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  1. Luv4pears

    Kelly Brook

    She is getting niiice and chunky! Nice!! She's still not fat but her curves are amazing!! What a woman!!
  2. Luv4pears

    Jennifer Lopez

    JLo is awesome but I would have paid money back in '97 to see her do these same moves with that big fat ass she had then! Short clip, 15 seconds but worth it..... 🥰
  3. Luv4pears

    Nigella Lawson

    What a beautiful shape she has!! Too bad that dummy with the big head got in the way otherwise there would have been several seconds of Nigella showing off that sexy profile and some great screen grabs. What a lady!! That dress was skin tight outlining all her wonderful curves, lumps and bumps. She was looking around too trying to see who was filming her fat ass. She knows she was overweight but she said she did maintain a higher weight because her man liked her that. Who wouldnt! Great find and it's much, much appreciated!!!
  4. Luv4pears

    Bebe Rexha

    Squeezable yeah. Lickable too. Yummee!
  5. Oh anything!! She's so pretty!! If only she "gained" a few. I'm not saying 150 pounds, which would be awesome, but something more reasonable like 20-30 pounds.
  6. Luv4pears

    Nigella Lawson

    I remember this episode in Toronto: the host, can't remember her name, really liked Nigella's outfit. She asked Nigella to turn so she could see the outfit. Immediately, Nigella grabbed the back of her ass with her hands, shaking her head and said "uuhh no. No. I've gained so much weight, 'it' is huge (referring to her sexy bum?) and I can't turn around". Aaaww. Such a dispointment!!! There are hardly any pictures of her rear end at her heaviest.
  7. Luv4pears

    Nigella Lawson

    Yep. I'd agree with that. She certainly had the body for it.
  8. Luv4pears

    Nigella Lawson

    Uh yes.... an obvious one at that....
  9. Luv4pears

    Nigella Lawson

    Uh oh...looks like she's already been overindulging! And Christmas is a month off!
  10. Is she resting her hand on her belly?
  11. Luv4pears

    Kelly Brook

    Good island for Kelly to visit. Or live at!! Hehehe.....
  12. Luv4pears

    Kelly Brook

    The real pictures will soon surface showing off her real voluptuous self!
  13. I think she needs a little encouragement, hehehe
  14. Luv4pears

    Jennifer Lopez

    Nice. Nice. But where's her bootay?
  15. Fat and getting fatter. Beautiful. Gorgeous ass.
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