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  1. Luv4pears

    Kelly Brook

    Is she serious? Those pictures alone will get everyone going. Well, I'm glad to see she's willing to show off her best parts like that. Thats so hot!
  2. Luv4pears

    Kelly Brook

    KB has 30-40 more pounds to go to live up to Nigella's proportions but that would be great. In a perfect world, Nigella would be feeding and fattening KB to ensure she's properly filling Nigella's dress.
  3. Luv4pears

    Kelly Brook

    She's so awesome. Lovely fat face and sexy wobbly bits on her inner thigh.
  4. That's a half ton of fun between those two. 😁
  5. Yeah. I don't care who, why, what she is, I think she is awesome. So curvy. 👍😁
  6. Luv4pears

    Nigella Lawson

  7. Luv4pears

    Pritti patel

    Can you imagine sitting the appropriate distance from her yet her hips are still spreading out and touching you. 🥰😍😛
  8. Luv4pears

    Pritti patel

    Nice. Face remaining slim, breasts not getting too outrageous either. All her growth and energy going towards making her bottom half bigger, wider, fatter.
  9. Luv4pears

    Kelly Brook

    Not the best quality but since everyone puts their own spin on her ("She's gained so much!", "She's fatter then ever!", "She'll be immobile soon!"), I figured they'll be good enough.
  10. Luv4pears

    Jennifer Lopez

    Cut it out JLo. You're starting to look like a hatchet face!
  11. Luv4pears

    Kelly Brook

    She's so cute. With a gorgeous fat ass!
  12. Ok. I thought "nice FUPA". Sure would be nice to see that.... Whoa! There it is. OMG. That's something. Something erotic and sexy.
  13. Yeah I know! I used to visit a coffee shop and working behind the counter was a nice, pretty, pleasant young lady. Always polite, always on-point with the orders and helpful. Nice hair, nice slim face, bust was around 30, c-cup maybe. Rest of her down to the waist also looked relatively slim, stood around maybe 5' 2', 5' 1''. I wasnt really too interested in her as she didnt have the "look" of a pear, you know? One day, there were no lids available for the to-go cups and I let her know. She promptly responded "there are some in the cabinet below and I'll get you some". Well..."Karla" literally waddles out from behind the counter over to the lids cabinet. I. I almost fell over. Her thighs, hips, and ASS were amazing. Tree trunks!! Her waist was slender and even indented to properly show off her bottom half. Then she waddles over to in front of me and this is where I got a great side view. Her bum stuck out 14" at least. I'm still speechless. She bends over in front of me (I swear), opens the cabinet, grabs the lids, hands me one (I couldnt grab it and it fell. She laughed! Handed me another...I guess, I cant rememeber) and replaced the new lids. She was talking to me but(t) I couldnt get over what was happening. On top of that, the dress code was a tight black t-shirt and capri style pants. You know the ones with the short pant legs which made her look even fatter, wider and sexier. I stood there talking to her until someone ordered something but that was ok as I got to see her walk away. More like waddle sexily and with so much movement in her buttocks. Nonetheless, after a few months my wife asked me why I went to "Coffee Shop" 2 or 3 times a day as I dont really drink coffee..... heheh...
  14. I guess... but unless she's a lot fatter and/or pregnant, her shape just looks...odd... Big butt is nice sure but her legs are just too skinny, comparably speaking.
  15. This is the best thread ever!!
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