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  1. ifartedluv

    Anne Marie

    Recent pics from music video
  2. ifartedluv

    Addison Rae

    Damn, good to see she's not scared to show her belly and rolls
  3. ifartedluv

    Anne Marie

    Some good pictures from this performance vidoe showing her face fat and belly and her ass growing. Also some more pictures from her instagram showing how wide she has become.
  4. ifartedluv

    Anne Marie

    Before and After
  5. ifartedluv

    Anne Marie

    Pudgy belly and fuller face
  6. Tamzin Taber is a tiktok star and also Morgz's girlfriend. I have also noticed she's gained some weight especially in the face. You might have to watch Morgz videos if you want to track her process though.
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