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  1. Do you love feet? Wiggly, painted toes? Toe rings? Lexxyy received a special request from a fan and she couldn't wait any longer to please him. She shows off her feet while having her belly rolls stick out, hoping he recognizes how big her belly has gotten as well 🥵 This was a hard one with the positions and having my tummy bulge out


  2. Day drinking is making me bloat 😖

    Time to put on sweatpants.. 



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Samuelffff


      You're becoming a fat woman! I love it :) 


    3. Submissivefeeder


      Or you could pop the button off those 🥵

    4. Submissivefeeder


      Someone get this woman more alcohol!

    5. Jon99



    6. Boab


      Could you please please please do a 2 litre coke chug video! That would be so hot

    7. lexxyy


      I dont like coke or Pepsi 🤢

  3. A dear fan asked lexxyy to drink Tequila.. Lucky him, Lexxyy LOVES Tequila!!! After getting home from a very stressful vacation with family and then going straight back to work, not having any time to wind down.. lexxyy comes home from work and says fuck it, "I'm drinking tonight." Lexxyy shows off her natural, plumped curves in a cute tight romper while all the girls at work keep asking if shes pregnant? Lol uhm? No?? As she drinks, she realizes she hasn't eated all day and gets LIT FAST 😅 Swaying back and forth, voice getting to a higher pitch, her saying she can out drink you.. her clothes start to fall off.. 🤭😅 She hopes & prays that you're impressed with her body Cum take a shot with lexxyy and let's get **! 💋


  4. Life is so hectic rn 🥺

    Cheer me up as I sit in a Motel 6 room.... 😔



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    2. Zaklux480


      At least they always leave the lights on for you 👍🏽

    3. C1234


      Love the weight u put on 

    4. Tiki67


      You are so amazingly hot

    5. dp521


      Turning that motel 6 into a 10 👌

    6. zsedz


      Absolutely love your curves, so hot! Hope all falls in place and gets a lil less hectic soon 😇

    7. Jessemccollam


      Sheesshhh looking incredible !!!

  5. Family emergency happened and now lexxyy is stuck with family and can't even get back to her normal life. Shes been on her best behavior and her family knows absolutely nothing about her curvage career and feedism kink. Shes done nothing but hide, pretending & acting like her old self. Her cousin wants to show her this "cool" view that involves a 7 mile round trip hike to get too 🙄 old Alexis would be stoked but not this time around.. 😭 fml. As were getting ready to leave the hotel, lexxyy realizes theres CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST! 😍 shes sharing the room with her cousin, but her cousin is no where near to be found. (Idk where she went but I almost got caught ha) Lexxyy sees a basket full of muffins, probably 30 muffins to be exact. She didn't want to feel too greedy or judged (but who fucking cares 😅) and loads her jacket up with blueberry and chocolate muffins. (The chocolate muffins were obviously the best) So before this damm 7 mile hike, lexxyy decides to quietly lock herself in the bathroom & fuel her body with muffins. Then she realizes what she has done after eating them so fast 🥴 her belly starts feeling really full and shes getting hot flashes INSTANTLY. (Had alot of coffee beforehand) She sits there on the side of the tub in instant regret but needed to do this because she was tired of pretending to be her old self 🥺 My cousin still has no idea. Pray for me on this hike. All I'm bringing is beer 🤣🤣🤣 Ughhh CAN'T WAIT TO GO HOME!!!!!!!


  6. Been MIA recently due to a family emergency.. but I can say I've done nothing but eat my feelings. Can't wait to show you all 💋

    1. C1234


      Hope everything is well can’t wait to see your progress @lexxyy

    2. Zaklux480


      Yeah, I hope everything turns out ok for you @lexxyy

    3. Jessemccollam


      Hope you’re doing well!!! Take as long as you want or need !

    4. dsknsw1000


      Best wishes during this emergency, I hope you and your family are well ❤

  7. Lexxyy went to Ross and found a rack full of summer clothes for 75% off! She bought 3 cute matching sets in her size, (L & XL) got home to try the haul on and they barely fit.. 😳 As bummed as she was, she got excited because then she could show you all! Can't you see the smile on her face!? 😍😍 Which outfit was your favorite?


  8. I think it's time for bigger jean's.. my belly and ribs are so squished at worm, its uncomfortable.. 🥺🥴


    1. Thicktiger


      Actually - no. Try to close the button and send us some pics. It will suit the belly better then new jeans, trust me 😊

  9. Weeeee neeeeddd a weigh in thoooo

    1. lexxyy


      I don't own a scale 😅 last time I weighed 185 at the doctors. I'm short and fat lol

    2. Jessemccollam


      We love it tho 

  10. FUPA kind of morning ☺️


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    2. CarlGnarl


      Sooooo damned CUTE!!! Not just the fupa but the lumpiness underneath those tights -all of it together. You are the ideal woman!  Hot. Sexy. YOW!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍 FAT GIRL IN THE HOUSE :)

    3. Feedmee


      It’s crazy how fat you are. 

    4. Frenchyguy75


      Your pussy get fatter and fatter soon 🥰

    5. Jessemccollam


      Neeeeeds that next weigh in

  11. Lexxyys old time hunny is coming home for the first time in ages! She was already day drinking, and had about 6 beers in her prior to making this clip. Feeling a buzzed and building up the confidence, she wanted her boo thang to have a this special clip to keep forever & look back on. (And hopefully to compare lexxyys body size in the future 🤗) Towards the end of the video you can see lexxyy becoming wasted, belly starts bloating, belly starts hurting from burping, becoming very hot and bumping into the door and walls. She realizes she can't be this wasted for when she sees this beautiful man because of the things she wants to do to him.. but in all reality, lexxyy was WASTED and he LOVED every minute of it 😍 *The last part of the video is slightly out of focus*


  12. Looking soooo good

  13. Does it turn you on when she whispers in your ears? Lexxy does ASMR and gets super turned on by rubbing her body, clapping her ass and playing with her belly button. Don't you wish you could physically touch lexxyy instead of behind a screen? 😍


  14. Finally found a pair of vintage Levi's that fit my fat ass & beer belly. As you can see, the buttons wont stay put 🤭


    1. Feedmee


      So hot and fat. Keep drinking that beer ;)

    2. Flat7


      I guess you'll just have to take em off... oh well. Or just enjoy knowing you're the best wrapped present one could imagine 😉

    3. dsknsw1000


      Looks like they fit perfectly!

    4. Berytosz


      I've only just found this profile, and already I'd like to become a jeans 😂

  15. Camping


    1. Argo20


      BUT there is no camping chair that fits you ❤️

    2. Angelic


      Fuck, Incredible! You're still on the gain train it seems.

    3. newkidz
    4. Jessemccollam



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