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While speaking to my “boyfriend” on the phone about how fat I’ve gotten he reveals that he likes me fatter! He’s been sending me food and encouraging me to stuff myself at dinner with a naughty little plan to fatten me up to his liking! Lots of belly jiggling and talking! Very sexy too tight “piglet pink” lingerie with garter belt pushing my fat belly out and cutting into me like dough!

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Extremely well worth the download 😉. This video is about a beautiful young chubby woman that has recently gained about 20 lb due to the Mastermind of her boyfriend secretly wanting to fatten her up 😘😉. And I can't say I blame him with an amazing body like that 😍.. she complains that she's gained around 20 lb but if you want my honest opinion I think she would look super attractive if she gained another 50 lb 😘😉.. and all of the belly jiggling she does is very very attractive ❤️❤️. So worth watching!!!!!

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I have seen almost all of NGNG’s videos and this one is, no question, her best if you are a belly lover.

She looks so amazing in that crazy pink garter belt. Then talking on the phone to her boyfriend, she finds out he has been fattening her up and she has gained 20 pounds since dating him. She is so natural, talking to him on the phone, and her reactions are perfect. I wanted to be the guy on the other end of the phone line. I felt Like I was having phone sex with her.

Then there is the sexy belly play...so hot.

Five stars!

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Another insanely hot video from her being a piggy in her revealing pink lingerie. Talking about how big she got on the phone while playing with her huge belly. Literally my fantasy dream phone call and I'm sure plenty of others. Girls this hot are unreal! ❤️❤️❤️

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This is her hottest video yet. Sexy fat talk (her voice is very sexy) and great belly play. She gives you lots of good angles to show you that this chubby piggy is definitely too fat for that kind of lingerie.   An absolute must buy.

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This is by and far your best video yet!! 🔥🔥Irresistible angles throughout, which really show off your gorgeous soft belly!🐷

femme fatale bbw GIF♥️

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Guest Goldenticket


This is amazing... I can't recommend this enough.

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