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  1. Looks like she hasn't changed habits since this request was posted.
  2. It is this dress from season 1. There is definitely a bit more of her nowadays. The blue dress they focus on is from the pilot and she looks even more different there! Also a superb torch song. I think we've all been there!
  3. You're right. I have no idea how to do it either - sorry it took me a month to reply! Best way to get hold of me (as my inbox on here is also broken - long story) is e-mail I'm afraid: [email protected]

    Given our posting history I definitely think we have a lot in common! Would love to chat about it all :) 

  4. Hi, can you open a chat session with me? Seems I don't know how to do it. Thanks!

  5. The question is @Weightwatcher - did either of these two make any more appearances since?
  6. Hey! Love some of your threads - they very much align with my own preferences! Was wondering if the 6 months since you posted the Glorious Gaining of Gabrielle had yielded much - or if she had had a particularly indulgent holiday season? 

  7. I long for the latter - yet hope it is the former just so that we can keep on getting updates!
  8. "Busty" wasn't the word that leapt to mind. "Bloated" however....
  9. Love this story. The interesting thing, of course is... a) if they both come back next week.... b) if they're any smaller over the coming weeks! I sense that the answer might be "no" to both, especially for our newly flabbified 21 year old! Of course, your mission is to keep on reporting in case they do! (And then stalk them on facebook/insta and bring us all plenty of photographic evidence....) - I'm only half joking, they sound fab - (and flab!) - ulous!
  10. Absolutely! Pack on 10lbs in pre-diet binge, decide to diet and (through cheating and whatnot) only lose 3. Celebrate that miniscule loss by going out and immediately putting 1 of them back. Then, as she "must be on the right track" only slower than she had hoped, the important thing is the principles, not to beat herself up over every crisp or chocolate bar she sneaks... ...loss stops entirely, she gets bored, and falls off the wagon. Another 6lbs later and suddenly within a few months of "getting ready to diet" she's a whole stone heavier. Marvellous.
  11. @Weightwatcher - here's hoping a) she does, b) she's had an excellently indulgent Christmas and c) you report back!
  12. There are some good shots of her in a tight black dress in the latest episode which are worth looking for. Also first episode that has been of a decent quality this season I would say, with the exception of a few of the songs in earlier eps this season has been a bit weak thus far.
  13. There is absolutely nothing finer than the former 'it girl'; the hotness standard,, lying on the sofa in her old workout clothes which are now too snug and all that fits; making excuses about why she doesn't need to go to the gym, a can of coke or a glass of wine in hand.
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