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  1. Hey dropped a message to ya earlier 😜

  2. Yess!!! Looking forward to the next installment. Any updates on the other stories?
  3. Absolutely gorgeous too! Idk about you but I see nothing wrong with this situation 😘 maybe you'll get bigger than you were before 😏
  4. Absolutely massive and gorgeous! Can we see you standing in a doorway? 😏
  5. That's a 3 month gain?! I can't believe you still fit through doors! 😳🥵
  6. I'm doing very well! Just took a much needed shower! Yourself?
  7. You look as wide as a damn door now 🥵 when did you get so massive?!
  8. Agreed. As long as you love your body and where you're at that's all that matters! It was just a "do you think its possible or will you make sure you dont?" Kind of question
  9. Do you think you'll end up gaining the weight back eventually? Also you're absolutely stunning and I love your shape!
  10. Good morning! Pretty soon you'll have to squeeze into your car! Let alone struggle to close the door🥵
  11. You as well! Eat up and enjoy the bbq! Looking forward to see that dress get smaller and smaller on you 🥵
    As usual Lauren blows this vid out of the water! From dwarfing a big chair with her huge ass to busting out of every dress she tries on AND her still favorite but dangerously small bra! I'll tell ya what yall she ain't getting any smaller and it shows! So like every other amazing vid she puts out, you DONT want to miss this one! 11/10!
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