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  1. I was being a little silly 😜! I was flaunting my big assets!


  2. Watch me stuff my face with my favorite snack; twinkies of course!! I couldn’t hardly wait to devour it! I love the cream filling in the middle


  3. *Video has sound but no talking I put together a few clips in the four minute video. It starts out as your fat girlfriend climbing on top of you. 🤤 then your girlfriend lays down and shows her hidden bikini bottoms while playing with her belly . next you girlfriend lifts her heavy belly and places on a dresser. finally we end the video with some bouncing on the edge of the bed 🙈


  4. Your big burping BBW is back with another juicy video of me burping nonstop. With every sip of cola I burp disgustingly loud. My big belly gets more and more pressed against this tight skirt so I have to pull it down; you can really see the massive bloating. I cant stop myself from moaning because its so pleasurable to just let it out. Enjoy this noisy bbw burping her way to pleasure.


  5. Watch me drink while wearing a sexy outfit. A few burps do slip out. *there is audio but also street traffic! Filming some new videos soon. Just on vacation atm ☺️


  6. I’m thinking 🌮🍕🍔🍝🍜 help me decide what to eat 🍽🍴


  7. Watch ME An amateur curvage model suck down a popsicle while trying, key word TRYING to be sexy. While I am confident in my body I am working on finding my confidence in front of the camera! ♥️ **there is audio in this clip but there is also some street traffic. I’ll make sure to close my windows next time lol


  8. Belly play with a SSBBW -video has no sound


  9. Let’s clear my camera roll. Decided to put together a contemplation of clips that are to short to upload by themselves! Come watch some jiggles, slow-mo and belly rubs!!


  10. Just a fatty exploring the mountains of Colorado. Enjoy some photos of me with a beautiful background. Fall is here!!


  11. In this video: oil massage, belly play, breast play For over 7 mins I rub oil all over myself, including my BELLY AND BREASTS. I even rub a little on my backside. I had very little coverage, so can really expose all my fatness. I hope you enjoy this massage as much as I did. 😍 ❤️❤️❤️ Let me know if you enjoy it by leaving a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!


  12. Join me in a quick little clip that showcases my obese body. Watch as I move about my bed in 4 different positions. There are a few belly slaps and belly rubs. My belly is so heavy and growing more every day!! *No audio in this clip*


  13. In this video : Belly Play, Bloating, Talking, Slurping, Mild Burping, Moaning Made myself some delicious Coke Floats ( Rootbeer Floats) and I couldnt stop it from bloating me like a balloon. I slup and burp every last drop. Love the sweetness and loaded calories of the ice cream and the soda combo. Sadly I finished it all but wanted moreeee! ❤️❤️❤️ Let me know if you enjoy it by leaving a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!


  14. In this video : Stuffing, Slurping, Talking, Bloating Sauced down this LARGE PORTION of gravy cheese fries!! 🍟 You can really see me bloating and heavy breathing as I slurp all that fatty, greasy gravy. I am getting so big from all the high calories and filling myself to the brim. I even start to gag from eating too fast!! But Im a good piggy and finish it ALL!! ❤️❤️❤️ Let me know if you enjoy it by leaving a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!


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