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  1. Hi there. Hope you're doing well and are having a great day! I'd send you a DM, but I've hit the daily limit, which sucks.

  2. Hey there! Hope you're having a good day!

  3. Hey there. Happy Saturday! Tried to send a PM, but i apparently hit a daily limit last night lol. Hows your day been going?

  4. Hi there! How are you doing tonight?

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. DanteSparda45


      Okay. Good night. Wish me luck in surviving the hell known as retail lol

    3. Bettyboop336az


      Haha good luck ☺️

    4. DanteSparda45
  5. Random question. Are there any ladies on here that are into vore? Particularly same size vore rp's

  6. Hi there! How are you doing in this lovely friday night?

    1. CouchQueen


      i'm doing well, thank you! i'm working on some sets, and getting ideas for pics and vids i wanna do tomorrow
      how are yeww doing this friday night?

    2. DanteSparda45


      Just relaxing and winding down for the night. Wishing that i didn't have work in the morning, too.

    3. CouchQueen


      I'm seeing the new Tarantino movie tomorrow. Good night!!

  7. Any models on here that are into vore?

  8. Hello there, people! How has everyone's weekend been going?

  9. DanteSparda45


    Hello there! How are you liking it on here so far?
  10. I don't own a car, nor do i have a license, but i really want to own this car!
  11. DanteSparda45


    I play a lot on my xbox one. I play Need for Speed, Assassin's Creed. Borderlands (so excited for BL3!), The Witcher 3, Kingdom Hearts, Bioshock, Resident Evil, and a lot of others.
  12. I'm having a bit of a random thought, which may or may not be the dumbest thing I've ever thought of, which is a kinda running theme with me and my mind. What do you guys think about an app version of the site? Same features, same look, just made into an app. Let me know what you all think in a comment below.

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    2. DanteSparda45


      Good! I like the browser, but I kinda prefer app version of sites. Easily accessible, no loading a browser, and you can change the settings

    3. S77


      We have an app on Android and also available through Tapatalk app in both iOS and Android 

    4. S77
  13. Bored and tired. Anyone wanna chat about anything?

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