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  1. Tornasunder

    The Thin College

    AMAZED AND CONFUSED... Really getting into the premise. It will be interesting to see what the spells are, and how they work. Getting to choose how the points are used makes the experience more relatable. That way he can customize his character and environment to his liking... maybe choosing NOT to break free. Here is the confusion part "Earn pounds by making others lose pounds" Lose or gain?
  2. Tornasunder

    The Thin College

    WOW, a touch of the supernatural! Combine that with an island full of thin women and I'm beginning to understand your previous mention of "EPIC" to describe your next project. Well, you're certainly laying down the ground work!
  3. Tornasunder

    Fattening the Personal Trainer

    I guess the point could be made that ALL of these chapters are "filler" chapters, or more accurately "Fill Her" chapters. Great subtle attack on Candace's confidence with her not getting called up to the office to meet with Ben. It was interesting to hear Candace tell Hannah not to worry about the weight when you can tell by her edginess and distracted tugging that she herself is definitely concerned about her own weight. WOW, the tournament is coming up next? Candace better get someone else to apply the oil. Cody would probably explode before he got past het boobs. Damn, I can hardly imagine how sensuous that would feel with all that glorious softness coated in oil...
  4. Tornasunder

    Fattening the Personal Trainer

    Deep inside, Luv it! And I see the master of misdirection strikes again! And WOW, what a strike. LOTS of top notch imagery. It all came together so well. And again Cody pushes his luck and gets away with it. Kudos.
  5. Tornasunder

    Fattening the Personal Trainer

    A lot of building contrasts in this installment. I really enjoy that there is just a hint of ribs visible... and then only when she stretches. The best has to be the motion of her breasts as Candace pounds the mattress, and the way gravity is playing an increasing role, and putting her new bra to the test. Simply amazing.
  6. Tornasunder

    Fattening the Personal Trainer

    Its funny how we're all trying to guess where you are headed next with Candace. I also enjoy any subtle hints and nudges we use to try and influence the outcome... That being said I can't wait for the first visible roll or bulge, and Cody's reaction.
  7. Tornasunder


    Epic is certainly the right name for this tale! I love the feeling of being thrust into the middle of a story like this with so little to go on at first. You have me hooked.
  8. Just teasin' ya... no doubt you have the FAT Goddesses sated and happy.

    Luv the K/DA Kali Neon.  I keep staring at the clip sorta hypnotized

    1. >_< 0_0

      >_< 0_0

      I am a bit over-due for a chapter-offering to the fat-goddesses aren’t I? I’m kind of stuck in the mountains surrounded by little siblings, so it’s hard to find a place and time to write (I’m hiding in the bathroom now 😬).

      My plan is to awake super early tomorrow to write, when not a creature is stirring— not even a mouse. Or the three cats...


  9. Tornasunder

    Fattening the Personal Trainer

    CANDACE...… WITHdrawal!!! Seriously, I think there is a literary rule that you cannot use the words: "Delicious titty-fat" AND mention tearing undergarments without updating the story again within 12 hours. Plus there is the possible angering of the FAT Goddesses and Karma and such... Best to be on the safe side, you know.
  10. Tornasunder


    Tuesday May 20th Marissa’s smooth steady voice filled the otherwise silent suite. “… 92 … 93 … 94” Each count exited in a hiss through tight lips the precise moment elbows and knees touched. “… 95 … 96 … 97” Despite going for over an hour through various exercises, each rep was completed with almost machine-like precision. “… 98 … 99 … 100!” Marissa eased back onto her yoga mat, mentally checking off her fifth set. Despite finishing an impressive workout, her face remained expressionless. What lurked behind that serene expression was anything but. It had been five days since the fateful Vertical Endeavors trip. In that time Marissa had resumed and increased her old workouts, adding an extra hour to what was already a strenuous regimen. For five days now the moment she leapt out of bed, the brunette sprung into motion. No way could she allow herself to lapse. Not now… too much was at stake. Playtime was over. That had ended the instant Marissa had pulled on her bicycle shorts. The stubborn brunette had no intention of easing up again until she was back in fighting trim. BEEP BEEP BEEP The sounding alarm from her phone meant fifteen minutes before another teleconference with Jake and Lea. ‘Damn!’ Springing to her feet, Marissa headed over to the shower. She had just enough time to freshen up. First turning on the water, Marissa disrobed while it warmed. In seconds she stood naked before the mirror; eyes drawn downward as if by a magnet. The areas of fat stubbornly remained. ‘Why isn’t this working?’ By her calculations she’d burned an easy extra 2,900 calories during that time all while cutting her intake several times that amount. By all rights Marissa knew she should be down in weight. ‘Then why do I look even heavier?’ It was true, what had started just below her belly button, the softness had now deepened and spread ever so subtly, further obscuring the formerly distinct abs she’d always been proud to display. Pivoting slightly, it was easy to see just how much fat had gathered there. Marissa's once flat tummy now poked out in a small dome that deepened her belly button considerably. The fat continued around, ringing her waist, and gathered along her hips before continuing on behind. What was back there made the brunette truly wince. And frankly right now she just couldn’t deal with it. Turning sharply away, Marissa opened the glass door, spilling steam into the rest of the bathroom. Plunging headfirst under the therapeutic heat, she desperately tried to focus on the meeting ahead. Word had somehow gotten out about the planned expansion. Not only did this put more pressure on her team, it narrowed their window of opportunity considerably. As a result, instead of heading back to California, Marissa found herself marooned in Minneapolis. Her team found available options quickly evaporating. Rain-bough Foods had taken the initiative calling NBF directly. Somehow their rep knew the exact price points negotiated with both Gerald’s and Complete Foods. They’d only agree to meet under certain preconditions. Superb-value flat out refused any sort of meeting, having called Lea’s bluff during a “Friendly” courtesy call designed to test the waters. Even Buy-Early’s normally friendly Norm Fischer seemed oddly cold and standoff-ish when Marissa had talked to him yesterday. Things had better come together quickly or they were about to fall apart completely. Clad in a hastily thrown on t-shirt and shorts, Marissa turned on her computer. ‘Good no one’s on yet’ Removing the towel from her shoulder she finished drying her hair then managed some semblance of order with the damp locks. Keeping her feet bare, she used the next few minutes to gather up pertinent material and notes, giving everything a once-over to get on track. GRUMBLE The sound reminded the young saleswoman just how hungry she was. Marissa was not used to depriving herself of food, and other than another one of Jake's scrumptious energy bars last night for a midnight reprieve, it had been almost 12 hours since she ate. Just thinking of the rich thick nougat-like goodness had her mouth watering. There was no way she’d make it through several hours without something. 'I could have another bar' she mused. There had to be at least five of the things still weighing down her purse. 'Nah, too rich. Maybe something light from room service?' Marissa had overheard a couple of thick middle-age women talking up how good the lite fare was. The image in front of the bathroom mirror remained painfully fresh. Marissa knew it was time for a change. That meant no more luxurious breakfasts or decadent meals for now. Reaching for the nearby menu, she tore her eyes away from the rich calorie laden meals taunting her, to look for more healthy choices. As she did so, a hand nervously tugged down the hem of her shirt which had ridden up. BEEP “Good morning. Kitchen. How may I help you?” Marissa looked again at the glossy depictions, her mouth practically watering. “Uhm, yes. I’d like an egg white omelet, no hash browns, and a morning Delite mixed berry bowl. Oh yes, and an orange juice please.” “Anything else, Miss?” ‘Yes, pancakes with LOTS of whipped cream & syrup... and sausage links’ “No thanks, that will be all.” “We’ll have that up to room 913 shortly.” Click Setting down the phone, Marissa turned to see Lea’s smiling face. Somehow she’d missed the activation cue while ordering. Seeing a familiar friend right now was immensely reassuring. “Did I just hear you order an egg white omelet?” Heavy emphasis placed on white. “Since when do you eat light?” Well, it had been reassuring. Placing what hopefully looked like a nonchalant smile on her face, Marissa gave a discreet tug of her Tee from against her tummy. “Oh, ahh… I just didn’t want to lose focus because of a heavy meal.” Lea’s forehead scrunched in disbelief. “Yeah right! This from the girl that emptied four Chinese take-out containers during our cram session last Thursday.” Marissa’s smile faltered at the thought of all those calories, and where they wound up. Bing “Hey pretty ladies! What’s up?” Jake, it appeared had joined the conversation. Lea spoke first. “Oh nothing, just girl talk… diets and such.” The emphasis was not lost on Marissa. “Glad I didn’t tune in earlier.” He replied. Jake did have a tendency to tune in late to avoid such issues. Marissa remembered a time she and Lea had deliberately tried to creep out the young data cruncher. From that moment on, at any hint that either of the two were headed in a similar direction again and he’d be off. Despite herself, a smile found its way onto Marissa’s face. “Hey! There’s my guurl!” Lea cheered. Things quickly fell into their old rhythm. While the two women brainstormed tactics, bouncing ideas off one another Jake tried to make them a reality. As luck would have it, he stumbled on some data showing that prick Larkin at Rain-bough hadn’t been nearly as truthful with his cost/profit reports as they’d been lead to believe. Marissa nodded appreciatively. “I’m sure I don’t want to know how you found that out… and thanks!” “No problem! And yes, you probably don’t want to know how I found that out.” Turning attention over to her friend, Marissa raised an eyebrow. “You think you can snag me an appointment with Mr. Larkin?” “After what we’ve just learned?” Lea said craftily. “I’ll make sure he gets to meet with you.” Wednesday May 21st Marvin “Marv” Larkin was an old school rep in every sense of the word. The man looked it too. His suit had a vintage cut, and while a tad tight around the middle still looked good on him. Marissa marveled that she’d been asked to meet him alone in his office, and even more so by his lack of invitation to have her sit. Instead the Market Rep. snapped to his feet in a manner belying his nearly 60 years. “How about we get a cup of coffee?” He offered gesturing to the door she’d just entered. Larkin’s abruptness, large size, and 50’s “Mad Men” appearance had her taken aback, especially in such close proximity. Weakly she agreed. Larkin wasted no time negotiating, and before they reached the elevator had rattled off at least a half dozen stipulations. Marissa mentally counted off key counter-points to his arguments, but found no room to voice them. It was hard to keep her composure what with the exaggerated gestures and overbearing posturing going on. No doubt a strategy designed to keep the competition off balance. But other forces were working against her. For one thing the constant pinching and pulling of her skirt with each step kept invading Marissa’s thoughts. It wasn’t so bad earlier, by herself. Then at least she could take smaller steps and deny there was much of a problem. Trying to keep up with Larkin’s brisk stride, however, was a constant reminder of how poorly the damned thing now fit. “… unless we get a significant markdown…” the rep drolled on, oblivious to his companion’s struggles. ‘Fuck I’m hungry’ That was the other thing. Now that they were waiting for the elevator, Marissa let her free hand dip to the tight fabric desperately clinging to her tummy. Already the meager plain bagel and juice had faded, leaving an empty and hollow feeling. ‘Damnit! I knew I shoulda had some sort of protein!’ DING The pair stepped into the elevator, Larkin pausing the stream of demands only to jab the “L” button before continuing. “… and of course we’ll expect you to waive…” GRUMBLE In the confines of the elevator, the sound of her complaining stomach was embarrassingly loud. Larkin actually paused midstream to raise an eyebrow. ‘Oh gawd! Not now!’ Thankfully they quickly reached the lobby. DING As soon as the doors opened, Marissa stepped out, somehow getting the jump on her aggressor. “Excuse me, Mr. Larkin. Is there a Ladies’ room close by?” Her obvious discomfort seemed to strengthen his position. Looking down almost benevolently the tall man smiled. “I told ya, call me Marv.” (He did no such thing, and was obviously still trying to keep Marissa off guard) “Marv.” Marissa pasted on a believable smile and batted her lashes. “If you don’t mind, I’ll just be a minute.” “Sure, sure. It’s right over there.” She followed his outstretched hand, eager to get away before doing something she’d regret. Hungry appraising eyes watched her retreat. The restroom was surprisingly spacious and bright. But Marissa was hardly in the mood to notice and tossed her purse unceremoniously onto the counter. The purse hit forcefully spilling a few of its contents onto the marble surface before coming to rest against the mirror. Feeling drained Marissa collapsed against the cool stone. ‘What is wrong with you! Get a hold of yourself girl!’ she chastised. A glimpse in the mirror showed a weak and helpless looking woman; two things Marissa knew she wasn’t. Pissed off that some prick had brought this about bolstered her resolve. Standing straight, she shot the mirror a determined glare instead. Damned if Larkin was going to get away with his shit. Reaching again for her purse, Marissa began jamming things back inside. Desperately she tried to formulate a plan but nothing came to mind. That’s when a bright silver wrapper caught her eye. ‘One of Jake’s energy bars!’ Fate must’ve definitely been shining down on her. Tearing it open, she bit off a large hunk. “Ahhhhhh… Jusht whud I needed.” Again her knees went weak, this time with relief. Fighting the urge to channel her emotions by devouring the bar, Marissa tried instead to savor the rich thick treat in tiny bites. ‘Make the fucker wait’ The thought… and the gooey goodness made her smile. Refreshed and sated, she even felt cocky enough to take time to fix her lashes. As she did this, thoughts about the energy bar filled her mind. Tiny bites. That’s what Larkin had been doing to her, nibbling away at her resolve with tiny attacks. Not a single one could be called foul, but when delivered one after the other, it had left Marissa reeling. The time had come to do this on her terms. A different woman left the bathroom; a woman determined not to let the advantage slip in Larkin’s favor ever again. Striding confidently up to the tall man, Marissa smiled darkly before launching her attack. Time to play her trump card. “You know Marv, I came across an interesting bit of information regarding your accounts. It seems there are some cost/profit inconsistencies you failed to mention…” Beside her, Larkin’s smug grin and his step faltered simultaneously. “… in fact I don’t think your company is even aware of them.” Smiling cattily, Marissa ignored the pinch of her skirt to surge forward, holding the door (In a distinctly non-50’s manner) for the startled rep. Larkin stepped through looking a little green, and for the first time since they met; silent. “How about we start this over shall we?” The resurgent brunette ventured. “Only this time I’ll be the one making demands…” In the monitor Lea’s eyes looked round as saucers. “I can't believe you did that!” Marissa grinned back smugly from her suite’s loveseat. “I know, little ole' me!” Her friend still didn’t know what to say. At most, their little discovery was meant to be a last ditch safety net should the whole deal turn sour. But to have Marissa hurl it into their client’s face minutes in to a negotiation took some serious brass. “You go guurl!” She cheered, raising an imaginary glass in a toast to her co-workers’ real one. Back in Minnesota, and clad in much more comfortable college sweats, Marissa drank heartily the champagne she’d had sent up. Very little actually remained. Joyous as her victory was, it seemed hollow despite Lea’s virtual presence. Another glass helped, but failed to fully fill the void. 'One more oughtta do the trick!' Lea, meanwhile stared at the contract. It was by far their best and blew away all projections. Despite having read it multiple times the thing left her slack-jawed. “Wow Mare… this is really going to look good for the quarter.” “And for our eventual meeting with Superbvalue!” Marissa finished awkwardly with a flourish; spilling some of her champagne in the process. Then while brushing off the errant droplets, half-heartedly added; “If we ever get one, that is.” Lea watched her inebriated friend, 'She always was a lightweight' . A multitude of past scenes Marissa had caused at parties and bars came to mind. Whether good or bad, all were guaranteed memorable. The inevitable grin such memories always spawned grew and grew... before faltering. Something seemed odd about what she was witnessing. 'Are Mare's boobs bigger?' It was hard to tell between typical conference resolution and the bulky cotton, but something appeared to be going on. 'Her face looks fuller, but that's probably from the alcohol.' Suddenly Lea realized she wasn't the only one scrutinizing the other as Marissa's own quizzical features now stared back. 'Whoops! What was that she said again? Oh yeah.' The Native Californian's caramel features took on a mischievous nature. “Already done! With these numbers even the big boys had to take notice.” Lea paused to let that sink in. “Jacquelyn Wyrth from Superbvalue Corporate called and asked for the meet herself... ...” Marissa was instantly glad she'd already emptied her glass because if it had been full, her shaking would've emptied it again. “... That's why the boss wants you back so soon.” Lea added. “Wyrth wants to meet this new sales whirlwind face to face. “There's even talk of... Oops! I'm not supposed to say!” “What?!” prodded the now riveted and thoroughly buzzed brunette. “What aren't you supposed to say?” Lea's voice became hushed, despite being alone on her end. “They want YOU to be the spokeswoman for NBF!” “No!” “Yes!” “No Fucking Way!” “Yes FUCKING Way!”
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    Thanks all for the input and support! I really struggled with putting actual sizes or numbers in the story. How individuals gain can be so different; both from person to person, and even the same person under different circumstances. I'm afraid that putting in too many specific numbers may take away from people's experience. I'm still not decided.
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    Thursday May 15th Marissa stood and felt alone in the vast ornate conference room of Complete Foods. She was going over the plan “just one more time”… yet again. White could be seen in her knuckles as both fists clenched and unclenched anxiously. Rhythmic thumping of her flats sounded off the polished stone surface as she lightly hopped in place. It was a technique she’d developed to reduce tension before a stressful encounter. It wasn’t working. Still, it felt good to be out of the suite. The last two days had been spent cooped up teleconferencing with Lea at her office and Jake from the data department. Confined in such tight quarters wearing old university sweats seemed oddly reminiscent of not too distant college days. Certainly eating take-out and trading snide remarks with Lea only strengthened the feeling. The trio crammed every detail and possible weakness over thirty two hours in two days. By the time their plan had been hammered out, the expensive suite looked just as cluttered as their old off-campus apartment. The brunette sure felt as sleep deprived as she had during college, only now it was without parties and alcohol. Movement caught Marissa’s attention. Freezing mid-hop, her heels hit the floor with finality. The CEO of Complete Foods; Diane Wilkowsky could be seen through soundproof glass walls, just rounding the corner. Her entourage in tow followed dutifully behind. ‘Showtime’ Faking a warm smile, Marissa risked a last second adjustment of the conservative suit she wore. Loose and shapeless it was hardly flattering. Lea’s continued (And frankly annoying) warnings of the ultra-feminist leader rang in her ears. She intended to make the most of the advice. “Ms. Wilkowsky! What an honor to finally meet you…” And so began another proposal, this one sans suggestive behavior. Following her team’s advice, Marissa laid waste to any concerns Complete Foods could muster. At Jake’s prompting, hints at ordering male underlings around, and other command-worthy type comments were salted here and there. She felt like a general outlining a battle plan. Afterward, Diane herself came forward to congratulate her. “Now that was a well thought out plan.” she said, taking Marissa’s hand. “I think we can work together.” Marissa returned the firm grip with one of her own. “I believe we can as well.” Again Marissa had to endure the perfunctory tour and inflated posturing. However, she felt a sort of kinship form with the CEO as the day progressed. Often the two shared a similar expression or a nod. Still, it was with some surprise that Wilkowsky asked if she was up for some coffee. “I’d love to!” A nearby Caribou served the perfect venue for the two to get acquainted on a more personal level. Though friendly as her host seemed, Marissa couldn’t help but feel the older woman was still gathering intel. Having nothing really to hide, the lithe brunette opened up. Her efforts were rewarded with Diane dropping her guard as well. By the time the pair finished their second Machiato, the CEO made a proposal of her own. “How about the two of us hit the town?” Marissa set her cup down. The offer was intriguing, but… “Well, I have been cooped up the last few days...” Diane smiled knowingly. “No doubt doing research on me.” Busted, Marissa returned the smile. She then tried to figure out how best to explain the situation. “Getting out sounds fine, but to tell the truth, I miss my workouts something fierce.” Somehow the older woman’s face beamed even more. “Enough said. Grab your gear and I’ll come by at seven and pick you up.” It sounded more an order than a suggestion. Images of shiny stainless steel equipment, rubber mats, and fit pony-tailed instructors filled Marissa’s mind. ‘I wonder what kind of workout she has planned?’ As if reading her mind Diane’s grin turned mischievous. “Don’t worry, you’re going to have a blast.” Seven O’clock seemed like a long time to prepare, but after a longer than expected report to her bosses, a quick catch-up with Lea, an online pat on the back to Jake for all his hard work, time ran woefully short. Marissa had barely finished inhaling some succulent Lasagna & cheese-bread, hand delivered by an equally tasty looking bellboy, and was currently tucking away the last of her status reports along with some layered chocolate desert when her eye caught the red L.E.D. display; 6:34pm. “Oh ShitFuck!” Paperwork forgotten, Marissa crossed the room and nabbed her gym bag from the closet. Fortunately (Or unfortunately) everything inside remained as clean and fresh as the day she packed it back in California. An uncharacteristic wave of guilt passed through the young brunette. Out came a favorite pair of bicycle shorts and sports bra. Down deeper in the bag lay a tracksuit also in black. Marissa assumed Diane would arrive “ready to go” as well, so took them out, laying them on her bed, along with her favorite old crosstrainers. Off came the sweatpants she’d previously changed into. Starting with the shorts, Marissa began to wiggle her way into them. At least that was her intention. Halfway up her ass they seemed to stop. Grunting, Marissa tugged harder and was rewarded with the final few inches. The fit, however was anything but comfortable… and certainly like never before. Looking down Marissa was shocked to see a small pouf of flesh above the tight elastic waist. ‘No way!’ Even worse she could pinch it. ‘Where in the hell did this come from?’ Her attention now hyper-aware, Marissa noted that only the top two of her rock hard abs retained any definition at all. Below that, they just sort of disappeared under an increasing layer of puffiness A poke proved the muscles were still there and hard as ever, just hidden. “What the fuck?!” Worse still (If that was possible) was the way the shorts pinched her ass. The growing discomfort became increasingly harder to ignore. Twisting, Marissa took in her backside. In a way, it didn’t look any different. Then again, that was the nature and intent of Spandex. With a grimace, she squirmed her way back out; the exposed flesh jiggling as it pulled free. Marissa froze at that odd angle, staring in horror at the rogue layer of fat coating her firm glutes. ‘Omigod’ The sounds of Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” rang out, practically causing Marissa to leap out of her skin. It was Diane. Shaking slightly the distraught brunette picked up her phone. “Sorry I’m early! But you’ve done your homework on me. Time is money.” Her mind still spinning from the turn of events, Marissa tried to focus. “Y...yeah sure. I… I’ll be right down.” Gone was the confident woman from before. After agreeing to meet Diane at the main entrance in five, she threw down the phone and squirmed once more into the tight cycle shorts. A frantic dig through her bag turned up a cute pair of Nike vintage-style gym shorts which she slid on top. Combined with shaping action from the spandex, and the longer length and looser fitting Nike shorts on top made it seem as if nothing was amiss. The waist, however, seemed uncomfortably tight. But damned if Marissa was going to loosen the drawstring. Discarding the faded Stanford T-shirt, she quickly donned her fave sports bra. Nothing seemed out of place in the fit. Relieved at that at least, Marissa stepped into her tracksuit bottoms and zipped up the jacket. Keeping her hair loose for now she picked up her gym bag and headed down to meet her new workout partner. Surprisingly light banter filled the trip to their mystery destination. Bally’s or Lifetime had been among Marissa’s top guesses. Diane, however, refused to break on their true destination, no matter how devious the junior woman's tricks. So it was, with total surprise, that the two pulled up to a tall modern looking building. “Vertical Endeavors” quoted the dubious passenger. ‘What the hell has she got me into?’ Marissa mused while opening the car door. She was about to find out. All became instantly clear at the sight of towering walls adorned with multi-colored hand & foot holds… and the occasional climber. Climbing gyms weren’t unheard of, but Marissa had never been to one. “Wilkowsky and guest.” announced the CEO as she presented her card. “Welcome back Diane!” Greeted the cheery blonde-haired girl behind the counter. Marissa tore her eyes away from the gathering of tattoos on the wiry receptionist’s right arm to share a greeting before following Diane to the lockers. “You’re in luck.” said her host over her shoulder. “Derek is here… and he’s very good.” At what, she didn’t say. Before long Diane had practically scrambled to the top of the beginner’s wall, while Marissa struggled below in the helping embrace of Derek. “Are you kidding me?” she griped as once again her fingers slipped free. The instructor had already anticipated the fall and had proper slack and tension on the safety rope. “Relax, you’re totally safe.” He consoled, meeting her wide eyes with his reassuring hazel ones. “Remember what I said. Don’t pull yourself so closely in.” Marissa tried a fifth (Eighth?) time and finally made it up a ways. That is until a seemingly firm foothold… wasn’t. Derek once again guided her down, then placed himself directly behind her. Gently he showed how to place her fingers. Frankly, Marissa was blown away. Not just by how good this man looked (Felt… smelled… sounded…) but by how physical this whole experience was. Given her strength and conditioning, she thought that in a few minutes she’d be blowing the woman 20 years her senior out of the water. Quite the reverse was true. It seems quite a physique lurked under that posh Barbara Bush style suit Diane wore. Marissa found herself uncharacteristically jealous. “… and bring your leg up…” ‘Whoops better concentrate’ she chastised. Following the gaze of her instructor, she saw a pink blob, looking like a piece of flattened wad of chewing gum. “… see the spot? Yes, that’s good…” Marissa beamed at the praise, and at the sure feel of the foothold. That is until she felt an odd sensation at her waist. Looking down, she could see a gathering of fat bunched up to form a small tanned roll. Desperately she tried to suck in, even though she was the only one to see it. The distraction cost her and soon she plopped to the mat with a thud. Derek it seemed wanted to impart a tad more significance to her lesson by not completely easing her down this time. “You really need to focus…” Marissa tuned out the lecture, instead finding her mind on other worries. “Uhm… do you mind if I take five?” Relaxing his serious look, Derek nodded and expertly undid her harness. In the locker room Marissa went straight for a full length mirror. There she ran a palm firmly down along her side. Sure enough right at her hips she could feel the fat give beneath, and there was still that pouf poking out above the waistband. This time Marissa did loosen the drawstring, thus erasing some of the evidence. A quick look might not show anything out of the ordinary. There was another reason for her sudden trip in here. While stowing their bags earlier, she had spotted a scale. The metal felt cool to the touch. Marissa let her fingers trail along the outer edge before tracing their way around an over-sized display. ‘Wow, this thing would be a torture device in a High School Locker-room’ With that thought in mind, she gave a quick look over her shoulder. Nobody was around, so, biting her lower lip she stepped on. Instantly the L.E.D. flashed a series of interconnected 8s, until finally settling on her weight. ‘No fricking way’ The 135lbs. she was expecting was nowhere to be found. Instead a slightly inflated figure took its place; 142.5lbs. ‘I’ve gained seven and a half pounds’ she thought horrified. Marissa stood there shocked. Despite the evidence in the hotel and on the wall, somehow she’d tried to convince herself it was some sort of illusion or delusion. Now the truth stared her right in the face.
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    Thursday May 8th Marissa spilled the good news. Then with a self-satisfied smile, took a sip of her wine. Bryce’s ice blue eyes met hers over the gold trimmed crystal rim. The attraction was as undeniable as it was mutual. “So NBF is branching out into the mid-west?” He responded, sounding suitably impressed. “I got it from the head office just this morning.” Marissa said proudly. “It seems Marketing heads accepted my proposal. Out East is ready for some premium branding in the organic field.” Bryce scrunched his forehead. “I thought you said the mid-west?” “I did, but isn’t that East of here?” “Well, yes… technically, but I come from Iowa remember? People out there hardly consider themselves Easterners.” Marissa let a playful smile dance across her ruby lips. “Well, if you want to get technical, you could go West from here instead and still wind up where I’m headed; Minnesota.” Now it was Bryce’s turn to look mischievous. “Precisely. The Mid-West specifically. Thanks for conceding my point.” Marissa frowned at him over her wine glass. “Ok mister, I’ll let you get away with that one. But only because I’m in such a good mood.” The couple’s banter was interrupted by the arrival of their main course. Tempting aromas filled the air as expert servers laid everything before them with artistic flair. Marissa took a longing look at the succulent giant lobster tail on her plate surrounded by garlic potatoes, baby onions, and melted butter before nodding to her date’s choice. “I thought your order of Chicken Kiev was qustionable, but it looks to die for.” “It is, but I bet I’ll still be up for some of that Lobster when you’re finished.” He replied with a nod, and perhaps a tinge of jealousy. “Fat chance of that!” Marissa snickered. “This is all mine.” Bryce couldn’t help but to shake his head. “I don’t know how you do it.” Marissa brought the first butter-dripping piece to her lips. “Do what?” “You know… that!” He gestured to her swelling plate. “Most women order just a salad and torture me with longing looks as I eat, but you…” Marissa nodded knowingly. “That’s because most women sit on their fat asses all day. I on the other hand work out.” “You work it?” Bryce asked, feigning innocence. “Yeah, I do that too smart ass, as if you hadn’t noticed.” Sharing a wink she continued. “Seriously though it’s simple mathematics. On average I burn about 2,600 calories a day… as much as most men. If I really push myself I can do upwards of 3,000.” Bryce looked even more impressed than before. “Wow, I didn’t know.” Taking another bite, Marissa couldn’t help herself. “Well, it’s true. Although good genetics helps.” “I’ll say!” He agreed, letting his eyes dip lower. As the two enjoyed their meal, bits of conversation gradually worked their way back to Nature’s Best Foods and their proposed expansion. “So, they’re really going to send you out to work the proposal?” “Yup, little ole me. A sheep amongst the wolves.” Bryce failed to stifle a grin. “Yeah right. I think you got that one backwards. One look at that body and they won’t know what hit them.” “That’s true. It worked on you, anyway.” Bryce didn’t disagree. Not in the slightest. Sunday May 11th Marissa looked out at the Minneapolis skyline from her west side suite. ‘Mid-west’ she chided herself silently. Thoughts of her date with blue-eyed Bryce Langdon flooded back, accentuating her loneliness. Hard to believe half a continent now separated her from his warm embrace. “Hmmm.” She sighed longingly. The evening was still young here. Traces of the setting sun’s glow lingered on the horizon. How eager she felt to go out and experience some night-life, such as it was here. But tomorrow was a big deal. Marissa’s entire future depended on the success of this tour and she needed to make the best effort possible. “Buck it up gurl!” She said with her best Lea impersonation. Turning from the expansive glass pane, her eyes sought the outfit laid out for tomorrow’s presentation. There, fresh from of its protective plastic laid the dress. At once provocative and sensual, there somehow remained an air of professionalism. Such a striking mixture had caught Marissa’s attention the second her eyes fell on it. Perhaps the slate gray color was what allowed the professional nature to remain? That had to be it, for the cut and fit did everything possible to allure any straight man with a heartbeat. Draping it in front of her, Marissa put on her best face. Turning one way then the other she debated putting up her hair. “Nah, too formal”. It was best to have the old farts off guard. ‘Hopefully not too old’ she wished silently. Still, an image of her hair pulled back, a pair of black-rimmed glasses perched on her slender nose, “Ala Naughty librarian” popped into her head. “That’s Ms. Marissa” She mimicked sternly, eliciting a laugh. ‘Probably give one of them a heart attack’ Marissa’s planned presentation however wasn’t without its share of sexual warfare. For when it comes to battle why leave out your best weapons? During practice runs, she’d made sure to have the touchscreen placed a bit too high, making her stretch at key intervals. Of course the “unexpectedly” needed prop or two to be retrieved from her valise way down on the floor was sure to guarantee a show. “Yes. This’ll do just fine.” Putting the dress back, Marissa began to disrobe. The long flight and shrimp buffet in the dining lounge were making her sleepy. In no time she stood there in naked glory. Despite this fact and the room’s rather chilly temperature, she still felt warm, almost hot. (Odd, but not overly concerning) Leisurely she stretched, standing daintily on her tip-toes, arms extended. While holding there, a rather naughty thought appeared, as if whispered by the devil himself. Marissa had to admit, the silk sheets felt exquisite on her bare skin and were definitely worth the up-charge. Not that she was thinking such things now. Slowly her fingers drifted and explored, though their final destinations were already known. If the girl wanted relaxation, she definitely got it. Good thing premium suites were soundproof. Monday May 12th Morning took forever to arrive. Despite her fatigue… and evening activities, deep sleep evaded Marissa. An almost uncomfortable heat had gradually built throughout the night, leaving her bare; sheets bunched at her feet. The slightest sheen glistened across her exposed skin. No doubt the long night was due to pre-presentation jitters. By 6am she’d mentally gone through the particulars three times. When the alarm did finally sound, it was off and running to the bathroom. Marine Drill Sergeants would’ve been proud of the sleek brunette’s efficiency. In mere minutes Marissa emerged showered and fresh; her tan skin flawless. On came the dress, this time for real. Its material clung to every curve of her body… perhaps a tad too much. “Huh?” She exclaimed quizzically. Marissa worked over the dress where it met her hips. Somehow the cleaners must have shrunk it, as creases marred the usually flawless fit. Despite several adjustments, a few stubborn ones remained; stretched tight for all to see across her ass. ‘I hope they didn’t mess up any of my other outfits’ she worried. Marissa’s usually steady hands fidgeted slightly. ‘Well, there’s nothing I can do about it now’ Forcing herself to move on, she checked her long legs for any imperfections in the sheer hose before donning a comfortable pair of low heels. Today’s docket promised a full fifteen hours on her feet. So it paid to play it conservative. ‘For now, anyway’ Rumor had it Preston Blake liked to entertain. There might be a place for something far sexier later on. Alone for the last few minutes before the brass was scheduled to start trickling in, Marissa tried to think of anything she might have missed. GRUMBLE The sound brought about an instant reddening of her cheeks, while simultaneously making Marissa aware just how truly hungry she was. Things had been too rushed and chaotic until now to even think about food. But here, in the oppressive silence of the conference room, her stomach was not to be denied. Desperately the brunette snatched up her purse, eager to find anything to qualm the loud protests from her stomach. Marissa couldn't imagine the embarrassment of a repeat during her presentation. It'd be a disaster. 'Would gum do the trick?' Hell, she'd down an entire pack of mints if it would do the job. 'I wonder if they have a vending machine nearby?' Was there even enough time to look? Suddenly the nervous rep's probing fingers came upon a cluster of foil wrapped objects. Momentarily confused, it took visibly removing one to jog her memory. 'Jake's Energy Bars!' You could almost hear the chorus of Angels. “Thank Heavens!” Tearing into the heavy treat, Marissa had to fight through waves of weak-kneed bliss to continue on the task at hand. 'NBF should market these!' she mused, while staring down the last tempting bite. 'Hell, I couldn't make it past the checkout isle without grabbing one' She made a mental note to nab a case from the garage when she got back. It'd be the perfect workout booster. 'I might even earn a healthy commission if things went well' Jake was never what you would call business savvy. Dreams of representing him (And cleaning up financially in the process) eased the tension that had been nagging her for hours. A sound at the door, prompted Marissa to slip the incriminating wrapper discreetly into her purse. It was now or never. Turning abruptly, she pasted on her best winning smile. “Mr. Blake! How good to finally meet you in person!” Her host accepted the greeting before politely introducing each of the staff ringing him. Marissa tried to appear unaware of the obvious appraisal of her figure. On the inside, however, she was more complimented than angered. Only a cutting figure such as herself could make such seasoned pros forget protocol with millions on the line. ‘Round 1 Marissa’ The presentation itself was flawless. She handled herself like the professional she was and had the Gerald’s Foods Reps eating out of her hand. Occasionally Marissa would turn back unexpectedly and catch some of the slower members’ eyes return upward to meet her own. She doubted much of their riveted attention had anything to do with charts and graphs. It had been a bit of a debate with headquarters whether to start farther down the food chain, hit the middle, or tackle the region’s #1 supplier first. In the end, the decision was hers. Gerald’s Foods was a big enough player to command attention from the market. Success here might grease the wheels with other players. Marissa made the most of the opportunity by playing on the lucrative opportunities being exploited in mid to upscale levels all along the West coast. She highlighted that they were to be the first in the area to handle NBF’s Organic E-lite line also. Of course she failed to mention this advantage would be only a week or two at best if things went according to plan. “… and that gentleman is where the future lies.” she wrapped with a flourish. Gracious applause broke out amidst various compliments. Moving from her smartscreen, Marissa met each department head as they congratulated her on her performance. “… best idea we’ve seen in ages…” “… worth the extra hour in gridlock…” “… in town for long? …” “… certainly fit the healthy image…” The last was offered by a man probably three times her age that didn’t even bother to shift his leer from her bust. The remainder of the day proved a whirlwind of activity. From touring warehouse facilities, to reiterating NBF’s finer points in infrastructure, there wasn’t a moment Marissa wasn’t networking. Even a brief respite in the women’s room turned into a business opportunity as a plump secretary to none other than Blake himself showed interest in the low calorie natural fare she was promoting. ‘Nothing like a little inside edge’ she thought mischievously, while touting her NBF “Diet”. Somehow the hours of vigorous exercise or extravagant dinners never came up. One of those extravagant dinners just so happened to occur that very evening. Looking stunning in a crimson cocktail dress, Marissa did indeed have a chance to wear some designer heels… though that is unlikely the destination of many pairs of wandering eyes. Preston himself pulled out a chair for her to be seated, then trailed his fingers along hers as he took the next one over. For the next hour they traded pleasant barbs over each other's respective companies as the four course meal played out. Over that same period the two shared more than a few suggestive overtures, both above the table and beneath it. Several drinks, hors’dourves, compliments, even a few drunken gropes later Marissa practically collapsed into her suite alone. (Thankfully) Somehow, her alcohol numbed fingers managed to undo the tight dress, which in her state seemed overly so. Bra, stockings, and panties fell soon after. (Though not necessarily in that order) Then with leaden, slightly smudged eyelids fluttering shut, the worn-out brunette collapsed onto welcoming sheets.
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    Fattening the Personal Trainer

    Wow, TWO posts! Work kept me from looking for nearly a day and a half and when I did, TWO posts appear! Hmmm... sort of like water not boiling as long as you look at it. Ok, Cody is far more devious than I gave him credit for. Sabotaging the Yoga with humor. Well played. Candace sure didn't protest much. The little Easter Eggs you scatter around regarding Candace's weight and behavior sure are a joy to hunt down. I especially loved the vague and somewhat lackluster "Full Body Workout" she mentioned. And her reaction around food inside the car for the road trip... priceless. I'm guessing she isn't used to feeling either unsure of herself or guilty. I'm BETTING some of her choices and their consequences have left her on unfamiliar ground. Cody, of course is there to keep her there... With the feel of those plush thighs I bet he gave it his all to make the moment last (And cut down on the calories burned ) Best of luck to you out in the field!
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    Oh, there will be some surprises along the way. You know how unpredictable those superfoods created in labs can be. Many thks to >_<0_0 whose new story has simply blown my mind. He has also caused me to revise an reconsider my goals on this one. I don't want to skip some of my favorite images for the sake of expediency.