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    Gaming, Baking, Cooking, Eating, Comedy, Tabletop RPGs (D&D), Film-making, Photography, Animals, Farms, Cows, Psychology.

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    5' 3" (160cm)

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  1. I think you look fine as a round, plump female human.  

    I recommend getting on a treadmill.  I like my women plump, but not flabby.

    So did you ever become pregnant?

    Have you given up on Curvage?

  2. In this clip, I am engaged with you the whole time. Talking about how fat every part of my body is and how much I love it. Fat tits, fat belly, fat thighs, fat ass, oh! 😍 "If I were an animal, I think I'd be a fat cow!" I strip out of a tight white blouse and a desperately small blue lace bralette, and end up in only a black and white thong and a pair of black lace nipple pasties (which now need a new home, dm me if interested! 😘) After finishing my meal, I whine about not even feeling full and I say, "Won't you come feed me more? Even when I can't move anymore?" I then show off my body to you more. Almost naked, I jiggle my fat, bounce my gigantic tits, and make my ass clap a little while giggling and smiling at you.


  3. Hey there! I finally got a bunch of nipple pasties and I'm excited to make some content! <3


    1. kryptoroll


      girl I don't think any of us knew you had cake like that

    2. Melonie Kares

      Melonie Kares

      You'd know if you were following my socials ;)

  4. I got some nipple pasties for a vid here! Anyone have any ideas? >.<

  5. Felt like showing you as much as I'm allowed to! ;)


    1. Miikey


      Much appreciated~💖

    2. Lardfiller


      maybe allowed, but also forbidden sexy ;) 😍

  6. New video coming soon!

    If you love seeing huge bouncing titties, then you'll love this one ;)❤️ 


    1. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      Looking extremely cute in this bra. Such a beautiful face too.

    2. Melonie Kares

      Melonie Kares

      thank you so much!


  7. I bounce and jiggle in 5 underwire bras in the context that I am testing out how the materials and structure of the bras hold up when put up against my huge heavy breasts. I tease lightly and smile lots! I start from my 90M bra to 36L to three 36K bras.


  8. Thinking about losing some weight. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AllContrast
    3. extra_m13
    4. Melonie Kares

      Melonie Kares

      I simply want to, I guess :P 
      I like my natural tendency to keep my breasts and butt despite weight loss :)
      I also want to be healthier! I have high blood pressure, anxiety, adhd, asthma, macromastia, chronic pain, musculoskeletal issues ( I'm sure I'm forgetting something) and I don't want anything to cause issue with my eventual pregnancy ❤️ 

    5. Guest


      You got to take care of yourself. You’re gunna look beautiful no matter what weight honestly 🤷‍♂️❤️

    6. Melonie Kares
    7. AllContrast


      Haha did you gain any?

  9. What will my next video be here?


  10. I am SUPER excited about the video I just submitted for sale! 
    I loved making it and I'm sure you'll love watching it! 😘


    1. jacksprat


      Wow! You look very plump and happy. Life affirmingly fattened. 

    2. A Saucerful Of Harry

      A Saucerful Of Harry

      I can hear that bikini top straining from here, mega babe🤩!

    3. Bellylover777


      Lovely curvy figure - you are looking very sexy

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