and build-up will be gone 😫 But I think it’s more fun to tackle the intricate details of how to make an entire campus fat without being caught. It would make for a pretty cool computer game, but I don’t know how to program 😭

Like Hitman, but for WG? ...Fatman? That sounds so awesome!

Or, Jason could just explain to them that they have... a free hit. I hear that can be quite effective

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And then the writer realized that he'd written two "Chapter 3's," skipped Chapter Four straight to Five."

Chapter Five

               The next morning came and I lazily rolled out of bed. It was Sunday; did I feel like going to church? Unwelcome memories of my enlightening conversation that had started this string of strange events surfaced in my consciousness. Nah… then again, had I managed to pass the ten pound mark?

               I’d done some research the night before. First, I googled the “Horse Digestive Tract,” then I clicked the most useful-looking website and began reading. Apparently, a horse has just one stomach (as opposed to four, like cows do) and it could hold three gallons. So far so good. Food usually took three to four hours to pass through the stomach, then up to eight hours in the small intestine, and then less than a day in the large intestine. However, food could sit in the first two sections for less than an hour each, so I really had no idea how long it would take to see results.

               For good measure, I’d also checked on my fattening app. I had five individual missions now, one being Anna, the other four being the horses. I noticed with some fascination that each mission showed how much the target weighed in comparison to when the mission began. At the moment, each horse weighed slightly more from grazing on grass all day. Anna, however, had lost 0.21 pounds. Did that negative balance feed into my pounds bar? A quick math calculation showed that it did. Very well. I slept on that knowledge.

               Now with the sun shining through my window, I held up my phone and noticed a few notifications: some news notifications, reactions from Facebook, and – what was this? A text from Anna sent late last night!

               Sorry, I took a nap and didn’t see this message until just now! Lol

               Ah yes. The ol’ naptime cop-out. How cowardly. Not that I needed to dwell on that at the moment. I noted that the fattening app had some notifications and proceeded to unlock my phone to see them. What I saw made me inhale sharply: my pound bar was at 10.17lbs. I’d done it!

               A text bubble popped up. Congratulations! You have earned your first level-up!

               I gripped my phone in a death-grip and reared my head towards the ceiling. “Yesss! Good job horsies! Three gallon stomachs! Hell yes! Boss!”

               You can now Hex someone with your Hex Ring, noted the second text bubble. To use your Hex Ring, think of the words of your spell in your head and point your ringed-finger at the victim of the hex.

               “Sounds pretty straightforward,” I thought as I stuck my pinkie-finger out and stared at it.

               Be sure to remember the following rules: the hex can only be cast on a single body, it has to be tied directly to that body’s weight, and that weight must not surpass the value of your pounds bar. If the hex’s effects surpass the value of your pounds bar, the hex will cease functioning until the pounds bar is refilled. Remember, you can break a hex by pressing the Hex Ring icon in your inventory and deactivating the hex manually!

               “Excellent,” I said to myself happily. “I think it’s about time I gave this here ring a test.”


               I wandered the campus, as usual, except now I was on the hunt for the perfect victim. I needed to prove that this whole situation was real, so I had decided to hex someone to gain ten pounds within ten seconds. When it happened – if it happened – it should be easy enough to spot. At the same time, I needed to make sure I wasn’t caught. Whoever I hexed, I needed to make sure they had no idea it was me who did it, or would even think that it was me. Therefore, it had to be someone I didn’t know. Someone who was wearing something revealing, but not tight per se. Tight clothes might pinch midriffs or bust buttons. It was possible that I could “sneak” ten pounds onto someone if their clothes were stretchy enough. Ah, decisions, decisions…

               I was so excited, I couldn’t help but skip around whispering the song Be Prepared to myself. Lord knew why it was stuck in my head, but who cared? What a song!

               “Meticulous planning, tenacity spanning, decades of denial, is simply why I’ll, be king undisputed, respected, saluted, and seen for the wonder I am!” I whispered to myself as I swung the doors to the library wide open. “Yes, my teeth and ambitions are bared…” Well… not my teeth. I wasn’t the one doing the eating here. Right. Library. Time to be extra quiet.

               The college library was a monument to human knowledge and literature. It was built into the side of a cliff on the edge of campus and spanned thousands of square feet and three floors. Bookcases towered overhead, surrounding winding passages that freshmen literally got lost in at the beginning of every school year. Study rooms hugged the edges of the cavernous expanse that was the central, three-story room. Apparently, the architects of the building had deliberately made it maze-like to cater to the personalities of those who preferred to study in libraries (that is, reclusive introverts who did not wish to be disturbed or found). It was a beautiful place.

               Right, then. I needed to find a secluded area, but one that was filled with several people. That way, I wouldn’t be the only one in the area and wouldn’t arouse suspicion. I let myself get lost in the winding passageways of books, wondering for the twentieth time why library books were always so much older and less interesting than anything you could find in a bookstore. Several nerdy girls had claimed small tables in little corners like barnacles on a rock, their study material spread wide before themselves. Of course they were in groups of ones and twos. One of them shushed me when I tripped over a short stairway. I needed to find a bigger group...

               There: half a dozen girls were seated on the third storey by one of the big windows. As opposed to glasses, sweaters, and loose-fitting jeans, these girls were dressed in small T-shirts and yoga pants. Sorority girls, of course – what was with sorority girls and yoga pants? And why did they always do everything together like the mafia?

               These trivialities were unimportant. Channelling all the innocence I could muster, I sat myself by a small desk nearby in just such a way as to be facing the girls while being half-behind a bookshelf at the same time. Being small and nerdy, I had a natural demeanour of cluelessness that had saved me from several sticky situations. I just didn’t look like a troublemaker (though I apparently looked like a stalker). Just to add to the illusion, I emptied the contents of my backpack onto the desk and opened a few of my economics textbooks. Hell, maybe I could re-read some of my homework and get some extra knowledge in the meantime.

               I leant over my books, reading a couple paragraphs before glancing up at the sorority girls. There were seven of them, four facing away from me, three facing toward me. None of them were looking in my direction. Good. I chose my target: a blonde girl in brown, athletic yoga pants facing away from me. Her tie-dye t-shirt hung loosely over her frame, but tight enough to discern any changes that may or may not happen a moment from now.

               With my little finger extended as casually as possible, I took aim at the unsuspecting girl and fired my hex.

               The woman I’m pointing at will gain ten pounds in the next ten seconds.

               I felt my heart racing as I stared at her with my head still bent over my books. If anyone looked at me, all I had to do was dart my gaze straight back down to avoid suspicion. The effects were slow yet instantaneous. As I watched, her legs ripened outwards like fruit. Her ass followed suit, pushing outwards at the steady pace of one pound per second. The outline of her panties revealed itself at the halfway point between each fattening cheek, indenting deeper and deeper, until – after about eight seconds – there was a short, loud rip.

               The sound was subtle, but in the library, it might as well have been deafening. Three sorority girls glanced towards the girl silently, unsure what the noise was. Meanwhile, the slightly-fatter blonde straightened in her seat. Someone whispered into her ear. The blonde shook her head slightly. The show was over; nothing to see. I returned to my studies, wondering if anyone could hear my heart pounding in my chest.

               It was real. All of it. I should’ve known, but I’d just made a girl gain ten pounds. Never in my wildest dreams had I even thought of such a phenomenon. It was thrilling. The secrecy, the risk of being caught, a strange sense of arousal stirring deep within my subconscious, but most of all vengeance. Take that Biltmore College!

               The girl was looking down at herself quizzically. No doubt she didn’t want anyone to catch on that something was off; no doubt she was wondering if something was off. Her hands traced the curves of her legs, trying not to be too obvious about what she was doing. A hand rested on the side of her hips and reached back to feel her butt for half a second. The crease of her panties was gone. Ah yes, that must’ve been what ripped. I should’ve been more careful… somehow.

               She suddenly glanced back in my direction before I could avert my gaze. I blinked once or twice while frowning. This was my confused face; it should work, considering the circumstances. In any case, I got back to my books. Meanwhile, I could hear her getting up and packing her study materials into her pack. Some muttering between her friends, asking where she was going, some half-baked excuses for how she needed to excuse herself.

               She walked past me soon after that. I kept my head down, resisting the urge to turn around and stare at her softened butt as she left. Now I was stuck here because I didn’t want to leave at the same time as her. Oh well, that gave me an excuse to read my assigned pages a second time…

               My phone buzzed and I pulled it out to have a look. A new individual mission had been added: Lucy Bolger, who was apparently exactly ten pounds heavier than her starting weight. So that was her name. Good to know, I guess.

               My phone buzzed again.( 999) 999-9999 has sent you a photo. I looked up and glanced behind myself. No one. She was sexting me – whoever she was.

               Nice work earning ten pounds in fifty hours, she wrote as I stared at her nude photo. You’re pretty clever. I like that. Remember, don’t text this number.

               I sighed. “When will I see you again?” I muttered so quietly that no one should be able to hear.

               Soon. Ttyl.

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