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  1. For reference, the one on the left is called the “I wannabe like Sucky” form, the one in the middle is the “I want to earn you trust form” and the one on the right is the “I want to make them hurt” form. For emergencies only.
  2. Hey so, I wanted to practice my drawing a bit, and I had some… suggestions for Jane's next change, so I made an “evolution chart” for Jane Wick thus far. Let me know what you think.
  3. Easier said than done. I’m still trying to nail this villain introduction...
  4. Hm, if I remember correctly, wasn’t Brook the one who called Emily a pig before changing her? Is this some of that foreshadowing you keep going on about?
  5. Gaze into the abyss... and it looks back
  6. Did you know that smaller predator species like cats have developed slit shaped pupils to increase their depth perception while hiding in tall grass?That’s why taller animals and birds have round pupils, including tigers, even though they are still technically cats.
  7. Right. Ivy will definitely not laugh or due horrible kink related things to you if you ask her for help. Totally. *sigh* this is why I’m more of a reptile person.
  8. This is the first video where I heard this reference.
  9. Oh yeah. I forgot about this. There’s still not much on it, but I did promise to show you my deviant art account, too. It’s got a sequence I drew for this series based on a theory I had (which may or may not be dead yet). Also, this is kind of a minor detail, but the way Jane described Brooke's room reminded of me of one of Mimi's internal monologues. Don’t think it was intentional but it reminded me to get back to work on part two when I finally get some spare time. https://www.deviantart.com/tez-la-kat/gallery
  10. Jane already has a phone. I was just gonna make her snap it in half with her super fingers.
  11. Huh. That went well. Better than my plan at least, which was to just dump her in a random tree and steal her cellphone.
  12. Dang, this is a lot more cringe than I remember. This is what I get for not proofreading my work, I guess.
  13. Hey >w<, I need to borrow Emily for a hot second. Don’t worry, I’ll put her back when I’m finished. You won’t even know she’s missing. Emily awoke surrounded by darkness. At first, she didn’t want to get up. Her head felt foggy and her body felt lethargic, her limbs slow to respond to her commands. Her eyelids opened lazily, scanning the dark corridor she found herself in. In her groggy state, it took her a moment to realize that this was not her dorm room, and she was not in bed. Fortunately, upon this realization, her body became responsive, a shot of adrenaline waking her limbs and forcing her into an upright position. She was inside one of the school's buildings, although she wasn’t quite sure which. In the dark, she could make out hardwood panels and classroom doors lining the walls, and the inactive fluorescent lights and ceiling tiles above, but something about this building felt off. There were no posters or signs indicating which building this was or even what subject was taught here, and the architecture seemed familiar, but right now Emily's mind wasn’t exactly clear. She couldn’t even remember how she got here. The last thing she remembered was her geography class, but the details of the day before that were foggy too. Had she dosed off? That didn’t sound right. It wouldn’t explain why she was just left lying in the hallway. Someone must’ve left her here. But who? For now, Emily decided figuring out what building this is was a good enough place to start and slowly got to her feet. Gradually, feeling was returning to her hands and feet and her brain began to awaken, but she still felt off, like she couldn’t move or think like she normally would. Oh god, this wasn’t because she was drinking, was it? As she got to her feet, she realized she could here something off in the distance. Conversations, laughter, singing, metal and glass clanging. It sounded like a busy restaurant throwing a party. Had that noise always been there, and she just didn’t notice. Well, either way, she could here where it was coming from. She started walking down the hallway to investigate. As she got closer, a variety of smells began to waft towards her. Sweet but light smells, like brown sugar and vanilla, mixed faintly with something more offensive she couldn’t identify. It smelt kind of like... alcohol, and something like rotten eggs. But, strangely enough, almost as soon as she identified it, she had trouble detecting it again. She even stopped to sniff the air before proceeding, but the bad smell failed to appear again, instead being replaced with a rich chocolate scent, like fresh brownies. Finally, after walking at sluggish but quiet pace for what felt like hours, the light from an open door appeared on the wall down an upcoming hallway to her right. Around the corner and out of sight, there was occupied classroom from which all the mirth and merriment was coming from. Emily let out a silent puff of air and steeled herself, pressing against the wall and approaching the corner as stealthily as possible. Admittedly, Emily wasn’t entirely certain why she needed to take a more subtle approach, but given the circumstances, she thought the best course of action would be to avoid making her presence known until she chose to do so. Sliding ever so carefully across the wall until she was just close enough, she peaked out from behind the corner in order to spot the source of orange light. By now, the sound of laughing and joking had become almost irritatingly loud but for some reason, Emily still couldn’t fully make out what was being said. All she could ascertain from her position was gibberish which occasionally broke out into comments regarding sports teams and complaints of course work. It sound like there were mostly students in there, with only one or two adults mixed in. Perhaps it was some kind of club meeting? And now that she’d been listening for almost a full minute, something about one of the adults sounded familiar. Wasn’t that Ms.- Suddenly, Emily’s train of thought was interrupted by a hand being placed on her shoulder, an audibly pat coming from the point of contact. Emily immediately whipped around to find a somewhat tall and lanky figure staring down at her from the dark with a look of concern on his face. Even in the low lighting of the hallway, Emily could make out his wavy red hair, his bright green eyes, and his boyish features. “Jason!” “What are you doing sitting out here in the dark? Everyone else is waiting!” He said causally, and rather audibly. His tone was, again, concerned, but patient, as though he’d been worried about her for a while. “What are you doing here?” Emily managed to rebuke, keeping her voice down. Emily hadn’t seen her friend in almost three days after he’d been accused of trespassing and taking lewd pictures at the sororities. She obviously didn’t believe these allegations, she knew Jason was far too upstanding and timid to due such a thing, but still, the fact that his innocence had yet to be proven remained. And where had he been hiding? Here? She had so many questions she needed answering. “I’m here for the party, of course. My friend said she’d be running late tonight and needed someone to serve everyone until she got back, so she called in a favor from me.” Immediately, Emily’s concerns were forgotten, as this explanation seemed to calm her down. “Well, all right, but still, you could have called. I was worried about you. And don’t let the Dean see you. You could get in trouble.” “Oh, right, that. Don’t worry, it was just a misunderstanding. My friend helped clear things up for me. I still got put on probation for underaged drinking though. Thanks for that, by the way.” Emily felt a tinge of guilt at that last remark. She didn’t fully understand why, but something told her she was right to feel partially responsible for her friend getting in trouble. “Ah, sorry, don’t worry about it. It’s no big deal, really. Come on, everyone’s waiting for you, and I gotta get back with this.” Suddenly, Emily realized that in one of her friend's hand was a large immersion blender, which he held up for emphasis. Additionally, instead of his usual attire, Jason wore a green shirt, black slacks and a matching black apron which was dusted with flour. Pinned to his right breast was a small gold broach, shaped like a chalice over flowing with a gold liquid. Walking past her, he pulled the door open all the way and gestured for her to go inside first. For a moment she hesitated. Partly because subconsciously she knew all was not right with this scenario. Why was Jason here? What was going on? What was this party she’d apparently been invited too? But also because, for just a moment, that feeling of numbness returned. Her fingers and toes began to tingle and a puff of fog rolled over her brain that seemed to thicken the more she tried to punch through it. But, as suddenly as it came, the sensation passed, and she proceeded forward through the door. Inside the classroom, a ring of large wooden tables were assembled in the center. Along the edges of the ring, students sat or stood, conversing and indulging in a spread laid out before them. In the tables were plates and platters of cakes, cookies, muffins, bars, and other similar bake confectionaries. In addition, in the far right corner arranged on a big table was a series of drinks, in both cans and bottles, as well as disposable cups, utensils and... a sundae bar? Immediately after she entered the room, Jason quickly side stepped while she was surveying the room and headed towards the ice cream, blender in hand. “Finally. It’s about time, lover boy! Can you make my shake now?!” That was Brenda. Seated nearest to the beverages, she was currently nursing a red cup of... something? She still couldn’t smell or even see any alcohol, not since that first whiff, but for some reason that wasn’t enough to convince her. Anyway, she also appeared to be eating a rather large slice of chocolate cake sitting in front of her. Next to her was the other prefect Kendra, who was rather heartily eating a slice of apple pie. It looked kind of messy. Despite herself, Emily could help but salivate a little as her stomach growled hungrily. “I don’t understand why I had to pull this thing out. We already have blender.” Jason said, somewhat confused. “Your not making one for just her. This way you won’t mess up the flavors.” Kendra replied quickly. “Hey, fire crotch! I need another plate of brownies over here.” That time it was Brook. She and her friends made up the bulk of those in attendance, taking up a third of those seated at the ring with a few extra cheer leaders scattered through out the room. She was seated next to her friends Mary and Jackie, who were happily grazing from several platters of cookies. Brook herself was already munching on a large chocolate chunk cookie, taking break between bites to shout at Jason, who was busy readying Brenda's shake. “Again? You’ve already had like three whole plates worth.” “Oh, Jason, could I get bananas in my shake, please?” Mary piped up. “Sure. Soon as I’m finished with Brenda's.” “Hurry it up! I’ve already been waiting for hours.” That was Brenda again. “Here you go.” Suddenly, Jason walked over with a tall glass, containing a chocolate shake capped off with whip cream and a cherry. Funnily enough, Emily hadn’t even noticed he was finished. She didn’t even hear him work the blender. “Thanks.” “Oh, Jason!” “Yes?” “When you get a moment, could you get me a refill?” “Sure thing, Trace.” “Thanks, dear.” It was Zoltan. Emily realized that was the voice she heard in the hallway. She was off to her right, just a few feet a way with her back to her, along side another teacher, a woman from the economics major Jason mentioned once. What was her name again Buxley. What was she doing here? Was this her party or something. Turning her attention back over to Jason for a moment, she watched as her placed a plate as big as a frisbee packed with brownies on the table in front of Brook, whom immediately began digging in along side with her two friends. In his free hand, he had a big, metal pitcher, intricately patterned with plant and floor designs, the hand shaped like a vine and capped off with a lid like the top of a gourd. It glimmered and almost seemed to glow under the light, it was so well polished, but there was something else about it that seemed to draw in Emily’s attention. Lifting the lid off with a press of his thumb, Jason refilled Zoltan and Buxley's glasses with a honey golden liquid which began to fizz outside of the confines of the pitcher. Beer. “Just what the doctor ordered. Thanks, kiddo.” Buxley said, grinning. Jason nodded and walked back to the ice cream table, busying himself with making shakes for everyone else. Something was bothering Emily. Actually a lot of things were bothering Emily right now, some probably not as much as they should have, but right now, the first thing that came to her mind was how much she wanted a drink. With out even realizing it, she almost started to ask Jason if she could have some as well, only to be interrupted by Brenda. “Hey, lover boy. How much longer do we have to wait. Now that four eyes is here, we’re just waiting on your girlfriend.” “Ah, come one, it’s not like that. Anyway, I don’t know where she is. All she told me was that she'd be late. Anyway, it didn’t stop you from celebrating without her.” “Yeah, yeah. She promised free food. If she’s not even gonna bother to host her own party, she doesn’t have any right to complain. Hey, I got an idea to pass the time.” “Let me guess, you want a refill?” “Dance.” There was a pause. The noise in the room died down, just a bit, as the majority of people in the room gave some of there attention to Jason and Brenda. “You can’t be serious.” “Yeah, dance Jason!” Another girl Emily didn’t recognize chimed in. “Do that really cute one you learned.” “Shake that booty.” Another girl from the cheer squad yelled. The crowd was starting to get rowdy now and Jason was beginning to look nervous. “I don’t know. It’s a little embarrassing, and a lot of people here have never seen it.” “Jason.” This time Zoltan piped in. “Dance.” Was all she said, rather flatly. What exactly was this dance? As uncomfortable Jason looked, Emily had to admit she was curious. Jason sighed in exasperation, but recovered quickly after. “You guys are impossible, you know that. Fine. But I’m only going through the routine once.” The crowd let out a cheer as Jason slipped into the “routine”, reminiscent of the motions would make on a dance dance revolution pad but with some funny poses and arm positions mixed in. Despite this, his movements were surprisingly fluid and gracefully, and few of the poses actually got Emily to crack a smile, but then something caught her attention. His gait became wider and his steps became shorter and choppier. The poses started to get more provocative and sexual, and the steps started to fly by a lot faster as the tempo increased. But it wasn’t just the dance that seemed different. Jason himself had undergone some changes as well. He was shorter than before and losing height by the second, his arms and torso pulling inward making his legs seem longer. However, he wasn’t exactly shrinking, as his hips, thighs, and ass began to bulge within the confines of his tight uniform, and a pair of breasts pushed out from the receding neckline of his shirt and apron. A small paunch formed over the waist of his slacks which Jason’s apron clung to snugly. His hair grew out to shoulder length, with her bangs falling into her eyes, but beneath it his features softened with his eyes growing bigger and his cheeks becoming rounder. The change only seemed to progress faster with the speeding tempo, with Jason thick new body jiggling and bouncing all over the place. At this point, calling Jason him didn’t feel accurate anymore. In fact, now that she’d had a better look, Emily could sworn Jason looked familiar now. Wasn’t that... Jane!? Why did he look like Jane? What was going on- “Oh hey, it’s you.” Sitting in front of her was some girl Emily kind of recognized, but her foggy brain wouldn’t give her a name to refer to her with. She was nice looking girl with long black hair, pale skin and a tight looking set of jeans and a t-shirt. She was also a little on the chubby side, with a flabby paunch bulging over the waist of her jeans and exposing the flesh of her under belly. Her arms looked really soft and packed into the sleeves of her shirt, and her face was pretty round as well. Her features seemed kind of familiar, specifically her somewhat beady brown eyes, but, with no offense to her, she couldn’t remember anyone from her classes, or on the island for that matter, who was this fat. “‘Bout time you showed up. Jane made me save you a seat. Sit down alrea- Urp!” Belching loudly, the girl's shirt road up slightly on her paunch, and while she made the effort to pull it back down again, it didn’t stay down. In fact, if Emily didn’t know any better, it almost seemed like her belly had gotten bigger. Her stare didn’t go unnoticed, though. “What are you looking at?” “Oh, uh, I wasn’t-“ “I’ve already got a girlfriend, so don’t get any ideas, miss hungry eyes. Just sit down already.” Emily felt mildly disgusted by that last comment, but she obeyed, wanting to sit anyway. She was beginning to feel a bit fatigued, still not fully recovered after awakening probably only moments ago. Still, she couldn’t help but feel a bit uneasy about... something. What was it again? To her surprise and increasing discomfort, she realized it had slipped her mind. Something was definitely wrong with her. Maybe if she ate something, she would feel better. But just as she was about to start surveying her options, her train of thought was once again interrupted as the crowd began to applaud, whooping and clapping at ear splitting levels of volume. In front, Jason was almost difficult to see behind to the wall of spectators, since he was only a head taller than those sitting down at most, but Emily could make out that their performer was bowing. A few people asked for an encore performance, but they were quickly shushed by those who had yet to be served or were content to just leave him be. As they made there way around the ring, Emily saw that Jason (or Jane?) had put on a few more pounds around the hips, and the bust, giving him (or her) a rather drastic hourglass shape, with a generous dollop of belly pinched somewhat by her tied off apron. Following her around the room, Emily noticed everyone seemed to be a bit... bloated as well, to put it generously. In particular, Zoltan and Buxley seemed to have it worst, probably because they were older, with Zoltan's bare belly oozing over the table as she reached across from more lemon squares, and Buxley cradling her own stomach rather sensually, massaging it and moaning from the full load of food she’d packed into it. Everyone in attendance seemed to have packed on weight, most of which went right to their guts, but for some reason Emily was finding it increasingly difficult to remember if they’d looked like that when she’d walked in. Where was Jason? He’d probably remember right. “Hey, uh,” she still couldn’t remember her name. “Do you know where Jason went?” The girl looked up from her cake, which she’d apparently been eating with her face considering how messy it was, and snorted in annoyance. Emily noticed her nose was wide and slightly upturned, kind of like a pig. Had it always looked like that? She wondered. She admitted it did look kind of fitting, although she’d never say that out loud. “Who? You mean Jane, right?” Suddenly, Emily felt really stupid. Of course she meant Jane. Who else? Wait, why would she ask about her, she’s right there. Emily waved her down. “Hey, Emily. Glad you could make it to my party. Are you having a good time?” “Yeah, I guess. Sorry I showed up la- wait. This is your party?” “Of course.” Emily felt off again. Something in the back of her mind clicked. “Where’s Jason?” Jane smiled innocently. “He left. I didn’t need him anymore, so I thought it would be best to put him to rest.” Emily swallowed as chills ran down her spine. She felt alert again, at least enough to sense the hidden meaning behind those words.The smell of alcohol was back, along with the stench of rotten eggs. The sounds had changed too, with groans and chewing mixed in with the laughter from before. There was also a lot of argue coming from the far end. Sounded like a fight broke out between Brenda and the cheerleaders. All the while, Jane's smile faltered, concern washing over her eyes. For a moment, Emily thought she realized something was wrong too. But she was wrong. “I take it you’ve lost your appetite, huh. Would you like something to drink instead?” Jane grinned mischievously and glance at the table next to her. Appearing beside her was a frothing red solo cup filled with beer. The same beer she (or at least Jason) had served to Zoltan earlier. Resting on her ample hip in one hand was the very same silver pitcher. “Um, no thank you. How did you do that?” “What can I say, I’m a professional when it comes to hospitality. Anywho if you’ll excuse, I have a bar fight to break up.” Emily turned to look over at where the commotion was coming from, and sure enough, the argument had turned into a brawl between the prefects and a handful of cheerleaders. Their bodies clashed hard on the outset, but the altercation rapidly deteriorated from there. While neither side back down, none of them could must more than a low effort shove or a lethargic swipe after that initial impact. Because as soon as they started fighting, their growth accelerated, causing them to grow not only bigger but rounder. Brenda, for example, now had a sloshy spare tire of flab wrapping around her entire waist and a plump fupa bulging out of her unzipped fly. Her shoulders were broader and softer looking and her plump, sausage like arms now sat at an angle at her sides, when she wasn’t using them to grapple her opponents. Stranger still, she kept make a weird bellow during every attack, all of them did. It sounded like a sheep braying. Also, unlike with Jane, whose clothes while tight still appeared to fit, their clothes were practically bursting at the seams. By the time Jane arrived, the fight was pretty much over anyway as the morbidly obese combatants had stopped to catch their breath. All it took were some gentle words and equally gentle head rubs to discourage them continuing. It was around this point that Emily was starting to panic. Everyone had stopped talking, instead either giggling or making those braying sounds, if they weren’t to busy wheezing or stuffing there faces. And of course at this point, everyone in the room besides Jane and Emily herself were morbidly obese. Interestingly, all of them had similar builds: ridiculously fat with short stocky builds, round bellies and snub noses. Additionally, there ears had grown long and floppy and horns had sprouted from their heads. Some, like Ms. Zoltan, has a full set of antlers on their heads. In addition, with more and more clothing falling off of them, it was revealed with each passing second that everyone in attendance had legs cover in brown fur with white spots. But none of them seemed to notice. Nobody got up, or started to panic. Not even Emily, who despite being the only one to recognize what was happening found moving from her seat impossible. Eventually, Jane had made her way back around to where Emily was sitting. Her irises had changed back to their red color, surrounded by yellow, just like she remembered, and now her skin had also taken on a reddish hue. Black enamel claws extended from her fingers, while a small set of horns protruded out from under her bangs. Her apron remained in tact, but her shirt and pants shrunk and deformed until all that was left was a green and black two piece, exposing her chubby red flesh to the open air. A set of wing appeared from behind her and tucked themselves under her arms. She had a caring but firm look on her face, like a mother suspecting a child of wrong doing. “I knew you wouldn’t be like the others. Still, your resolve surprises me. I would have figured you would at least indulge a little.” “You did this?” “No.” She answered calmly. “They did this to themselves. The food wouldn’t work on you if you kept your wits about you. In their blind faith and indulgence, they let go of their sense of reason and became animals.” “What kind of animals are they?” “I believe the technical term is Faun. A type of nymph or woodland spirit, named after the Roman nature god, Faunus. Shy, but festive and indulgent creatures who both molest and guide human travelers and live in the forest, but lack the intellect of most other gods or even their human rivals. An appropriate fate considering their home here in Belltmore.” Most of the “Faun” in the room were either still eating, asleep, or were playfully wrestling and nibbling each other, but now they looked up and listened to the winged Jane’s words like house pets waiting patiently to get their owner’s attention. Zoltan and Buxley, who were seated closest to Jane while she spoke, attempted to hug and nuzzle her bosom, and in response, she gently patted them on the head and stroked their ears. “Why did you do this? Who are you?” “I am and always have been Jane Wick. As for why, it’s because I’m sick of humans. You are the only exception, and to be honest, your position is not to be envied. You were my sole companion, and yet you could not except me for what I really am. Now, you are the only one with your sense of reason still intact. I pity you, but I could not bring myself to force a fate of my choosing upon you. So, what will you do now, my friend? Now that you are alone?” She was right. As Emily glanced around, she realized the room was empty. All the food was gone. Even the smell was gone, replaced by the musty odor of old paper. The lights in the room began to dim. Soon, Emily found herself sitting alone in a dark empty classroom, in the middle of the night. She felt... very tired...
  14. Oh! How intriguing. I might be remembering this wrong, but I think she already mentioned something along those lines to the prefects when they “confiscated it”. I mean, not that I pegged Emily for a liar or anything. Still, interesting bit of back story.
  15. Hey... I know this is a dumb question but... is Emily an angry drinker? Asking for a friend.
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