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  1. Consider the permission granted if you ever decide to explore that corner of the DC weight gain universe! I would have been flattered and still would be.
  2. Right now, a few hundred people rushed over to this thread after receiving a notification that you posted again. Only to be disappointed to see their favorite author is just bantering with a fan! LOL Seriously though, thank you for the kind words and sentiment. I am really happy to hear that you enjoyed so many of my stories. Some of your work is getting me thinking that I may need to get back in the swing of things. And if I don't, I have a half thought out framework for a story to share that I think would very much appeal to someone like you. Both stylistically and in content. Honestly though, this serial you've written has been a lot of fun to follow. Power Girl and the way you setup the mechanics to make her fat and then depower her is absolutely fantastic, fun, and unique. It's very clear you have a good understanding and passion for writing that character getting fat. The added dimension of her humiliation and complete downgrade brings your storytelling up to another level. I would imagine your frame of mind is somewhat similar to what mine was when I wrote the Wonder Woman Willpowerless story a few years ago. Anyway, keep up the prolific content creation! And thank you for being the Curvage pandemic hero that we need.
  3. As always, you write some really fun serials. Well done and keep up the great work. And on behalf of the community, thank you! Having written some before, I am always impressed with the amount of content you produce. Keeps me from having to write again! LOL. But seriously, this one is quite fun.
  4. Couple of before & afters, just to reinforced the aforementioned points above. She has really packed on some serious poundage over the years.
  5. Take Wonder Woman's power - Just my two cents!
  6. This is a really fun topic and a thread that has really been enjoyable to read. I have witnessed a few circumstances where a major loss of strength and conditioning accompanied weight gain. There’s one girl in particular, who lost certain physical abilities at different stages, that really reminded me how much I love the destruction of fitness. If you’ve ever followed “Girls Talking About Their Weight” then you would know I’ve mentioned this girl a few different times. She was a pretty good high school softball and basketball player and actually went on to continue dabbling in both once in college. At her physical peak, she was somewhere between 127-130 pounds. While she certainly wasn’t a world-class athlete, she was coordinated, graceful, and passably decent at her chosen sports. Unfortunately for her athletic ability, some of these skills began to slowly erode as drinking and grazing replaced jogging and weight training at the gym. By the time she hit the 160 pound mark, she would often complain about feeling out of shape just going up a few flights of stairs. It has been a fascinating transition watching the lean muscle mass she cultivated through years of athletics slowly, but surely erode. I always found it interesting when we were dating to see how she began to struggle whenever we would play wrestle in the bedroom. Her ability to slip out of precarious situations diminished significantly as her weight increased. All the more fun, watching her turn completely red and get flushed with exhaustion. Fortunately for me, and unfortunately for her, this young lady’s weight has continued to climb up significantly. She’s actually gained another 40 lbs and tips the scales at just over 200 lbs. The last time we had a tryst was quite enjoyable, as I pushed my luck beyond what I normally would (consentually, of course). I was shocked at how easy it was to strip her jeans off of her and lift up her shirt, all while joyful playing with and patting her rather large pot belly. She admitted she was helpless to do anything about it, as she was too tired and weak to do anything about it. At one point later that evening, she joked about how both her and her dog were now both overweight. I wanted to correct her and say, “well, based on your height, you’re technically obese.” But I thought better of that one. Anyway, it’s amazing to see how her entire approach to everything has changed. She walks more slowly and methodically now, almost as if every step could lead to a turned ankle. Everything about her is so soft and marshmellowy. There’s absolutely nothing about her body that would suggest there’s any shred of coordination or athletic ability left. In short, it’s quite fun!
  7. Figured I would chime in here, given my work was referenced earlier. I think @riptoryx hit the nail right on the head as far as my drive and purpose behind writing Willpowerless. In fact, I don't think I could have summed it up better. @CyrilFiggus - I am just happy to hear you read it and finished it, despite your disappointment at the end! I hear your feedback about a paranoid Batman. There's a lot of reasons why I went in that direction, one of them being I have struggled with Batman's key inclusion in the Justice League, given he has no powers. I remember an old story-line once where he had a contingency plan for every member of the Justice League, should they go rogue and attack humanity. This was sort of a spin on that. Personally, I've always been a fan of Batman in terms of existing within his own universe, bereft of Superman and the rest. Anyway, that's a very nerdy digression and I don't want to hijack this thread either! Onto my thoughts on this story! @Batman76 - This story is tremendous fun (and the real reason I am chiming in). Easily one of the best to have been posted the past 12 months. I have enjoyed every single chapter of this story. It's fun, well-written, and deliciously descriptive. Thank you for your contributions and your creativity. In particular, I enjoy all things Wonder Woman. This last chapter was a fantastic twist and an excellent revelation as to how this "curse" is intended to work. Anyone that hasn't read this story should definitely check it out. I very much look forward to future installments!
  8. Good question. Watching fit, thin, and beautiful women start to helplessly balloon up and pack on the pounds is quite enjoyable. Riptoryx has a post in the old "Weight gain schadenfreude" thread that he shared above that really hammers home what I find so appealing about it. I've been quite lucky enough to date and be friends with a number of women that have put on a noticeable amount of weight in just the fashion that I enjoy. I enjoy not only the visual aesthetic and physical feel of it, but also all the little subtle changes that come with packing on anywhere from 20-50 pounds. I think some of my tastes have evolved a bit over the years which have led me to appreciate those subtle changes even more. I enjoy everything from the open discussion of gaining weight (and the outright shame of it), to the first time a pair of size 4s no longer fit (and the disgusted and concerned look on their face when the zipper won't move), to the horrifying realization that they were tagged in a beach picture on Facebook, sporting an extra 25 pounds of beer belly and love handles lolling over their bikini bottoms. Much of the weight gain I witnessed and enjoyed, until recently, never really exceeding 30-35 pounds. Recently, I have had a long time off-an-on flame go from about 135 pounds to somewhere in the neighborhood of 190 pounds. There's A LOT about that situation which is incredibly arousing and exciting. The laziness, the changes in personality, the outgrown wardrobe, the way she tires easily from light physical activity, and of course the look of it all. Anyway, great question and post!
  9. Glad to hear you enjoyed reading. Sounds like great minds think a like on this one. Here's to some more updates soon!
  10. @ronnie17de - I appreciate you commenting and reading along. We'll see if there are more updates or not to come. I'll certainly be angling for the opportunity to engage with her again. As I mentioned, the highest confirmed weight I have is 186 lbs. My guess is that she's closer to 200 lbs now, if not more, but it's hard to tell. I can tell you with confidence that she certainly hasn't managed to lose any weight, that's for sure. I would say at this point, she's realized her destiny of becoming a fatty! The question becomes just how big will she get? I guess only time and continued overindulgence will tell that.
  11. I had some down time tonight, so I figured I would fill you guys in on the ex-girlfriend that I’ve been on-again/off-again with the past few months. The last update came from the summer back in June and there have been some interactions since. For starters, she hasn’t lost any weight. In fact, I would wager that she has continued to slowly put on more weight. Most of our interactions have been centered around going out, getting food, and consuming alcohol. These are all things that haven’t exactly helped her reverse her increases in weight. The highest confirmed weight I have for her is still 186 pounds, but in truth, she looks like she’s approaching 200 pounds. She’s 5’5”, to give you some sense of her frame. The most salacious of our interactions came during the late summer. She invited me over one evening to meet up. I was shocked when she answered the door in a skin tight, purple nighty. It was embarrassingly tight and in truth, wasn’t really appropriate for her figure. If she was trying to cast the classically alluring look of a sex kitten then she failed…miserably. However, this was right up my alley. Seeing her thick, bulbous belly pressed up against the fabric of the nighty was a sight that was nearly too much to bear. One thing to note was how deep the outline of her navel was through the fabric. I wasn’t surprise to see an empty bottle of wine on the kitchen counter. Nor was I surprised to see another one opened up, with two glasses already poured. There was no way she would allow herself to be seen so exposed in such poor condition without the help of wine. I took careful not at her gait, which was as wide and plodding as ever. Little did I know she had a bubble bath drawn. Not being a fool, I obviously obliged, as I was quite interested to see what was going on underneath the overly taut nighty. After getting in, she asked me to avert my eyes. Which seemed silly. So, I asked her why? “I don’t want you to see all of my stretch marks.” I snuck a peek anyways, shocked at just how big her naked body had become. I never ceased to be amazed by this, despite having seen it a few other times throughout the course of the past year. As she stretched out, pulling the nighty off of her bloated body, I noticed just how her stomach now hanged. It had gone from a round, soft, growing pot to now officially beginning to hang. I noticed right away that she had two, very angry red stretch marks going across her bloated abdomen, right by her belly button. In addition to that, I noticed the same thing across her breasts by each nipple, which had grown at least a cup size. Of course, some of their pertness had been sacrificed with that added volume. Upon climbing into the tub, I was impressed with just how wide, round, and soft everything about her had become. Her belly folded well into her thighs as she sat in the bubbles. Given that the wine was flowing, I was able to get a little bit more hands on than normal. At one point, she saw me looking at her more generous chest and said, “don’t get used to it, I’m going to lose weight.” Of course, she hasn’t. I’ll leave out some of the more prurient details as to what happened next so I don’t bore any of you. A few weeks later, we went out for pizza. She ordered a salad at first, which I told her was a foolish move at a pizza place. Her reply, “it’s a caesar salad, so it’s loaded with calories.” The night went on, as we ordered our pizza and had some drinks. We ended up going to another restaurant later on that evening, this time for margaritas. It didn’t take long for her to digest two of them. We ended up going over to another bar afterward and having a few more drinks. By the end of the night, we ended up back in the car and she got silent. She seemed a little bit upset. In her defense, she was a bit drunk. So I asked her what’s wrong. “I’ve gained too much weight..” She said this as she pouted. I told her that was silly and that there was no reason to think that. Truthfully, she had, at least in comparison to what she WAS. For those new to this saga, she used to weigh about 130-135 pounds and was a competitive athlete. After settling her down, I ended up driving her home. For whatever reason, we couldn’t wait to go inside. She unbuttoned her jeans and attempted to take them off in the car. After we finished whatever it was we had set out to accomplish, it was time to go inside. The only problem was that we could not get her jeans zipped and buttoned back up. So, she walked up her driveway and into her house with her jeans completely undone. One interesting aside - whenever she was carded to buy liquor (at the store or at the bar) I noticed that the person evaluating her ID almost always does a double take. Her listed weight on the driver’s license is 140 pounds. She’s at least 45 pounds heavier than that now. While no one has said anything to her about it, it does make for an interesting side bar. There has been more than one occasion where she has mentioned her weight. A few friends of mine live in her neighborhood. When I made mention of it one say, she replied, “oh, they probably don’t recognize me because I’ve gained weight.” I played it off like that wasn’t the case. But that’s a dirty little secret, because I spent some time with those friends about a week earlier. Their first question to me was whether or not she had gained a ton of weight or if it was someone else that looked similar, walking her dogs in the neighborhood. Interesting enough, someone that I have conversed with and shared stories/photos with over the years from this very website said the following to me: “She's gone from being one of the hottest gals you've dated, to now probably the fattest and frumpiest.” That probably sums it up the best. Anyway, here’s to more updates (I hope) forthcoming. Thanks for reading and following around. Let me know if you have questions/comments! Happy belated Thanksgiving!
  12. @chrystal_geyser - I appreciate the sentiments, thank you. Glad you enjoyed. @Dr. Feeder - I know what you mean. I go back and forth on sharing to the board. There are a select few members that I have shared photos with before, so they have seen exactly what I have written about in the this thread. Either way, I hope you enjoyed reading!
  13. Here’s another update from my latest post. This one will be a bit shorter, but I think it warrants posting. About a week after I made that post, I ended up hanging out with that same young lady twice in the same weekend. The first time was a rather short encounter, as she needed a ride home from the bars after a long night of drinking with her friends. I happened to be awake and sober, so I gladly obliged, as it was only a short drive. She had a pair of mint colored jeans and a blue, button down top. Upon getting back into her house, I went inside to use the restroom. This sounds like a silly stereotype, but her house is kind of a mess. There were clothes strewn all over the bathroom. I noticed a pair of jeans on the floor, so of course, I checked the label real quick, confirming she is still a size 14. When I walked back out into her kitchen, she was putting a leash on one of her dogs to take them outside. She bent over at the waist to put the leash on. This motion caused a significant amount of stomach fat to come surging out from over the top of her jeans and underneath her shirt. There was several inches of belly that became embarrassingly exposed. After watching her struggle for a bit, she got the leash on one of her dogs and then went to leash the other one. Despite having seen her in far less clothing before, this brief visual was still pretty eye catching. It was a devastating display of what outright laziness and overeating will do to one figure. The next night, she invited me over again to visit. The drinking was a bit more toned back on this night. She was wearing a long, flowing dress that was no doubt intended to camouflage her weight gain. At one point, I had my hand around her waist, down towards her ass. I felt something that was violently pinching her beneath the dress. It was the string waistband of her underwear. The waistband felt dug in deeper than the roots of the trees in an old forest. I could feel the fat puckering above and below the bikini style waistband. To be forward, her panties felt like a rubber band ready to snap. They felt obscenely tight. A little bit later on that night, one of her dog’s jumped on her lap while we were sitting on the couch. She looked at the dog while petting him and said, “you’re overweight and I’m overweight. Who would have thought that would happen?” I resisted the urge to say anything and didn’t engage the comment. As the wine kept flowing, she asked me about what my friends thought of her. Out of no where, she looks at me and says, “they know that I’m not at… my best weight wise, right?” I politely reassured her that she looked fantastic and moved the conversation forward. I didn’t want push the obvious too far and ruin any moments. Anyway, short update there! I hope I have more forthcoming. Enjoy reading!
  14. Lots of great updates on this thread, recently, so I figured I would chime in with a bit of an update and a description of an experience I had. The last time I posted was about a field hockey player that’s a friend of mine. This time, I am going back to an ex-girlfriend that I have posted about quite a bit on this thread. About two months ago, we had a bit of rendezvous. The last time I posted about her was in December and then another story about a hike we went on last August, where she was dangerously out of shape. Since it’s been awhile since I posted about her, a little bit of background about her figure. When she was in shape, she was about 130 pounds, with an angular face, toned arms, and a nice round bubble butt. She stands roughly 5’5” even. This girl has pretty much perfectly porcelain skin and very welcoming blue eyes. She is very pretty and has almost an angelic quality to her. The last time she confirmed her weight, she was 186 pounds. Which is an enormous amount of weight to have put on her figure. Upon meeting her in December and then two months, she looked like she had gotten even bigger. Anyway, one random Sunday, I ended up getting a message, asking me to come down and meet her at the bar for a drink. I obliged and dropped my afternoon plans to go see her. The minute I walked in, I was not disappointed. She was sipping a drink at the corner, by herself, flipping idly through her phone. The first thing I noticed was the round, soft double chin that bulged out as she titled her head down slightly to look at the phone. What surprised me? That chin didn't disappear upon picking her head up. As I had mentioned in previous posts, her face had filled out almost as noticeably as the rest of her body. Now, her chin was even more prominent and her cheeks even fuller and rounder, almost obscuring her eyes. She was round and bloated. Light years away from what she looked like before. Now, one of the most amazing things about this entire transformation is how she has seemingly been helpless to stop it. There was a time, when she was up in the high 150s and into the 160s where she was very vocal about how out of shape she was getting. By no means was she pleased with her weight and several times she made comments about trying to slim down. This included memberships to Weight Watchers and the purchase of a Fitbit once she hit 170 pounds, at the time, a record high weight for her. All these attempts were a waste of money and she has continued to gain even more weight. Taking a look at her on this day, I couldn’t help but think back to past conversations and things that she had said to me. She almost didn’t look like the same person anymore, but instead, her own overweight aunt or mother (more on that shortly). More than a few people have seen pictures of her and made mention that she looks like an overweight, meek minded librarian. I went back through some old Facebook conversations and found some interesting tidbits that I have probably shared in the past. They make her continued weight gain even more interesting to witness: “I can’t control my weight right now. A week ago, I was 157. Now, I’m 159.” “I have a belly and stuff is getting tight. So no more chocolates please.” “My jeans weren’t buttoning yesterday morning. I have to wiggle to get into them.” There were several more conversations like this one. Since we’re no longer really together, I don’t get many anecdotes or descriptions like that very often. At one point in the phase around 160 pounds, she was asked if she were pregnant. Now, I can’t imagine what they think. She was wearing a tight green dress, tan colored coat, and leggings. All of which were obscenely tight on her. As I pulled up a stool next to her, I noticed just how much space she was taking up. Her ass was as big as I have ever seen it. She almost looked comical sitting on the stool. We talked for quite awhile. As the conversation flowed, she turned towards me. Her jacket was opened and I couldn’t see two, very distinct belly rolls that were forming. Something about the shape of the rolls was curious. Immediately I thought to myself, “she’s wearing spanx.” Little did I know, as I would find out later, she was not only wearing spanx, but the leggings were control top as well. This double body armor did nothing to obscure her soft middle, but only pressed it into two, distinct rolls of softness. At one point, she excused herself to use the restroom. The size of her rump is well documented, so I’ll save you reading through that description again. However, what I noticed was how her walking gait had changed. She was almost waddling. Her steps were slow and plodding. These were not the graceful movements of a formerly fit girl that was a good athlete when she was a bit younger and lighter. This was very much the stride of someone that had put on over 40, possible 50 pounds. I’ll spare you the details of how it happened, but we ended up back at her place. And things got physical. I couldn’t believe how thick and soft she had become. I’m not even sure I can identify one feature that changed the most. I found my hands wandering up her dress, which is where I discovered a plush, blubbery set of love handles that circled around to a very large belly. There was no limit to how far my hands and fingers were sinking into her middle. I peeled the leggings off of her and could feel her underbelly almost flop out underneath. Plainly put, this was heaven. As I lifted her dress up, I was able to lay eyes on her belly first hand. While she’s certainly not 300 pounds (like so many posts on Curvage), she had a bonafide, bulbous dome of a pot belly. It extended out far past her breasts and hung heavily over her panties, as she fat half naked on the couch. Even as she laid down, it still stood up, like the dome of a volcano of fat, already erupting. Her thighs were thick and had a smattering of cellulite on them. She got up to take things into the bedroom, so I followed closely behind. The way they rubbed together, along with the bounce of her fat ass, was unbelievably alluring. I could not believe this was the same girl I had first hooked up with when she was 50 pounds lighter, or the girl I had hooked up with when she was a really out of shape 170 pounds. This was a different level. I ended up finding out later that the dress she was wearing and borderline bursting out of was one that she had to borrow from her own mother. It was a size 14. I couldn’t think of anything more embarrassing than having to borrow your mother’s clothes and consequently outgrowing them. In reality, she was more of a size 16. The Spanx tank top she had on was glued to her figure. Standing up, her belly jutted out, making her look pregnant. Her breasts were significantly bigger, fuller, and dare I say, a little bit droopier. She is now bordering on a C or D cup. As I pulled the spanx top off of her, I noticed there was a small tear in it, right near where a love handle would be. After we finished up, we were both standing up, in front of her mirror. As this is the Girl’s Talking About Weight Thread, the following transpired: “I know… I know I put on a few pounds. But I still look cute, right?” Of course, I reassured her. It was also way more than “a few pounds.” She went on to mention how she had big rolls now and needed to get things under control. Of course, I thought back to the many conversations we had while 25-30 pounds ago, where she struggled to get anything under control. If anything, standing there in her underwear, she had let her figure get completely out of control. Unfortunately, no other night’s like this have happened since, though we do speak regularly. I saw some pictures recently that have led me to believe she is probably over 200 pounds at this point. She was certainly teetering on during this night. I hope you enjoyed the update!
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