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  1. Way late to this, but as you call it that super sexy 'kangaroo pouch' combined with your other mind numbing sexy curves is what really makes you so hot!
  2. Well good luck @NogutNoglory with 37" hips you'd be an even more balanced hourglass, of course with a super sexy little belly too!
  3. wow Mary Pierce what a great gain!
  4. bbgirllvr

    Kelly Brook

    Wow she looks deliciously fat in that red dress!
  5. That's what happens when you go from skinny fat to slightly chubby...start with no muscle and just add more soft fat
  6. wow great find and post...I think she's a bartender. And I can't think of anything better than a hot girl like her competing and nearly winning bikini contests, and then gaining what 30lbs and just keep right on competing!
  7. totally a fan of soft slightly chubby Japanese girls...and she fits that bill. Really like how she's plumped up so far!
  8. bbgirllvr

    Selena Gomez

    oh yeah she gained...she's so skinny fat
  9. bbgirllvr

    Eva Longoria

    no way she loses all the weight from this pregnancy
  10. always had great hips, but you could so tell she was ready to fatten up at anytime
  11. she's got a sexy belly now. did she mean to start gaining weight?
  12. guessing she's going to be doing a lot of sucking in on her next photo shoot
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