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  1. Well, I don't normally do this, but I'm in a very good mood right now. I just wanted to say how glad and thankful I am to be part of this awesome community. Seriously, i love how i can just be myself and not worry about other things going on. And its all thanks to everyone on here. Seriously, a lot of y'all have helped me through some really bad moments in my life and I'm eternally grateful for it.

    And i know that I'm known around here for being kind and supportive to the models and users here, which was a shock to me when i found out. Like, WOW! I had no clue that me just being me would that much of an impact on here. But thats made me think of all the friends i've made here and its humbling to know that. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, all of you, for making me feel welcome and giving me the chance to part of this amazing community.


    @Big&BeautifulCoco@Bella Abbondanza@reiinapop@Curvage Casey@TheBigAssSSBBW@MissTasticakes@HungrylilKitty@Nectar of_the Gods@Carlys SSBBW@Wishuwerebigger@Kaybearcutie95@rachhole@NikkiMaialina@Doe_Nylie@RikkiCurve@CouchQueen@BBW-OLIVIASWORLD95 This one is especially for you all. Thank you all for being such kind and supportive friends to me. Seriously, i don't think I'd still be here if it weren't for you all. You've all shown me love, kindness and understanding that i've never noticed until recently. Thank you all for everything.


    Well, that's all i had to say. Hope everyone on here has a wonderful Christmas and enjoys the time with their families, friends and loved ones.

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    2. Big&BeautifulCoco


      @DanteSparda45 Your welcome sweet heart your so kind and I appreciate you. I am so happy I got to be apart of this wonderful community and that I got to meet you. ❤️  sending hugs to you. Hope the Christmas and holidays our as wonderful as you have been to me. 

    3. CouchQueen


      @DanteSparda45 You are such a warm and kind person! Thank you for bringing a little bit of holiday cheer to this website, and good vibes and thoughtfulness the whole rest of the year too. ❤️

    4. Doe_Nylie


      You are such a lovely person, and have really helped to make my stay here enjoyable! It fills me with glee to hear that along with many other incredible people that I can give back some of that same delight. Thank you for all the genuine good vibes you continue to give, and I hope your holidays bring you much cheer! 💖

    5. DanteSparda45


      I'm pretty sure that if you all hugged me right now, I'd burn up from all the warmth you all give off and I'm sure I'd be hugged to death lol

    6. RikkiCurve


      Thanks so much Dante, I know your sweet messages always make my day ❤️ 

      Life can be tough but it's wonderful we have a little community of supportive folks here 😊 

    7. DanteSparda45


      @DairyQueen Sorry i forgot to include you in this one. But thank you for being an awesome and supportive friend to me since i joined this community. I greatly appreciate you and all the support you've given me :)❤️

    I couldn't get through the whole video, it was just too sexy and almost broke my brain totally lol. Seriously, great work, Kayla. Amazing camera work, really good music, and your poses in the tub were just *chefs kiss* And i know its a remake/comparison of your older video, but this one is so much sexiness and it's gonna sell like crazy. Only complaint is the music. I could see you speaking and could faintly hear it, but the music drowned it out. Still getting 5 stars, though! 10/10 recommend! Best damn stuck-in-tub video ever!
  2. Wow... This just left me speechless, and thats just from reading the description lol. Seriously, you're so amazing with all the weight you've gained since you first came on here. And i love how beautiful and awesome you keep being as you grow more and more *hugs* Wish i could meet you IRL and just give you a big ol' hug for being a very sweet and amazing person ❤️
  3. Wow... i missed a lot the last couple days... *big hugs* I almost typed out an entire rant about how you're such an authentic and amazing person and how he doesn't know a thing about you, but then i read the apology he made and... well, i deleted the rant lol. And you really are an awesome, sweet and kind person who doesn't deserve that kind of treatment from anyone on here.
  4. Good lord, you're always looking so amazing!!! And i love how you've grown in the past year! You're so soft, jiggly and fluffy! I'm sure your hugs would be amazing and comforting lol
  5. Hey there, ghoulfriend! Hope you're doing well today

    Okay... just watching you try on the clothes was enough to make my brain crash lol. Kayla, how are you not a Victoria's Secret or FashionNova model?! Seriously, you've got the looks and the body (screw what the normies think!) And that hypnotic slo-mo jiggle *chefs kiss* C'est magnifique! And seeing you in just the bra and panties, good lord! Everything about you just screams 'soft, plush and cozy' and i love it! Sweet, sassy, & soft, all rolled up into one amazing beautiful person. 100/10, great camera work, awesome music, would DEFINITELY recommend!!! Buy this clip and support this awesome and beautiful model! It'll be the best purchase you'll ever make!
  6. I'd love to be your Valentine ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ You're all that and more. You're amazing, kind, sweet and super awesome
  7. Wow... i love the angle! And vore is one of my favorite fantasies, too. I'd bet i would love being in your belly, with how big and soft it is lol
  8. Oh, wow! That is a lot of condensed milk, but i bet you felt so bloated and full at the end lol
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