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  1. anyone have any clue where this is from
  2. hes talking about the tina fey one
  3. i know what youre talking about and im pretty sure she didnt get pregnant. it was just a pill full of tape worms so she lost all her weight. great fat suit though.
  4. if you have them then go ahead and post them amigo
  5. theres an indian equivalent called 'best of luck nikki' but i cant find the episode this mirrors online unfortunately
  6. hes talking about the chilean version. thats the argentinian version
  7. I LOVE that you found that Sonny & Cher show sketch!! Been looking for years! There are so many more though, including a Gone With The Wind parody where the entire cast is super fat! If you do find more, please post, and thanks again!

    1. fatmancer


       this was the only other thing I found unfortunately. I'm not too familiar with the show.

    2. Dexy85
  8. Def need to follow them too. Hard to find fat suit enthusiasts anywhere, or any sites besides youtube.
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