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  1. Working now and perfectly Lovely! Awesome! 😍
  2. WOW! Kitty mentoring the Goddess? What Dreams may come! Beautiful Devils for sure. Could make anyone do whatever they wish! 😍
  3. That Belly is a such a Wonderful work of Beauty! Love how Big your getting. 😍
  4. Looks like you could use a nice rubbing with oil on that fine Belly! 😎
  5. Damn! Your looking mighty fine and seems like your enjoying your new lifestyle a lot. Can't wait to see more from you! 😎
  6. I must say I really enjoyed watching this one. You got all nice and messy enjoying your cake here. Thoroughly enjoyed the messy belly rubbing too. Can't wait to see what you have for us next! 😊
  7. Very Sexy indeed and looking very Happy. Look like your enjoying yourself a lot. πŸ˜‰
  8. Bag1980

    Weight Update 4

    My Favorite Fat Girl growing into a Beautiful soon to be BBW. Damn, your going to make my head explode! 😍
  9. DAMN! Lovely Woman.
  10. Can't wait to see this outfit stretched to the Max in the near future! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜
  11. Glad to see your Friend helping you eat well! Looking Lovely as ever.
  12. Can't wait to see you in a bathing suit at 200 pounds!
  13. Damn! Loved this one. You Keep eating and growing like you are I'm gonna need another job so I can keep buying these Awesome videos.
  14. Bag1980

    Jennifer Lopez

    That there, is a serious tight pair of jeans!
  15. Nice to see your pics here. Hope to see more of ya here too!
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