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  1. my new video is HERE! 💙

    & it will be this low price for 24 HOURS ONLY! 




  2. !!LOW PRICE FOR 24 HOURS ONLY <3!! enjoying my usual sushi order, but with extra dumplings and some jeans that i swear fit me just fine before i started eating..but by the end, i can't even button them back up. i eat all of this way faster than usual because i'm so hungry. i've been such a pig, do you think it looks like i've gotten bigger? when i finish my meal and guzzle down my two sodas i show off my big belly and rub it for you. look what you've done to me!


  3. A new video is coming your way 💙



    1. regbill


      You're looking nice and thick around the middle.:wub:

    2. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      Your crves are fantastic and your cute face too.

    3. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      Wearing tight jeans makes you looking extra sexy with your growing curves.

  4. hey my night owls, have you seen my new video? 🐽


  5. my new video is here! 🥰


  6. sorry for starting a full time job the same time i came back to you ❤️

    my new video is finally waiting for approval


    1. Geraldomega


      Already getting bigger.

    2. In Love With Bellies
  7. watch me chug as many ensures as i can before i go to bed. this is a nightly routine and may be the reason why i feel i already am starting to look bigger... i've been such a pig lately but this is my favorite part of the day; filling my belly up with these sweet, thick, chocolatey ensures until its tight and hurting. i chug, i burp, i play with my bloated belly for you. can you tell that i've been eating good?


  8. hoping to get this video to u tonight ❤️



    1. GGNGGN


      Amazing belly and such juicy tits! 💦💦💦

  9. Hey there gorgeous skinny girl😘 beautiful body😍

  10. 💖


    1. regbill


      That muffin top looks great on you.

    2. Andrew111


      Starting to grow again . Eat my lovely . 

    3. In Love With Bellies

      In Love With Bellies

      Beautiful ! The weight is coming back it seems 😋

  11. i’ll have another new video for you after the weekend ❤️ sorry to keep u waiting

  12. what videos do you wanna see skinny rose make and then recreate as chunkyrose? 🤪

    1. magicman94


      Outgrown jeans are always a winner 😁

    2. Andrew111


      Outgrowing  a bikini would be nice .  Outgrowing  skinny ass girlfriends even better .

    3. belover799


      just a general body exploration could be fun. see how much softer your thighs get and how much lower your belly hangs. you're gorgeous at any size so it's bound to be good

    4. go4thegold


      Workout videos would be great for showcasing your physical shape. Trying on clothes as you grow would be great to mark your progress. Also, some belly button play videos would be incredibly hot, especially as you get fatter and your belly button gets deeper!

  13. morning, today seems like a good day to eat as much as i possibly can


    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      I mean, it is a day that ends with a Y, so those are always good days to stuff. :P 

    2. Thicktiger


      Yes please, this looks so promissing.

  14. went out to dinner but now i’m hungry again.


    1. whismic


      Super sexy body and even sexier glasses 😍

    2. Geraldomega


      What did you have?😍

    3. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Can't have that! A growing girl like you should always feel nice and stuffed.

    4. Chunky_Rose
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