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  1. Heavy whipping cream challenge? I'm feelin it!!!!

    1. fattony20


      What's the challenge? 

    2. lexxyy


      Chugging the whole damn carton lmao 🤮

  2. Now my ex is asking for me back 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. ccbingbang


      Take me instead

    2. johnp0971


      Plz check your inbox I have a question 

  3. Hi! A lot of your fans would love nothing better than watch you stuff yourself to 300lbs, but honestly its going to take a lot more than 12 lbs a yr! 12lbs per week would make you number one on this site!! We want to see much much more of you!😎

    1. Hush


      Jesus! I really hope you're very young to excuse such immaturity! I know for you it sounds only like enthusiasm but don't forget she's real human being not a gaining machine and your words could sound very agressive to her. Try to put you in her place receiving such a message. How would you react if you were told to gain 12lbs in a week? Does it sound so doable?
      If you like her content, just try to support her the way she wants, not the way you want. Stop setting unrealistic weight goal and just let the girl breathe!

    2. lexxyy


      Lmao I like the way I look right now, thank you! 

  4. DM me to make me feel better and more sexier.. 💔😔

    1. Jo77


      It says you can’t accept messages :(

  5. Lexxyy weighs in herself at 172lbs! Woohooo!!! As stoked as she was, her boyfriend wasn't so much. She was basically dumped for being "too fat." So here's lexxyy stuffing herself with a bagel, ice cream and crackers, talking & contemplating on what to do. She is not doing so good at the moment. She needs answers and showed love for her new growing body. 💕 Uhhhhh, this sucks. 😔💔


  6. Well, weighed myself and I'm a 172 lbs.......

    1. Mattlovescurves


      Feeling heavy love ☺️

    2. mattkoty


      November 14, 2018, 160 lbs. 

      a year later, 172 lbs (+12), so +1 pound a month!  Gains be gains, :)   Here’s to 180 lbs soon!! ;)   And thanks much for sharing!!

  7. Should I eat these 5 muffins from my hotel? 🤔

    Should I record it too?

    1. Hank Scorpio

      Hank Scorpio

      Yes and yes! 

  8. New video ideas!? I'm not drinking anymore so no beer chugs :(


    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. Angelic


      How about heavy cream chug? 

    3. Angelic


      How about heavy cream chug? 

    4. Angelic


      Whoa! Sorry, my browser was acting up lol


  9. HAPPY GIRIL OVER HERE!! Lexxyy jiggles, wiggles and strips showing off her sexy fluffy body after she ate a big breakfast this morning! We had EGGS BENEDICT 😋 Being hangry is NOT the answer! So full and loving those curves 💕


  10. Ughhh I'm so hungry rn!!!! But I'm a fucking poor pig.. so here's to starving & hopefully not dropping any pounds.. 😔😭


    1. Abs93


      Wish I had the money to make you so far and round and jiggly and love that sexy big belly 

    2. Abs93


      Meissen I could be there to fill you fully and keep you fat and round ❤️🍆💦

    3. lexxyy
  11. Nature Therapy 💕



    1. Stratosphere2.0


      Wow!!! You look great! Perfect thick hourglass shape! 

    2. adecourv


      God, your ass looks delectable

    3. NikiFan


      Ehh I don’t think I would lay in that🤨

  12. Ohhh boy does my man know how to stuff me up!!!!! 🤤🤤🤤🤤


  13. Join lexxyy as she shoves muffins in her mouth and booty! 😋 This video is hot! You DO NOT want to miss out! 🤤


  14. A little teaser from my new video 😋

    Will be uploaded tomorrow!

    Screenshot_20191102-030239_Video Player.jpg

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