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    She looks so hot in her dress but when she takes it off and you see she's hiding her potbelly it's the hottest thing ever! And seeing her fat thighs hiding under that dress is unreal!
  1. Yes! Yes! YEEEESSSSS!!!! In other words yeah I think you could leave the house in that outfit.
    Her best video ever!!! Seriously this one has everything!! Lots of teasing and belly play plus my dream of going to strip club and making one of those girls get fat. She has some incredible moves also showing off her fat ass in a thong. And I really love how she talks about her manager chastising her for gaining too much weight!
    This girl loves playing with and touching her belly! You can tell from this video she's so into it! And she's so doughy and squishy here you can tell she got so fat before buying that thong. Plus when she talks about how much she loves playing with her belly it's the hottest thing ever!
  2. You're so much hotter than the "what you should look like" photos there is no comparison!
    This has to be the best oil up video ever!!! Loads of seeing your huge boobs, pudgy belly, and fat ass in those jean shorts. And your personality really shines through here. Blaming your boyfriend for making you fat!
    Amazing try on video. You really are the typical hot girl who put on weight and still thinks she can squeeze into her skinny clothes. As always your belly and boobs are do die for but I'm glad we finally got some shots of your fat ass. When I saw you trying to pull your dress over it in your tiny black thong I wanted to give it a huge slap for getting so big.
    Another amazing video! It's so hot to see you go from a frustrated secretary coming home from work to taking off your clothes to turning into a piggy. And it really looks like you put on weight at the end of the video with how much your gut is hanging down. God and it's such a turn on to see how much you keep touching your belly knowing it really turns you on.
  3. Love that sitting pic too! You can see your belly really start to curve out in front of your under those giant boobs!
    Another insanely hot video from her being a piggy in her revealing pink lingerie. Talking about how big she got on the phone while playing with her huge belly. Literally my fantasy dream phone call and I'm sure plenty of others. Girls this hot are unreal! ❤️❤️❤️
    Amazing video from the hottest girl on Curvage! Lots of talking about how she loves to be stuffed and get even fatter. And the way she jiggles her belly while talking about gaining so much weight. You can tell from her perfect face she's anxious about getting so big but can't stop.
  4. I know I will too!!! I only said "pretty" sure cause I was trying to show some restraint. As usual you were able to make my true feelings come out!
  5. Oh I'm pretty sure I will!!Your videos are always amazing!!!
  6. This is such a hot lingerie set. Your soft sensitive stomach sticking out of it so much showing off what a greedy pig you've been. And that look on your face of "yeah I got fat, now keep shoving food in me til I explode."
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