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Kitty arrives home and is super stressed from work. First they removed the vending machine snacks and now her colleagues are no longer bringing in treats due to their new diet obsessions.

Hungry and exhausted after a 12 hour slog at the office, there is only one thing on her mind: satiate every craving she has been having throughout the day. Kitty scouts her kitchen in search for as many sweet treats and delectable goodies she can find. Before long, she is firmly planted in front of the fridge, gorging on everything within reach with no care for politeness or control.

Eventually her desire for calories kicks into overdrive, creating a monster dessert of only the fattiest, tastiest treats before setting down to devour it like the true gluttonous queen she is.

Will Kitty be satiated? Or will the video title remain true? Come watch the gluttony unfold ...


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2925 calories. That was the number shown at the end of the first masterpiece in this award winning series "Insatiable". In the sequel, Kitty not only recaptures the magic of the first one, she completely blows it out of the water! While both clips are amazing in their own right and I highly recommend both, she eclipses the first in every single way with this one. She is so much fatter, wider and greedier in this one, that its remarkable that the first was only done 3 months ago. Not to mention that she far exceeds the calorie intake of the first. She more than doubles the amount and almost triples it (although after filming this, a few hours later, I have no doubt she consumed a couple more thousand calories.) If you love a huge girl stuffing herself relentlessly only stopping to let out burps or to grab more food, witness the magnum opus of feedism videos from one of the sexiest, sweetest girls to ever do the fetish. (Continue reading if you want to know all the details)

So unlike the first one with Kitty waking up in the middle of the night, it is midday and Kitty is coming home from work. You get a nice full body view of Kitty in her form fitting office attire before you get a nice striptease of her removing her blouse, her super sexy pencil skirt and her boots, revealing a sexy match bra and panties with her ass completely exposed by the see through back. She takes the same chair from the first clip, and plops her fat ass down on it right in front of her mini fridge and proceeds to go to work.

Kitty is just as greedy if not more in this one as the first. Starting off with some leftover pasta in a bowl that she doesnt even warm up, watch as she moves from one thing to the next. Cups of pudding, eclaires in each hand as she shoves them down her throat, a pack of cheese that she pours into her mouth getting it all on her boobs and my favorite addition of soda for extra big burps. Kitty is so greedy that she even has some spoonfuls of butter. Kitty is truly stuffing herself without any rhyme or reason and it is such a sexy sight to marvel.

As if things couldn't get any better, Kitty really decides to go all out as she starts picking out every high calorie sweet she can find in her pantry and cabinets and proceeds to make the world's most fattening dessert casserole. Pieces of cakes, crumbled muffins, chocolate chips and candies, heavy cream, caramel and strawberry syrup and it is all coated with a can of whipped cream that Kitty proceeds to spray until empty. I love how she is so greedy that after she pours something into her dish, she has to pour some of it also into her mouth. My dream feedee gf goals for sure.

Kitty finishes off this masterpiece eating her huge dessert on all fours like a proper pig. Enjoy seeing her start off with some control eating from the dish with a spoon at table before she gives total caution to the wind and decides to get on all fours and just go in face first (seeing her ass up in the air as she goes to town on that calorie bomb of a treat might make you want to go face first too 🍑🍑🍑🤤😅). Very little breaks are taken and Kitty washes all this down with her soda letting out big sexy burps. This is by far Kitty's biggest stuffing to date, and that is saying something. 

I didnt review the first one, but it is no doubt one of my fave videos any feedism model has ever made and this is the evolution of that. You can really see that Kitty has grown immense with these 3 months and her appetite has increased as well. The quality of this video is also slightly better with more angles and overall better lighting. Support one of the sexiest, hardest working bbw models up here and buy this clip as well as the first. You will be happy you did!




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Kitty truly discovers her inner piggy in this one. I've never spent a better $17 as it's 21 minutes of a pure joy dream as she stuffs herself continuously, breathing heavily, and in the end on her hands and knees eating a dessert construction built for the Goddess she is! To say Kitty is greedy here is an understatement. She will truly NEVER be satiated, that much is clear. She is probably on her 3rd and 4th personal edition of Insatiable as I type this.....she is a real Kitty Piggy Goddess of Glutony. Thanks, Kitty! 😍😚

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Wow insatiable 2 is a must have clip but you know this already going by the pics and gifs 😍 you can tell just how much bigger kitty is than when she did the 1st insatiable the way she eats nearly everything she sees is just mind blowing. Eating the cups of pudding in just 3 mouth fulls is just 🥵 I did wonder how that seat you sit on can still hold you 🍑 I was expecting it to break at any moment. Love the hiccup you did just has you started making what you called a monster dessert. I like that you started counting the slices before saying I will just have all of them 🐷. Half the calories you consumed in this must of been in that dessert. Of course plenty of burping is in this too, I can only imagine how much bigger and greedier kitty will be by insatiable 3.


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Great video! Kitty deserves all the attention she gets for her surprisingly fast gain. She cuts an amazing figure and it will be wonderful to see where the added weight goes as she continues to pack it in.

This video has some good variety of shots in terms of camera placement and activities taking place. My personal favorite would actually have to be the opening sequence - seeing her walk into the apartment (fully in frame), in figure-hugging street clothes, and then strip them off 😙👌Molto Bene!

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Woww, I’m shook kitty 😍 this might be the best bbw video I’ve ever seen. Her gluttony and voracious appetite is truly a sight, mind blowingly hot. And, she looks more massive than ever. The angles she uses are amazing and it truly showcases her massive growing body and growing appetite! Kitty seems to be looking bigger by each video. Wow. 

You guys must buy this video, I repeat it is the best bbw/ feedee video I’ve ever seen. ❤️

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I have watched a lot of feeding videos in my life. But this is one of the best ever. It really captures the Whole essence of feederism: eating with gluttony a large amount of food.

And obviously Kitti Piggy beautiful as ever… fatter than ever. The perfect feedee


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Great video, great stuffing, what more do you need?

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