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  1. Nadia comes home after a night out wearing a tight pink dress. She’s showing signs of overindulgence, moaning and a big protruding round gut. She waddles over to her couch and talks a little bit about what she did that night. The rest of the video is full of moaning, burping, belly rubs and jiggles. You get to see Nadia’s bulbous belly from multiple angles.


  2. Fat chat! Nadia is realizing that eating the way she’s been eating has been making her bigger. She discusses what it means knowing that she’ll continue getting bigger if she eats this way. watch Nadia play with and jiggle her fat belly while coming to terms with the fact that she’s fatter and that it’s not going to stop.


  3. Nadia spent all day eating, but she just wasn't feeling satisfied. She wants more and she wants it all now. She scarfs down an entire ice cream cake. Eating it like the world will end if she doesn't. She enjoys this cake a little too much, moaning with every bite. Can you imagine what's going to happen if she eats like this everyday??


  4. I borrowed my roommates scale so I could make a weigh in video! I talk about what seeing that number means to me and whether or not it will affect the way I’ve been eating. Enjoy!


  5. Nadia shows you several different angles of her expanding belly as she chugs soda and lets out some huge burps. In between the chugging and belching there's a ton of jiggling and belly play. Nadia is looking nice and plump these days and the multiple angles give you an idea of where the fat likes to pile on (check out those overflowing love handles!)


  6. Nadia teaches you how she can eat whatever she wants and still have a toned slim figure. She eats take out food from multiple restaurants (Chinese food, hibachi, Dairy Queen, Boston market) while musing about how awesome it is she can eat so much and still look great in a two piece outfit. She also shares tips on how she burns calories - jiggling her belly and napping. While Nadia talks about her alternate reality you see what’s actually happening. Nadia has been overeating and packing on pounds. Her body can’t keep up with her incessant gorging . Stretch marks are on full display showing you that Nadia doesn’t stop eating when she’s at full capacity- she eats until she’s bursting at the seams. Somehow Nadia still believes that she is very much in shape. So much so she believes that people will want tips on how to get a body like hers. She’s gone past denial to practically delusional.


  7. Someone keeps sending food to Nadia’s house. She doesn’t want to gain more weight, but she can’t resist. In this video Nadia scarfs down an entire pizza that someone sent her while begging that person to stop sending her food . She talks about how the food is making her fatter and even notices some new stretch marks.


  8. Nadia chugs some beer, gets bloated, and unleashes some serious burps


  9. Nadia wants to try stuffing herself again. She realized last time she was stuffing for the sake of stuffing, this time she simply wants to enjoy all her favorite foods and hopes it leads to her getting stuffed. She starts off slow and plays her switch while she slurps a milkshake and chows on a burger. She gradually goes from taking bites between her game to playing her game in between bites...finally she realizes it's simply impossible to play her game when there's a perfectly good belly to play with. Nadia starts eating faster, the food is just too good and watching her belly expand is just too hot. She suddenly realizes she can't eat anymore (this is the first time Nadias ever eaten to the point of feeling nauseous). It may seem like it's over, but Nadia just needed a break. Shes determined to finish her feast and look bigger than she ever has before. 30 + minutes


  10. Nadia may be used to eating until she’s stuffed, but she certainly isn't used to stuffing herself this fast, or so soon after having another huge meal! There's no dialogue, just slurping, chewing, gulping, panting, burping, and moaning. A noticeably full Nadia starts off by trying to inhale a plate of fettuccine and down an energy drink. It doesn't take long until she is visibly experiencing discomfort, but this girl is determined and doesn't plan on quitting yet. Once the pasta is done it's time to speed chug a beer- and Nadia chugs it like a champ! The frothy beverage inspires some serious burps while filling her expanding belly. Finally it's time for desert-a chocolate souffle! She almost finishes it but has to stop and shake some trapped belches out of her tummy. The video ends with some stuffed belly rubs and slaps. Was it mentioned that this is all done in a tight cow print bikini?


  11. Nadia is so excited to be a curvage model! Nadia tells you a bit about herself while eating a few slices of cheesecake and chugging some Dr pepper. After telling you about herself she rubs and plays with her belly while letting out some seriously loud burps, all while wearing a bikini too that can barely contain her huge juggs.


  12. Hi, everyone! I’m back after a longgg hiatus. You might notice a new apartment in the background and some new tattoos! I hope you like them! As you can tell, I have not lost weight and I’ve actually gained weight since my last showing here. My belly is softer and a lot more of my fat has dropped into my lower belly making it sag over my lap when I sit!! You can get a full view of it in this RETURN VIDEO!! Included: — Belly play — Slowmotion jumping, slapping, and dropping — stuffing/eating — talking — oiling my belly, thighs, and boobs i hope y’all enjoy! Let me know what you want to see in the future! I plan on sticking around this time 😉


  13. Trying on clothes thats are way too tight for me and clothes I’ve outgrown. Seeing how my jeans can’t even go past my big belly and how my dresses can’t get over my belly. I’ve grown so much and have gotten so big I definitely am a good piggy!!!


  14. Ive outgrown so much of my wardrobe! Its already summer again and i can barely squeeze my beautiful rolls into these tight swim suits! ●Watch me squeeze my growing body into 5 tiny swim suits! ●I can barely squeeze my big tits into all of these suits as well as my growing belly that protrudes in all 5 swim suits! ●Admire every inch of my always growing body and every gorgeous new stretch mark Don't forget to review and rate 5 stars for a FREE special treat send directly to your inbox!!


  15. Back and bigger then ever, this innocent school girl gone bad is ready to make you drool over this very naughty photo set. Get ready to feel hot and heated after feasting your eyes on this sexy set. Dont miss out on this one or I may just have to punish you


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