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  1. wow! 😍🥰 its really startning going wild now , i love it. spec Ballas fantasy reviled to us XD
  2. I do confess I´m a fast reader, and i was lucky to be online when you posted
  3. I love it! its starting to get at really full speed now ^^
  4. ohhh!!🤩🤩😍😍 this going to be good!, the sea- devils are infor a fattening suprise i guess ^^ and maybe Kayla will fall with them 🥰
  5. holy god!!! that was some good writing there!, cant wait to see what will happend to tali after this XD
  6. I agree with richman92, i like it a lot
    It was really good as yours other work but the ending was really a suprise! I loved that you did that, it makes me as a reader not expecting what kind of ending more fun
  7. Ohhh I like this, I will vote for Love here
  8. This is what I call a Christmas present ❤️
  9. I realise that I have really missed this story ❤️❤️ And it’s good to see KC back 😁
  10. Yep, she has escaped her destiny far too long XD
  11. Hi all, sorry for my long absent from adding to my story. Life has been a bit of a evil basterd and didn´t help that i got a perfect writeblock on it. Thanks maxis192 and Batman76 for helping me without futher delay, her comes my next part. Fat Loving Nymph: returning to her original plan to earn the love of the arenas Guard Captain, Regina makes a terrible discovery...for her bmi! For Captain Silva only likes chubby girls and has her heart set on porking Regina up to epic size! The next day Regina was walking with Jessie, smiling big and happy. The fight had been only an hour ago, and Jessie hadn’t even broken a sweat as she had battered her opponent. When she met Jessie at the sands, the other fighter realized this was a different Jessie from a month ago. Jessie was almost at her peak prime, and it was showing. Her belly had shrunken down considerably and slowly had her six-pack emerge out. The devil-born was smiled, so all her teeth were showing. The reason Regina was smiling was that this time she had bet beforehand and with a lot more people, as the crowd had almost doubled, and the newcomers had heard about the rumors about the fat barbarian that had virtually lost last time. They had been sure that Jessie was a goner as her previous battle had been so close. Regina had got a considerable sum on it. Regina gains 16 gold and 49 silver As she was walking for the great gate of the colosseum, Jessie had gone before her to tell the good news to Linn, as she suddenly felt a sharp object poking at her back and a low, rasping whispering voice that almost couldn’t be heard saying (hmm, I tried to decide in the attributes where you could roll to see if the character got surprised, I ended up using a WILL-POWER roll 67/29 epic fail XD) “Don’t say a word, keep going, and don’t look back.” Regina was shocked, she really should have paid more attention to her surroundings, but she did as the mysterious person walked behind her, close enough so that passerby wouldn´t see the dagger poking at Regina’s back. They got out from the colosseum and kept walking through the main street until she was ordered with a poke from the blade that she should turn to the left, where a small alleyway went. Soon the sound of the buzzing market and crowd died out, and when they stopped, there were only two of them there. Regina was about to turn but with a firm poke with the dagger again told her that the person didn’t want her seeing who was threatening her. “Fire to the sky,” whispered the mysterious person, and Regina’s mind was now in real disarray. What did the fire hawks want from her?? Then she remembered the info about the competition, quickly gathered herself together, and said with a bolder voice than she was feeling, “It about time you showed up! I have…” Suddenly she felt the dagger leave her back, and she got pulled back in the neck, and with a panic realizing that the blade was at her throat. “If I was you I would be reticent and very VERY careful with your word when you speak” the mysterious person got quiet for a few second, then started whispering again to Regina. “The leaders are not happy with your involvement in the tournament and your lack of tact with informing what you didn’t please them any better. So this is the deal.. if your champion doesn’t win, you and her will probably end up very dead, and after that, the gang will go after everyone that got involved with you when you started this whole betting.” Regina felt when the dagger left her throat, and after a few seconds, she heard the footsteps leaving her alone, and then she fell to her knees and sobbed quietly. After a while, in the evening, Regina managed to get back to the tavern and avoided both Jessie and Linn. She ordered a drink and went not to her usual table. Still, one that was a bit from other tables. Regina looked sad and worried down at her cup as she was brooding over the fire hawks’ message. She hadn’t planned for this, she confessed to herself as Regina hadn’t expected that they would be that furious about her scheme, and now her best friend and lover was in danger, and an ally that she couldn’t dream to make of was in trouble too, all because of her. She didn’t know what she could do to secure Jessie’s victory at the tournament that she already had, which made her both angry and despairing. She was brooding and wrestling with her own self-pity that she didn’t notice Linn had come to her table and looked with a happy but confused look at Regina. How she could miss Linn was a miracle because while Jessie had been training, Linn had been eating well. The first you noticed was her massive bosom that had increased, straining her frillies blouse to the max, almost welling over as she walked and they moved around as they had their own life and not a few patrons were locked with their eyes on the twin’s orbs that moved around. As Regina succeeded in moving her eyes, she was surprised that underneath her huge soft breasts, her brown corset struggled to keep a large potbelly from escaping from its prison, and love handles were trying to creep out from the side of the corset. As a patron was shouting, Linn turned, and Regina’s breath got stuck in her throat as Linn’s real gain was shown before her. Her black shirt did a lousy job to camouflage her enormous buttocks that would make anyone look with astonishment as they reminded her of two large, overpacked bubble globes. And you could tell it was not a muscle in them as they gave soft wobble as she walked. Soon she came up to the table, and as Regina forced herself to calm down the desire to feel, kiss, and roam with her hands, the wonder of softness that stood before her. Linn looked at her with a smile, and first, now Regina noticed that Linn had got a small double chin. “Hi love, what are you doing over here? Why don’t you join Jessie’s victory drink over at your usual table?” Regina looked and decided to do a white lie. (Roll CHARISMA, got 14/65 easy!) She smiled at Linn and said, “No, I need to plan our next step as Jessie will probably meet formidable challengers from now on.” She looked over Linn’s shoulder. “And I think you will need to step in soon if I know Jessie right. She is getting pretty ** already.” Linn turned around, giving Regina an incredible sight as Linn’s generous cleavage was right in her view. Linn sighed wearisomely but returned her focus to Regina and stuck her hand deep in her cleavage to bring out a brown envelope that had been invisible until now. “I need to go, but before I forget it, love, you got a letter from someone that was particular that you got it as soon as possible.” “Thanks, love,” Regina said as she raised herself over the table to kiss Linns lips as she took the envelope. “You better hurry.” After Linn’s ruse to Jessie’s table, Regina got a last look as the two enormous orbs were jumping around in the black skirt. She sighed with desire and opened the envelope to take out a letter and started to read. “Hi Regina, as promised, I have talked to our dear Captain and has agreed to meet you up at Captain’s home tonight. I guess you already know where that is. I told her you were a big fan and admirer, so you better make most of it. And do please be careful with this. If this blows up to proportion, I will deny any connection. Your friend F.” Regina read it one more time, and a smile started to creep up on her face, and she thought, “ok, this is all or naught, Regina. Keep yourself together now.” Regina had long ago located Captain Silvia home in the more prosperous part of the town and as she had early realized that it was a very different building as it was designed as a round building. You could see that it was almost a wall with a few small and thin windows. Regina had noted that not much light could get in there, and over the top of the building, you could see a tree crown towering over the walllike house side. As she had roamed around at Linn’s wardrobe for a fitting garment, she had found a long blue dress that was a bit lose that Linn had when she was younger. And decided to borrow it for this event. Regina had done for once a try to trim as much with her poorly kept hair, so it didn’t look like a haystack when she meets Silvia. Later that evening, she was standing at the front gate to the captain’s house in her dress that she wished that had been more skintight and tried to look as presentable as she knew that first impression was meaningful to a fault in a situation like this. As she knocked on the door and was waiting, Regina tried to think back to what she had seen of the captain. Sadly she didn’t dare to hope that the Nymph captain had anything to offer in the physical part as far she had seen. The captain had been more like a stick than the other soldier and guards in comparison she commanded. The only thing that was promising was her face that had the legendary beauty that was nymphs trademark. Still, as far as Regina knows, Silvia never smiled and had a constant stern, almost angry look as she commanded the security. “Hopefully, this wasn’t a mistake that would end up in her, Jessie, and Linn’s death,” she thought, and as she waited, the doubt was gnarling in the back of her mind. Finally, as she almost was thinking of turning around, the door opened, and dressed in a simple but straightforward soft green armless dress was Silvia. Regina looked at captain Silvia and was impressed. Her first thought about the nymph, as a tally board, was wrong. She had mild feminine forms that had been covered by her armor. Her face was beautiful but still stern. Her green eyes were almost shining in the light. She stood tall, and she had a wooden ornament behind her left ear that was formed as a swallow. “Welcome in,” she said with a musical voice, but with a decided guarded tone. “I have ordered a small dinner for us while we speak.” As Regina followed Silvia, she looked around and noticed it wasn’t a lot of decor in the house, and as they came to the dining hall, Regina had also noted that they hadn’t met any servants on their way there. Before them, the dinner table was set with all kinds of dishes and lighted with candles. As Regina admire the table, Silvia had gone to a chair and looked back with a raised eyebrow. “Take a seat dear, I would be lying to say I’m not curious about my admire I didn’t know I had” Regina went to the other side of the table, and as she sat down, Silvia did the same and locked her eyes on Regina. “May I offer some wine? It comes from Fatrovia. My steward thought it would suit our need for tonight.” Regina reacted at once, “oh! They are usually hard to get by, did I hear, mostly because the locals usually keep it for themself.” A smile was growing on the nymph’s face as she raised the bottle to fill Regina’s glass. “I see I have a woman who knows her wine. I must admit I was skeptical at first.” Regina smiled her best smile. “I know that my look deceives a lot, but knowledge is power.” Silvia laughed in a clear resonant tone that was filled with an eco of chrystals. Regina started to relax, and as they started on their dinner, they talked all from wine territories to what suited best to different dishes. After taking a large swallow of the red wine, Regina started to feel the usual buzz warmly intrude her nerves, and she began to feel much calmer. Unaware that as Silvia filled her glass, she did get drunker and drunker as soon it got empty. In her drunken state, Regina relalised that she needed to make a move at Silvia and said with a waving voice, “you the most beautiful creature I ever seen.” Silvias smiling face fell and got stern at once. She looked with a guarded look at Regina “many have said that but they all have run when facing the true me” her voice filled with bitterness, and it seemed for Regina that the light from the candles got dimmer, as the feeling that the room slowly grew darker. But as Regina’s senses were dulled, she kept going, “the true you? You mean that you are hiding something? So the rumors were true? Let me see.” Silvias face grew darker, and she rose from her seat. “I think you should leave. Nothing good would come if you were to press the matter.” Regina now on a roll, and somewhere in her drunken mind, the last reasonable thought was hanging in there, which was that she needed Silvia to fall for her, or something terrible would happen. And as Silvia was about to grab Regina’s arm, Regina protested while she tried to rise with the table’s help. Still, as she tried to capture the table, she missed and fell right on Silvia that wasn’t prepared for it, and suddenly Regina’s hand was between Silvia’s legs. She tried to grab anything to stop her drunken fall, but as Regina tried to hold for her dear life, she felt something she didn’t expect to be there and in surprise-released and fell to the floor with a slam. Silvia gave up a shriek of shock and backed off, and looked with a bewildered look at Regina, who tried to get up from the floor “how dare you.. HOW DARE YOU!” she looked with eyes that would kill anything, and the room got almost suffocating with rage “I WILL..” But longer she didn’t get as when she saw Reginas face she stopped her sentence. As long as Silvia knew, all the women she had met and discovered her secret had always had a terrifying, disgusting look. No one was an exception. And sadly, all of them had been silent for not spreading the truth, but it seems that a rumor never had less spread. But Regina’s face was not of disgust or terror, it was filled with wonder, and a ** smile was growing wide on her face. She raised on unsteady legs and took some shaky steps and fell right in Silvia’s arms and cried out, “ you wonderful thing!! Where have you been in my life?!.” Silvia was in shock, the anger disappearing as wonder and confusion took over, and responded in a weak bewildered tone, “what are you…” Regina raised her arms and put them around Silvia’s neck as she rose on unsteady tiptoe and pulled Silvia’s head down to kiss her soundly on her lips. After the kiss, Regina breathless whispered, “never would I think that you would be gifted with a man’s weapon down there!” she giggled, and she used one of her knees to softly rub between Silvias legs “and does it work? I wonder... hmm” Silvia’s mind was in turmoil, and for the first time in her long life, she didn’t know what she should do. She had never been in this situation before. As Regina was rubbing her knee, Silvia felt that her member was waking up and heard Regina whisper ** exciting, “ohhh, he is working!” Silvia’s mind was working in overdrive, and as Regina kept exiting her more and more, she decided that it was worth a shot. No one had ever reacted as this girl did, and why shouldn’t she use it to her full potential. She had to do it. With a lighting reflex, she shoveled Regina in her arms and lifted the devil born like a princess, and walked out from the dining hall straight to her bed-chamber. Well inside, they both almost literary tore of their dresses and fell in the bed, and with an intense passion, they made love. In the afterglow of their lovemaking, Silvia looked at Regina’s breast as she breathed slowly as she tried to make sense in her drunken state. Wandering down, Silvia looking at Regina’s smooth waist and realized that this girl probably had gained some weight, and as her lust had been sated, for now, she started to think clearly about the situation. She realized that this was an opportunity she couldn’t look away from, Silvia had finally found someone that accepted her deformed cursed body, and she would be a fool to let go. The problem was that she was still a captain. She couldn’t risk that this girl wasn’t some spy or saboteur that would get her name dragged to mud. She was thinking as she looked at Regina, then she wandered with her green eyes to her bedside table, and a smile was growing. A time ago, she had taken care of a thief that been on the run. After a fast checkup, she had discovered that he was carrying some of the legendary white gold on him. She had confiscated it but never turned it in, as she then still had the dream. As she rose from the bed and walked to the bedside table and open it, she saw that she still had the chocolate her steward had brought for her. Silvia never liked it, but now, as she would… she stopped and looked at the small casket there the white gold was, then looked back at the chocolate. “What if I combine them?… if it works, it would be a perfect drug,” and Silvia would never be afraid that Regina would be too thin. She Would have the biggest wife of them all. She took some of the chocolate, put them in the casket, and turned the pieces so they were covered with it. Then she went back to the bed and slowly crawled back to Regina, that was moaning. “Hi, my treasure,” Silvia whispered to Regina, and in response, Regina started to purr in tired excitement, seeming ready for more. Silvia felt that Regina was slowly searching for her, and she got closer so Regina’s hand could find was they were searching for. “My sweet love,” Silvia now purred, “I have a present for you and an offer.” when she said that, Regina slowly reacted with a tired “yes?” “if you be my partner, as long as the tournament continues, you will have free entry wherever you go here, and I have a treat for you. If you accept, you will get more.” as she finished her last part, she slowly putting a chocolate piece covered in the white sugar in Regina’s mouth. Simultaneously, she went with her other hand to Reginas lower region and did her magic. (Roll WILLPOWER, 83/29 FAIL!!) Regina’s mind exploded, and her tired mind woke up with a hunger she never felt before. As she started to roam with her hands at Silvias body, she looked up with tired but hungry eyes “more... I need more of both” “Do.. we.. have.. a.. deal?” She said slowly as she tracked up and down with her hand across Regina’s breast and her soft waist “Yes, Yes, we have!!” Regina breathed out as she took a second piece from Silvias other hands Silvia looked with a hunter’s smile at Regina, and Reginas last thought before she felt unimaginable pleasure again was, “What have I got myself into?”
  12. I like this one shot, its deja vu feeling was asome and when you progress the story like this it made it very enjoyeble to read. and bonus was using yourself as a story writer, i think chase should have read it becuase you are not bad at all XD
  13. i agree with batman76, your description is a art!
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