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  1. For those of y’all that haven’t seen my most recent video 🤤🤤🤤 hope y’all enjoy my secret stuffing bloated belly busting out of tight jeans!! 


    1. Residentsteven


      Loved it great vid maddie, can’t wait to see your next one.

    2. >_< 0_0

      >_< 0_0

      Oof, it is LATE! Must sleep first 

    3. FluffyMaddie


      It’ll be a great way to enjoy your morning then ☀️ 💦 

  2. Maddie quietly sneaks upstairs to scarf down her Taco Bell & Wendy’s dinners while everyone’s asleep 🤫 She has to be quiet so as not to wake anyone up, but her chubby thick body keeps making her bed creak really loud. Oh no! 🤭 Her belly can’t stay inside her right jeans long! 👖 Lots of eating, fat belly play, burps, belly jiggling & pleasurable moaning throughout video! Wait until the very end to see pure satisfaction 🤤


  3. First official curvage video!!! Super excited!!! Double Quarter Pounder is my fav at McDonald’s so I decided to film my risky business in my work parking lot 🤤 hope y’all enjoy! More to come!


  4. Just applied to be a Curvage Model! Just waiting on Curvage’s approval! AND I already recorded my FIRST Exclusive curvage video today! STAY TUNED

    1. mattkoty



  5. Hey guys!!! Thank you so much for the warm welcome!! I just wanted to let y’all know I just recorded my first edited eating video for my fans page! (As a video noob) so I should prolly have a video on here sometime by this week or next week! Thank you for your patience!!

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