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  1. fat: boobs ✅ belly ✅ thighs✅ face✅ neck✅ arms ✅ shoulders ✅ summary: you're fucking fat congratulations and well deserved !
  2. you're like this little porky ball in your sitting down photo's, it's so cute
  3. keep on eating yourself into obesity, you're doing a wonderful job
  4. Hey... I'm really interested in DM'ing you to discuss your experience with understanding your fetish through psychotherapy This website doesn't allow me to it says your profile is private Would you be able to DM me ?
  5. Honestly I think it's quite harmless? It reminds me of one time when I was on a date having an intellectual conversation with a girl and she got visibly turned on (face flushing). In the moment I didn't know what was happening but I realized afterwards she's probably sapiosexual. She probably wanted to drive the conversation that way Do I feel like she exploited me? Not at all, how can you be angry with someone for just conversing? And hey if she liked it that much, I thought it was quite cute.. because I liked her Why not go on some dates with curvy/chubby girls?
  6. shady2003

    Misha Barton

    wow that's so hot, look at that gut
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