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  1. New me would eat the old me 🌝


    1. ExponentialGrowth


      Wow you have gotten unrecognizably huge!🔥

    2. 1mini1


      Wow! So hot....😍

    3. D D

      D D

      Absolutely insane what you've done to yourself, keep it up Piggy, there's no way back anyway

  2. Part 3 of my McDonald’s lunch! In this clip I’m starting to push my self more and more to make sure I finish everything


  3. New hair😶 what do we think 🥰


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. B14


      Goes well with the gluttonous gut 🤤

    3. ChubbyyUnicorn24


      Yas queen looking beaut 🥰💕

    4. matt nagle

      matt nagle

      Love it!!😍

    5. D D

      D D

      Gorgeous hair, face and massive body!

    6. 1mini1


      Wow! Stunning look actually... Suits you well..😍

    7. Easy300
  4. If you’ve been pub already I’m jealous of you.

    and also if there’s any girls in the uk that wants to be friends n go for girly days together message me🥰

    1. Bellend69420


      Not a girl but I’d love to take you to the pub any day😁😘

    2. omracer


      I got tastecard prepared for when my feedee goes out to eat in places :)

  5. Part 2 of my McDonald’s lunch. come and watch me indulge into one of my favourite foods 💓


  6. Hi! Watch me indulge into my McDonald’s lunch after my morning nap. Encourage me to eat more for you so I grow even more I’m starting to push my self more and more each day and you can help me grow faster just by watching me and telling me what a good piggy I am. Watch me rub my forever growing belly as I let out loud beaches and eat more and more disclaimer (there will be 4 parts to this video due to the fact I am a slow eater I apologise for that)


  7. Goodnight sweetdreams 💓


    1. 1mini1


      Looking nice and content with a fully belly there...😍

    2. PiggyJRC


      I videoed it all but the videos 40 minutes long so I’m uploading into 4 parts (I’ve already put a disclaimer apologising for how long I take to eat)🤣 but I was very full and veryyy happy 

    3. 1mini1


      Wow! 40 mins... That's some stuffing session... I am sure that the new pounds shall come fast if you can keep that up frequently....😍


    1. Bdhahhsy


      Just purchased my first video from you. Ur bloody sexy and have a gorgeous face may I say x 

    2. PiggyJRC


      Thankyou I appreciate it xx

    3. t55schott


      I love your determination to get more Curvy!! I hope you post more full body shots. You have a stunning Curvy body x

  9. I’m one hungry piggy today 😩

    1. 1mini1


      Satisfy those cravings.... good and proper....😍

  10. Have a good day🥰


    1. 1mini1


      Have a 'full-filling' day yourself...😍

    2. Lardfiller


      That view is like a beautiful sunrise 😍

    3. nonrelated


      The way you're filling up with lard all over your body even up to your wrists is gorgeous 😳

    4. ExponentialGrowth


      Love this view 🪟 🌄 🐖

    5. B14


      What a glorious view 🤤🤤

    6. Bellygazerpics


      Such a fantastic under-belly view.

  11. I’m now the fattest I have ever been over this past year I’ve been a good growing piggy in this video I tell you what I once weighed compared to now. I step on the scales to show you what I currently weigh and I want you to tell me to gain even more


  12. New video coming tonight 🥰

  13. I’m in love with my body 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tendedsugar


      I love hearing that😍 and you’ll only love it more with each pound added to your frame

    3. Easy300


      You are so fucking hot 

    4. damnman


      the way your left arm gets fat is just so fucking hot..


    5. D D

      D D

      You are absolutely blowing up holy fuck what a stunner

    6. B14


      That belly and your arms 😍😍

    7. V8_DJ


      Who isn't in love with you're body x

  14. I got a new shirt 🐷


    1. sjoe95156


      It fits wonderfully 😍

    2. Gibbo


      Wow 👀😅👌🏻

    3. Tendedsugar


      I see that it’s fitting quite well😍😉

    4. Bellylover777


      Wonderful big stuffed belly - lokking very sexy with your tiny shirt - love it

  15. Would anyone be interested if I uploaded a vid from when I was about 5 months into my gain or?? 

    1. Alonsus


      Yes please, an older vid would be interesting to help see how far you've come.

    2. D D

      D D

      That would be amazing. Especially if you also recreate it now with the added pounds and maybe put them side by side. A video really early in your gain would be insane compared to now!

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