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  1. This thread need to get transfered up into the FatCelebs or Plus-Size Models section. Do you agree, everyone?
  2. Curvage is ahead of the earliest source images related to her on every browser for years. She's a businesswoman: she bloody know the broader spectrum of her target fandom and financially enjoy this, use that passion and affection towars her to uplift her own career ambitions. Right now, everything she try to do is to act out all Ponce Pilates in order to better fit into the mainstream layers of the business game, but right here she's fooling no one: we all know that deep inside down, she's a fatphiliac, a consistent foodie and a gainer who made out partly because of those.
  3. Basically 30% of the dreams occuring amongst this forum population...



  4. At this pace, she's going to be twice the woman of fame that Tess is currently.
  5. Or not, since users blocking other users have their reasons to do so.
  6. Lmao, that's so wrong. There ecists plenty of alternate practises beside plastic surgery. Why peopke does always quote but plastic surgery obly as a panacea to every single shape-changing practise? Herbals-based breast growth pills. Hormonal therapy. Coconut milk. Coconut body care oil. Waist training and the list goes on: I even heard about women using meditation as a means to vizualize a breast spurt process, but unless you are the kind of people who master enough yogic practises to, let's say, heal faster than the average, that's a strech for the averagewoman. All of those may help you to make grow your breast.
  7. Shoot! She had shed some weight... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.b1.ro/amp/catalina-stefanescu-asistenta-cris-terhes-284564.html https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.libertatea.ro/stiri/catalina-stefanescu-sustinuta-de-tinerii-din-psd-pentru-un-loc-eligibil-la-europarlamentare-2558299/amp
  8. ...now, back to the current year.
  9. ...2016... (posing with her mother)
  10. A little throwback in 2012... ... 2013... ... 2014... ... 2015...
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