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    Her best video by far!!! She definitely looks her chubbiest here and looks amazing in her pink lingerie. How she talks about getting fatter while mindlessly playing with her belly would be enough cause her voice is just too sexy. But the best part is at the end when she gets on all fours and eats her cake at the end!!! It's truly the hottest thing ever and you can tell she was getting really turned on and struggling to eat as much as she can. When she's doing it you can really tell how big her belly, thighs, and ass have gotten since her first Bimbo Pig video. A hot girl eating cake in her underwear, what more needs to be said?!
    Finally a weigh in video! And she does her measurements too while wearing her leopard bikini. Watching her talk about why she gained weight is also really great. We've all fantasized about that hot model putting on a few pounds and it driving her nuts. This video is exactly what I thought that would be. And she clearly looks at her chubbiest here!
    She looks absolutely amazing in her 3 lingerie sets! My favorite is the first one cause it looks like her belly is about to burst that middle part since all 3 sets look way too small on her. This is for sure for any guy who fantasized about girls looking too fat in their underwear and what their boyfriends will think. But obviously the best part is how much she rubs her belly and talks about how chubby she is!
    Her belly has never looked better! Absolutely love when she's eating chocolates and getting fed donuts. But she looks so amazing in her lingerie and when she's doing the POV riding. It's so hot to see her huge boobs bouncing back and forth while her belly hangs over. And her voice when she talks is so soft and sexy. Just listening to her talk alone is enough to get me going!
    Another amazing video! It's so hot to see a girl with a gorgeous face and who puts so much into her looks guzzle egg nog and eat cookies then struggle to fit in a chimney. There is a LOT of her struggling to fit her full belly and huge ass in her fireplace and that's the hottest part of the video. Her boobs look amazing in that Christmas bra and she looks incredible in that outfit but the struggle at the end makes this worth getting alone!!!
    Shes' so cute in her regular clothes but when she takes them off and out pops her huge boobs and belly it's incredibly hot! Reminds me so much of those models that try to hide their weight behind clothes and once then come off out come the fat rolls and cellulite! Squeezing into her tight shorts and sitting on the floor just jiggling her belly like a piggy is just too sexy!!! And that's my favorite and there is a TON of belly jiggling. You can tell she really genuinely enjoys it too!!!
  1. I really like what you wrote. Of course my first distraction was your amazing pics. Aside from all FAs, feeders/feedees, even gainers are not necessarily the same it boils down to 2 things to me. Not forcing your own fetishes onto someone else and being open with your partner about what you're into.
    Your belly has never looked better or bigger! This really captures the fantasy of dating a model and then making her gain then teasing her for not fitting in her clothes. I really like how you're eating more in your videos so we can see where all of your new pounds are coming from. The hottest part is when you're getting ready and you bend over and you can see all of your tummy rolls hanging over your dress!
    She looks so hot in her dress but when she takes it off and you see she's hiding her potbelly it's the hottest thing ever! And seeing her fat thighs hiding under that dress is unreal!
  2. Yes! Yes! YEEEESSSSS!!!! In other words yeah I think you could leave the house in that outfit.
    Her best video ever!!! Seriously this one has everything!! Lots of teasing and belly play plus my dream of going to strip club and making one of those girls get fat. She has some incredible moves also showing off her fat ass in a thong. And I really love how she talks about her manager chastising her for gaining too much weight!
    This girl loves playing with and touching her belly! You can tell from this video she's so into it! And she's so doughy and squishy here you can tell she got so fat before buying that thong. Plus when she talks about how much she loves playing with her belly it's the hottest thing ever!
  3. You're so much hotter than the "what you should look like" photos there is no comparison!
    This has to be the best oil up video ever!!! Loads of seeing your huge boobs, pudgy belly, and fat ass in those jean shorts. And your personality really shines through here. Blaming your boyfriend for making you fat!
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