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  1. Jai puts her workout clothes on and tries to do a workout! She used to be able to hold a plank for 3 minutes and now she can barely do 3 seconds! It's hard holding her new belly up, she gets out of breath and struggles to do the exercises.. She soon gives up.. Realising she much prefers her chubby belly anyway, maybe she should just give up working out for good? She starts playing and admiring her wobbly body, eats a pastry, drinks a can of pop and let's out a burp! Enjoy watching me jiggle! Jai Xox


  2. Jais family keep nagging her to do some exercise and go for a walk.. So she tricks them into believing she has drove to her local nature spot for a walk but what actually happens is very different! She stuffs some food into her mouth and chugs a 1.5ltr of Pepsi! You can hear her moan, groan and burp loudly in painful pleasure, while she jiggles her soft belly and she talks about her family reactions and a little bit about her background.. This stuffing was a struggle for Jai because it was her first real stuffing in this way, she wishes she had someone to stuff the food into her mouth against her will and promises herself she will do better next time! You can hear her car seat creaking underneath her weight as she moves around and shows you her body at every angle! People were driving and walking past the car while she did this, probably disgusted at her big fat gut! Id really appreciate it if you left a review or let me know what you think of this so I know what I can improve on! Enjoy. Jai Xox PLEASE NOTE: THE VIDEO COMES IN 2 PARTS 🚨


  3. Take a peak into the life of ILoveChocolate! Watching her struggle to do chores with her huge round belly, greedily enjoy a delicious donut (chocolate! her favorite!), and then retire to her chair and play some video games! And you get to see it all, in all it's jiggly goodness!


  4. Version 1.0.0

    Mentos and coke bloat had me expanding more than I thought could be possible. I felt like a bloated goddess.


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