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    Love your videos they are long you are the cutest and coolest girl i know and your eyes are like diamonds so beautiful
  1. Hello again thanks to respond to my posting i appreciate that. I not write often but i like you very much you are a very great woman you are a very beautiful woman and i dont care a thing about wheight or gaining and even loss weight you are perfect exactly as you are and i know there are very much women and girls thats be treats very ill and all is about how they looks. Whats makes you beautiful comes inside from your eyes and how you are as person your goals is what matters. I hope you understand me and listen to my words i care about them around me and we most see and respect each other thats so importand. Take care Maria
  2. You are a hard working woman and you are a real fighter when i read your text be proud of yourself and make sure you enjoy your life as if you want to do. If you gain or loss some weight that dont matter your are a natural beauty in all ways. Hopes you enjoy your goals you are a real fighter in my eyes. Make sure to take care
    Very great curves you have love when you try on that bras very lovley❤️
    Very great video I,m very happy I bought your video. Love your curves. Wish only luck with you girl❤️
    Taytay is wonderful as Always natural and so very Beautiful I canot Believe my Eyes! It's so hot when she put on these jeans her belly seems so full and big. I recommend this video! you must see😍😍
    Great video as usual! that belly i BIG!
    Seelene Curvis is so cute in this video. A great stuffingvideo
    That's a big Beautiful curves! so very great video
    I recomend this video this feel relaxing, calm when she enjoyed Foods.
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