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  1. kryptoroll

    How to be a good feeder

    I'm finally getting the opportunity to be in a feeder/feedee relationship. Its my first time living out my fantasies and Its nervewrecking. There's a lot of tips and tricks for feedees, but not so much for feeders, can anyone give a few helpful hints?
  2. kryptoroll

    Chubby Cheerleader gets teased

  3. kryptoroll

    Copyright, porn, and morality...

    This "wall of text" wasn't supposed to be an exposé on pay sites, and it wasn't supposed to be a commentary on morality or copyright. However, I do enjoy this debate. Think of my initial statements like don draper writing that essay on why he quit lucky strike on mad men. He wasn't quitting smoking, he was quitting one brand. I'm not saying I won't pay, cause lord knows I shell out the dough for this stuff, out of respect for time and effort put forth by models. If I had a model in front of me I would be at their kness bowed with a bowl of something fattening. I was merely sandbagging stuffers site because I find it substandard, hence the joy I get when that particular sites content gets leaked. I mentioned other Sites (BC, taylormade, c4s) to personally give stuffer the middle finger and tell him where i would be taking my business. Upon review I can see where I became the catalyst for the thread, that sounds cocky. Nonetheless, I support my earlier statements. To the guy who called me out of my wall of text. Fuck you. If you don't have anything to contribute to the conversation at hand stop trying to make yourself a successfull troll, and put your own two cents in. Dem's fightin' words.
  4. kryptoroll

    got an email from stuffer31?

    I don't post a lot here, but i thought I'd put in my two cents. Stuffer31 is all I had when I was younger. It helped me feel out what I was into, and what I would still be into as an adult. I couldn't pay for anything back then, and watching those 30 second previews was pure bliss. I hadn't found any other sites until much later, so it was like watching your favorite TV program and waiting for new installments. Year after year, the previews got shorter and shorter, and my ability to find sites like Curvage and FF became much better because I knew where to look. By the time I had reached adulthood and was willing to pay for a video here and there, I picked stuffer's site first. At first it was great, being able to see past the 10-30 second mark, and actually see the models gain or eat or whatever. Eventually, like most things, that initial excitement came to pass. I was disappointed by the camera quality and the overall "fake ness" of the models. Some of which rarely ever gained, others that seemed bored to even exist, as if updating was a chore, and not to mention the multitude of girls that don't speak English. I find that to be the most flawed part of the site because of the connection that is supposed to be made across a screen. However, it was not all bad. The girls that did gain were pure gems. But after so much sub-par work, and a wrong that was never righted by the customer service department, I decided two things A) Never set up a membership with stuffer, and I would take my business elsewhere except for rare occasions. Every time I see one of stuffers video's lingering out on the web for public consumption, I enjoy a small victory. It isn't the content leak that ruins business, the gaming/movie/music industry get through leaks with finesse, they dust it off their shoulders and keep making money. The reason people portray stuffer in a negative light is because of the way he handles business. Poor quality, feigned enthusiasm, and an overall shoddy business model is what draws money away from one site to another. And that is what also draws negative criticism and an overall negative opinion.
  5. kryptoroll

    Looking for story

    Its about a new teacher that is the assistant to the current home ec teacher and she has a friend named jelly that works in a clothing store. If anyone knows this story and ould link it that would be awesome.