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    Good video, Laura’s usual secretary roleplaying even fatter, she is reaching some insane proportions and it all goes to her gut
    Before and after videos are my soft spot but this is something else. She has absolutely ballooned in less than a year and she is just obscenely fat. That tight tanktop highlights her curves, especially her massive hanging gut beautifully. You can also hear some really piggish burps, but you can tell that from her name. Also her usual sensual fat talk is present and her voice and accent are very hot, just like her face and make up. The video is superbly filmed and directed, kudos to her fiancee for fatttening her like this and producing a top tier video! The angles are very good and varied, they show off her body very well. The transition from the thin video to the obese one is not sudden, it is subtle and very well executed, you will love it. Your jaw will hit the flow when the camera pans out from the gainer powder and just shows the chubby girl you were shown earlier with an insane amount of lard added to her previously hot curvy girl frame. Happy birthday Piggy, keep it up especially with these before and after vids, the content has been perfect so far!
    Absolutely insane video. She is starting to become proper ssbbw tier. The video starts with her standing and playing with her belly and then climbing on top. She is fed cakes and having her belly played with and there’s also oil after the stuffing. Her double chin and belly are out of control, she is getting outrageously fat and the fat talk is top notch as always with Piggy. Also the hair the voice the accent, the greediness she shows, every little detail is on point, the video won’t dissapoint you.
    Top tier vid for sure. If you like sloppy ** burping pigs you will love this. At the and there is almost a pov shot from her perspective and she looks super obese with her gut sticking out so far and totally eclipsing her big tits and ass.
    Amazing video that really shows off how far she's come. She's still obese in it but so much smaller than she is now. You can see how her body was starting to get shaped by the fat at the beginning of her gain and how slim her face was. A remake of the vid now at her current morbid obese status would be amazing! I'd love more vids like these or even earlier ones!
    You can really see how her whole arms fattened up, look at those sausage fingers she's only been using to cram more fattening food into her hanging gut. She also lays a bit on her back and you can see how far out her belly now reaches. At some point she tells us how much of a pig she became and that even after a stuffing like this she is hungry again after 45 minutes. And you have proof this is true, look at the rate she's been gaining! Great series.
    Also contains some hot belly play and the characteristic top tier fat talk she always does, talking about how she can feel that huge hanging gut weighing her down and feeling it in her back and also some situations where she gets stuck because of her added girth.
    Wonder how did PiggyJRC get so massively obese so fast? Look how she destroys those mcdonalds meals and how she greedily dips her fries in chocolate shake and you will understand.
    Very hot video that is just a foreshadowing or a before video if you will. This girl is a true feedee and she will get absolutely massive soon. The video starts with measurements and continues with a weigh in and some of her top tier fat talk. The side profile she has now is insane, that obese gut of hers is miles ahead and that side love handle is juicy as hell.
    The Piggy Queen ladies and gents! She is truly gaining at an insane rate. The last few pounds seem to have gone to her belly, arms and especially that double chin. Just look at it! As in all her videos the fat talk is perfect and she talks about her gaining plans that I bet you she will smash. She tries on some small jeans that fit her when she first started posting on Curvage so yeah, you can figure how massive she’s been getting. 10/10 for the realest feede on here, the comparison vids will be insane next year!
    Holy shit. Take this from a man who isn’t all that into stuffing videos and who got this because it’s PiggyJRC, my favorite. If only all stuffing videos were like this. It’s sublime. Animalic. Raw. She absolutely tears down that whole cake while also mesmerizing you with her characteristic fat talk and heavy laboured breathing. She takes small breaks from her chocolate rampage to play with her obese belly and show herself off in multiple angles. All you can think about is what a hot curvy bimbo she used to be, 10 out of fucking 10, fat porn perfection.
    Top tier video like always Piggy! There’s something for everyone here but if you love fat chat you know Piggy does it so effortlessly and you can tell how turned on she is by the 100 pounds of lard she put onto her sexy skinny frame. During the video she also chugs her daily 3000 calorie shake, jiggles her obese belly and also showcases a bit her fattened pillow arms and fat ass. It’s bonkers what she did to her previous hot girl body and us and her can’t get enough of it! The outfits are super hot and my favorite one is the black leather latex thing that she bought to grow into but that is already pretty tight on her overweight frame. Keep up the daily weight gain shakes and the constant uploads and you’ll break this site and the internet!
    Top tier video from my favorite Piggy! Glad she’s back and I hope she’s here to stay. In the vid she chugs 3000 calories in the first minute, it doesn’t even phase her. Her fat talk is top notch as always and it’s obvious she’s a real feedee and turned on by what she did to her body and what an obese pig she turned herself into. The talk near the end made me think how hot a Instructions for Satisfaction vid from her would be, her fat talk with that sexy voice and accent is something else!
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