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  1. Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha! No. Surely you know by now that the wider forum readership cannot be trusted?
  2. That is impressively bad social distancing.
  3. Looks like she used to be a fair bit skinnier too, from this headshot:
  4. Also might just be worth remembering where we've come from...
  5. Certainly contrasts with the current face, although I'm very much enjoying the continuing expansion since the above!
  6. Yeah, whilst she might have been going back in November, I don't think she's exactly been applying herself at working out since Christmas. Wonder if her membership is still even valid...
  7. Thanks guys - I posted in a bit of a rush and couldn't get the links to embed properly. It's worth a watch! Anyone checked Day 3 for highlights yet?
  8. Over on the weedtube.com she is posting daily v-logs of being in quarantine and... well, she is definitely looking large! Try Day 2 between 3:10 and 7:10 for a good demonstration of what she looks like without the correct angles and some extra hard-working filters...
  9. She appears to have been morphed, mainly.
  10. Looks like all that time down the gym is really paying off.
  11. This is why we can't have nice things. Why are some people so adamant on ruining it for everyone else?
  12. I see that all that time down the gym is definitely, really, totally, paying off.
  13. You mean in the 2 days since girl 115 was last updated like 3 posts up from yours? Damn man, have patience!
  14. An excellent summer off, mostly on holiday, results in the same dress fitting very differently when worn to a wedding in September compared to its first outing in April.
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