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  1. My god I don't think I'll ever get over how big her thighs are.
  2. Now that is a proper paunch! And my god her breasts just oozing out of that itty bitty bra. 😍
  3. I always love a crossover. 😁
  4. Yeah those thighs are still looking as thick as ever despite everyone saying she's lost weight.
  5. Seem like she's starting to round out again though. Especially her belly and thickening thighs. And that ass must quake with every step.
  6. Omg that bra is struggling. Just a little bigger and it'll pop right off! 😍
  7. Lexi foxx would be awesome for a collab.
  8. Man would you look at those rolls!
  9. Ohh that pooch is definitely looking more prominent. And her ass definitely trumps her boobs proportionally.
  10. Oh the thighs! And the cellulite. And just the overall sexiness of her!
  11. Damn shes never shown this much skin before. The whole belly is out. And you know I'm a sucker for stretchmarks.😍
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