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  1. THE BEST VIDEO IN CURVAJE ❤️ VIDEO WITHOUT CUTS 6 pregnant women are hungry so they decide to buy a lot of food to make it more interesting they have a competition of 2 teams of 3 people They fill a whole table with a lot of food and devour it until they are too full Enjoy huge bellies and big burps


  2. There is a dance contest for pregnant women but they are deceived because when they arrive at the place there is a table full of cakes and milk They start eating and finish everything In the end they compare their huge bellies Enjoy big burps and big bellies BUY IT YOU WILL NOT REPENT ❤️


  3. YOU WILL LOVE THIS VIDEO ❤️ Enjoy this video measuring clothes from before our pregnancy we measure many clothes and show how big our belly is please buy it


  4. THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO OF ALL CURVAJE Enjoy this video of an hour and a half WITHOUT CUTS We are 6 hungry pregnant women in a buffet with a lot of food and we managed to eat everything Lots of loud burps and big bellies please buy this video and help us YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT ❤️


  5. I arrived thirsty for work and asked my boyfriend to bring me something to drink but I was surprised when I saw that he brought me a 3-liter bottle of soda He told me that he had to drink it all was difficult but in the end my boyfriend forced me to finish it by force at the end you can see my huge full belly and a lot of burps ❤️ PLEASE BUY IT AND HELP ME TO GAIN MORE WEIGTH 🐷


  6. I am with my 5 pregnant friends at a wedding and there is a big cake so I challenge my friends to eat that cake without anyone noticing ❤️ The appetite so big we have is incredible because in 7 minutes we disappear all the cake In the end we ended up with huge bellies super full of cake 🐷 You will love this video and we hope you like it very much 🤰


  7. For this video I called 5 pregnant friends to do a competition of who drank the most soda 🥰 There were a total of 18 liters of soda 3 liters for each one A great competition where you will enjoy big bellies and lots of burps 🐷 Enjoy this long video without cuts We hope you like it and continue to support us ❤️


  8. I apologize half of the video is completely silent ! My daughter was not having it! Talking videos and burping videos coming soon 💞 just catch up and see my weight gain and watch me scarf down a pizza


  9. Morbidly obese fatty chugs 1.6 litres of weight gain shake, leaving her breathless. Only for her to then burst out of her shorts due to chugging so much fat, cream and calories. Immobility looks the like the only way this piggy is heading.


  10. Morbidly obese fatty attempts to do star jumps but due to her supersized weight for her age she is left wheezing and struggling to catch breath, as she is engulfed in stretch marks & fat. This piggy wants to grow and just needed to know how many she could do before she becomes less and less mobile.


  11. Watch me as I try to squeeze myself into some tight lingerie. I get so out of breath as I squeeze my big fat belly into it. It's so tight that it results in me ripping my belly free🐷


  12. My first video where I measure my body and talk about how big I've gotten recently and all the weight I have put on. I play with my belly and even get out of breath because of how heavy it is and how unfit I have become and also talk about much bigger I want to be!🐷


  13. #MOMLIFE! First video ever, kinda shy! Trying on tight clothes showing off lots of belly, thighs, and my newest stretch marks 🥰 Hope you all enjoy, please be kind! More to come!


  14. I had cravings for pasta so my mother prepared me but I think she served me a lot of pasta🥰 I tried to eat it all so that she was not sad and I succeeded 🥺 In the end it was difficult but I managed to eat all the pasta and the other plate of food along with a liter of lemonade 🤰 enjoy my big burps and my huge fat pregnant belly 😍


  15. I found a lot of old clothes and decided to try them on ❤️ apart from being pregnant, I'm eating a lot and my belly is twice as big as I've gotten quite fat all my clothes are too small 😃 have fun with me in this beautiful video enjoy my huge round belly 🤰 buy this video and support me to continue publishing 🥰


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