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  1. Fantastic! A little double chin, thicker arms, thigh gap disappearing, and belly sticking out... she's softening and growing beautifully!
  2. Wow she's gotten so sensually soft all over. Is she liking any part of her body softer than when she was fit?
  3. Nice and thick compared to her friend. She's put on a bit of weight.
  4. Wow she's perfect! Such a great gain!
  5. bbgirllvr

    Kelly Brook

    And a waist as puffy as a marshmallow.
  6. Her thighs just so thick and chubby now😍. No thigh gap anymore!
  7. bbgirllvr

    Bebe Rexha

    Just imagine after her time in Italy! 😍
  8. bbgirllvr

    Beatrice Egli

    I think she's probably over 135 pounds, and judging by those love handles I definitely don't think she has a 25 inch waist.
  9. The before and afters are great they really show that even though she's not big now, she has grown quite a bit and softened significantly from her peak condition.
  10. bbgirllvr

    Addison Rae

    Really liking her thickening thighs!
  11. bbgirllvr

    Addison Rae

    Even though she's sucking in more in pink you can tell her tummy is softer and her thighs are much juicier!
  12. She looks like she needs to breathe in to not pass out there.
  13. She's trying harder and harder to hide her growing tummy. But it looks to be getting more difficult to do. I also think her arms look softer.
  14. bbgirllvr

    Ashley James

    Lovely woman...liking her soft tummy.
  15. bbgirllvr

    Imogen Thomas

    Have to agree that second dress just shows off the best of her curves. Love her hips!
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