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  1. Hi there - thanks for your posts. They're awesome!

  2. Most are almost definitely morphed.
  3. Speaking of YT videos, it'd be amazing if you made some!
  4. On a more positive note, I made some gifs (with more to come). I don't know why attachments/embedding isn't working, so I'll just leave links here to more HQ versions of the gifs: http://imgur.com/QoJmRzb,Lf0Lz90#0 http://imgur.com/QoJmRzb,Lf0Lz90#1
  5. Yeah. In her professional headshots, it actually seems like they made her breasts smaller. Likely for those reasons. It's only her recent Instagram pics that she's been making her breasts look bigger.
  6. Yeah, not that. Just how derpish her arm looks. I work in graphic design, so it's just easier for me to notice these things. Here's a better example, actually, with better proof. The picture on the left was posted on her Instagram. The picture on the right is from the bar's Instagram. The following pictures are also likely morphs. Links for proof: https://instagram.com/p/yfUa5PtRsn/
  7. So am I the only one who has realized that she morphs her boobs to be bigger in some of her Instagram pics? I'll link the most obvious one. Seems like an odd thing to do being that they're already big lol.
  8. What's the status on this thread? She was so hot...
  9. LOL welp. What's her FF account? Edit- And good god she is still hot. That last one she looks huge.
  10. No worries, she'll have another kid.
  11. Love round butts. Square butts just look like grandma butts, so no.
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