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  1. Actually, it was sort of joking. But the two girls weren't exactly friends (frenemies, maybe). They started to argue about lifestyle and habits. So the fit one told the unfit one she could block her without efforts. Soon she did. Unfortunately it lasted few seconds because there were other people to interrupt the show.
  2. My experience is a girlfight between a strong one and one who embraced pleasure and excess. The fit girl immobilized the out of shape one without any effort. She struggled to escape from the catch, but she could only become sweat and out of breath. And the fit girl told her: "What do you wanna do? You're a fat, weak and slow cow".
  3. smax666

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    Fake, in my humble opinion
  4. smax666

    Weakness and weightgain

    I always fantasize it. Once I saw a very fit girl walking around and told my gf: "What about a girlfight with her?". And she answered with a sad smile: " Maybe many years ago, but now I would last few seconds. She is so fit and toned...". Here's another thing I find exciting in a girl, being conscious of the many changes happened to her body (and mind).
  5. Question: do you like when a woman gains weight AND becomes weaker and out of shape? I found exciting the contrast between an athlete, thin and strong and a former athlete who gave up her routine and became all fat and no muscle at all. Not necessarily obese, but lacking of tone and easily to submit.
  6. Went to a sort of homecoming of my gf. When back home she talked to me of a girl I noted immediately (my gf knows exactly my type). "I didn't recognize her. Twenty years ago she stayed with another girl, now has a husband and a kid. She must have gained 40 kilos". I smiled and I asked my gf if that girl had recognized her (twenty years ago my gf had long black hair, flat stomach and a waist like a baby, now she is a... pleasant chubby mom with short colored hair). She grinned. "By my voice" she replied to me.
  7. smax666

    Is weight gain the driving factor to your arousal?

    She's 43. And yes, she has short hair. She started to cut em short few years ago (I ignore the reason...). That line was told to criticize her, for sure. And that's another thing I find erotic, women "pouring sand on the wound" to other women because of their weight...
  8. smax666

    Is weight gain the driving factor to your arousal?

    All those things are very nice and exciting, but what I find the most erotic is when a woman changes so much to become not recognizable by people who haven't seen her in a while. In 10 years my woman went from 140 to 190 and she changed clothes, hair, job-role (but it was all a very slow process). Me and the people who constantly see her, don't realize how MUCH is changed (unless when we see old pictures), but the other day, in her office arrived a female coworker who haven't met her for years. This coworker introduced herself and my woman told her that already they met. She looked very carefully at my woman and asked: "How many childred did you have? Three, four?". "Just one" she replied. That's what I find very erotic! :-)
  9. smax666

    Paloma García Ovejero

    There is something deeply erotic and kinky in this picture. Skinny blonde and chubby brunette, both business women, both catholic, both very sexy but with a checked and controlled behaviour. And a priest in the middle. Remember me a porno movie or a teen fantasy :-)
  10. smax666

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    Perfection: decadent and confident
  11. smax666

    Fat Fetishs

    Chubby girls getting the nicest men in the room and thin girls wondering how they can be attracted by such a (insert offensive words: fat bitch, cow...)
  12. smax666

    Thick bartender

    Of course!!
  13. smax666

    Thick bartender

    I'm almost sure I found her facebook page :-)
  14. smax666

    video Oana Lis

    When I follow the link, there's no video, just the image (and the article) "not clickable". http://www.cancan.ro/showbiz/showbiz-intern/video-oana-lis-are-87-de-kilograme-l-as-insela-pe-viorel-cu-un-ecler-205655.html Has anyone the video saved? Thank you in advance. m.