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  1. Someonenew


    the face change tho
  2. 2 old pics and a couple from her recent hottub stream, i think its fair to say that she gained some weight. Her chat sometimes mentioned that she got fat in which she responded that she got thick in all the right places, she also said that she is wearing a large size bikini
  3. Someonenew


    she is looking chubby ❤️
  4. she is looking so thick ❤️
  5. she can basicly leave the "fitness" out of her insta name by now ❤️ she looks amazing
  6. Someonenew


    ikr i commented that we needed a standing one
  7. Someonenew

    Gena Vlogs

    Great ass and tits, gained quite a bit over the years because of her lack of working out She use to have abs a couple years ago (she showed a pic of it on her insta story sadley forgot to capture it) but this is a comparison between her most recent vid and one from 5 months ago be/af be/af be/af be/af be/af cute side boob cute boob buldge cute side fat cute side fat and boob buldge
  8. Someonenew

    Katy Perry

    those tits tho
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