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  1. To celebrate me being back & passing my goal of 200 pounds, i’m putting all of my favorite content on sale. 😊🐽♥️


    This is one of my favorite photo sets ever!! It didn’t get the love I think it deserved - Maybe now it will 😏






    1. grateful


      Beautiful!  😍

      Thanks for the sale!  ❤️❤️

    2. grateful


      Beautiful!  😍

      Thanks for the sale!  ❤️❤️

      Sorry, duplicate post, can't edit, but you deserve praise more than once!  😁

    3. orbiter


      Congrats on hitting your goal! 😄


    in case u missed it ♥️🐽

  3. New video for ya, boo ♥️🐽



    1. grateful


      Training!  😍❤️

      How very hot!  🥰

      Thanks!  Great update!  😁

  4. 200 is feeling good... But it's time to train my belly to handle even more so I can keep gaining for you. So, what better way than with coke and mentos? I start with my belly wrapped in a belt as tight as I can make it. Then, I swallow the mentos whole and start chugging... There is A LOT of burping going on in this one, I hope you love it as much as I do.


  5. In case you didn’t know i’m back ♥️🐽

    1. grateful


      I heard and my favorite cookies were missing this morning!  😂

      But it's a good cause!  😍❤️

  6. she’s baaaaaackkkkk... 🐽♥️

    1. grateful


      Thanks for the update!  😍❤️

      WB!  ❤️

  7. Did you miss me like I missed you? To celebrate us reuniting I tried to stuff myself with sweets event though I prefer savory, I know how much you love to watch me shove something sugary in my face. I tried to eat all of the donuts you brought me as I demolish the 3,000 calorie shake you made. Packed with sugar, heavy cream, peanut butter and of course weight gain powder. I've already stuffed myself for you all day.. It was so hard to keep going. I begged to stop ... but you just want to see me bigger, so stopping isn't an option. xx So glad to be back with you.. but let's not forget why I left. Please do not reshare my videos! Anyone who sends me proof of reporting my videos on any other site but here, or a link to the video will be rewarded. 🐽 Please boo, let's help me grow instead of holding me back.


  8. come on, seriously, tell me.... how much did you miss me?😏🐽




    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. grateful


      This much:  😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️:wub:😁

    3. Abassidempire12
    4. snoozie


      welcome back <3

  9. fun and games are official over 🙅‍♀️

    Ive warned you all multiple times that if my content continued to appear on other sites I would stop sharing this belly with you and keep it between the feeder & I. 

    Well, you didn’t listen. so that time has come - just before my black friday surprises too.... 😕 I was so excited!! But now it’s been ruined!! I make content for curvage - AND CURVAGE ONLY. 

    Whoever’s been doing this has ruined it for everyone.  & Again, the videos always get removed so why are you wasting hour time? 

    I will not be posting any content until further notice. 


    1. Chevalier


      Up to you. Customs woulda been fun, or some means to give more faster than a pirate can steal. Adios.

    2. Diablos97


      People suck and ruin nice things for no other reason than feeling entitled. Jerks.

  10. I’ll definitely be posting a few new videos for black friday... anything special you wanna see? 😏


    1. fattony20


      Hmm, maybe another vid with your BF playing with your belly? Force feeding possibly?

    2. agent.classified15


      Maybe a belly button video?

    3. FupaLover


      Please another one with your BF. Maybe show a little booty too. 

  11. if you love feeder and feedee together 🤤 this is the video for you!! 🐽♥️


    1. grateful


      yes I do and thanks!  😍❤️

    2. snoozie


      those jeans are gone 😂

  12. my post purchased video! 😍🐽 find out why!! 




    1. grateful


      Beautiful!  😍

      Love the feeder gets involved!  ❤️

      Thanks!  😁

  13. My new video is here!!! you guys are gonna love it. Trust meeeee 🐽♥️😁


  14. New video waiting approval!! 🐽♥️

    Im wearing these jeans that I’ve pretty much destroyed now... 

    i swear they fit just a week ago can’t you tell? 



    1. grateful


      Yum!   Beautiful!  😍

      Destroyed!  🥰

      Great update!  Thanks!  😁

  15. I was stuck at 190 pounds for what feels like forever... Until this week when I sat around and stuffed my face like a real pig. 🐽 And then it finally happened.. I HIT MY GOAL OF 200 POUNDS! Finally. I couldn't wait to get here and now I finally made it. And no, I have no intention on slowing down.. Even though let's be real, I couldn't if I tried. 😉 Somehow, I managed to fit into these jeans again that barely fit me 10 pounds ago and I inhale some tacobell. Mm.. I loveeee taco bell!! And I really inhale that shit.. I've been so hungry lately. It's hard to not eat like such a pig. During all of this I completely rip the thigh of my pants wide open! These rips used to be so small and now my fat just pours out of them. Once I'm so full I can't fit another thing, my feeder plays with my belly for you. After all of this, I hop on the scale so we can see how far I've come together! I'm so excited!!


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