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  1. There's body positivity and then there's this. These last couple posts feel like she's absolutely a secret gainer. I wouldn't be shocked if she does straight up feeder content in the future on onlyfans or something.
  2. jbalk


    I hope not, it would be hotter if she gained all this weight herself. She's struggled with weight before, there were rumors that when she took a break a couple years back it was actually because she got really fat, way bigger than she's been before or since and management wanted her to lose weight before going back in public. If that's true we can only hope management won't step in this time.
  3. "Quarantine thiccness". Here's some unrelated pictures from 2019 lol.
  4. jbalk

    Bebe Rexha

    Hardest working corset in the game.
  5. looks like she's gained back a lot of the weight she seemed to lose in recent months.
  6. We're getting into serious Aliss Bonython territory here.
  7. jbalk


    Using tight athletic shorts as maternity pants is certainly a look. Good for us but a strange look when trying to hide weight gain.
  8. She got really really skinny and has stayed that way unfortunately for most of the past 2 years, when she dropped the weight her butt obviously got way smaller. But she has a recent show called Doctor Death and even though she's still really skinny she did seem to gain some weight back and it all went to her butt. Her weight distribution is interesting in how it immediately goes to her ass. We can only hope she'll start gaining more.
  9. Okay she has to be into this right? Gaining weight is normal, especially when she was previously all about fitness but I feel like she's been putting on the pounds hard these last couple weeks. And all these more recent posts about her improvement seem like it's going past just body acceptance/positivity speak and more like she's hinting she likes how fat she's getting.
  10. jbalk


    I'd say 0 and let's hope it stays that way.
  11. jbalk


    I know sitting accentuates curves but wow, she's piling on the weight in her lower body fast. No wonder she wants to go on a diet, I think this is the most weight she's gained in such a short period.
  12. It may just be because she's sitting but she looks bigger than she was like 2 months ago right? Even the unedited pics from then she didn't seem this big. She seems like she's really piling on the pounds fast. She doesn't even try to hide how big her stomach is getting anymore.
  13. Yeah, it sucks. The music industry hates any female singer gaining weight. Her, Bebe Rexha and Dua Lipa were all putting on some weight and it looked great but they've all since dropped a bunch.
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