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    Watch as Laura's already huge porky belly slowly morphs into an even bigger beer filled gut as she drinks 4 large cans of beer. Laura starts off in a shirt that is so tight you can see her bra through it and leather tights that look like a sexy second skin that could burst off her any minute due to her chunky thighs, swelling gut and huge ass that is struggling to remain on the tiny stool. Can after can causes Laura to burp more and more until her belly is so full she has to free it from her tights and her porky gut can now properly expand. Watch as her belly gives her great issue staying on the stool and how it continues to push forward into her lap further onto her thick thighs with each chug of beer. Laura raises her shirt for the final can, and you can watch this piggy finish off her final can with a super swollen, rock hard beer gut. After watching this, Im sure her gut isnt the only thing that will be rock hard To anyone who has seen a Laura chugging, it's no secret this girl can really burp her butt off. From small burps to big gassy belches, Laura shows no shame as she lets loose so many sexy burps like only a true beer drinking pro porker like her can. From burps, to belly rubbing, to practically stripping and displaying all her sexy pork in an already revealing outfit (love how her panties look showing on her big love handles), this video has something for every kind of fat lover to enjoy.
    f you enjoyed the first Body Tour, then this one is going to blow your mind. Kitty gives a marvelous display of all her soft, delicious jiggly bits as per usual, but she makes it all the more better covering her baby soft body completely in baby oil. Fat play and fat slapping together making sexy noises, sensual rubbing and moaning, ass shaking and clapping, this video gives a great display of why Kitty is one of the sexiest bbw's around. Read on for a more descriptive review. Kitty is wearing a skimpy bra which can barely contain her bountiful boobs (struggling to even cover her nipples) and a thong that is being covered in the front by her massive gut and swallowed in the back by her plump rump. Her stretch marks on her belly are in perfect view as she pulls out a rather full bottle of oil and begins to pour it on her breasts until they glisten and shine. Her boobs were sexy in their own right in the ill fitting top, but now they are even more succulent. She rubs, pushes and claps them together and it sounds so lovely. Next, she moves on to her blubbery belly, flabby arms and her thick thighs. She drenches her belly in oil really making all those stretchmarks shine. She massages oil into her meaty arms and displays how soft and thick they truly are. A very rare sexy show of how even Kitty's arms have plumped up. Next, Kitty gives an ample amount of oil to her massive thighs, allowing all her cellulite and ripples to shine seductively. Kitty proceeds to jiggle all of her shiny bits, with more sexy clapping sounds and more oil all while moaning and breathing incredibly heavy. Finally, Kitty shows off her best ASSet πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‰. She makes up for "Kitty's Bouncing Booty", which you should also definitely check out if you havent already, by adding a much more fitting amount of oil to her massive mounds of jello. By the end, her ass is so shiny that you could probably see your face in it right before she smothered you πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜. Kitty continues to tease, getting on all fours like a real proper greased piggy and shakes her big ass making it clap and the rest of her jiggle all over. Finally, Kitty decides to go bottomless and give you a sexy display of how her greedy gut hangs so low, you can't see her kitty. Let that sink in. Kitty is such a piggy that she can now hide her kitty. Talk about a sexy milestone. Kitty is definitely more piggy than Kitty This video is amazing. Almost 15 minutes of nonstop fat lover's heaven. No body part is left out as Kitty's porky sausage fingers find their way to every nook and cranny of her overfed body, covering them in oil making her shine like a true Goddess of Gluttony she is. All the clapping, jiggling, slapping and heavy breathy moans make this clip more than worth. Not to mention Kitty being practically nude and loving every minute of it. I truly hope she does a stuffing oiled up like this. Check this clip out ASAP
  1. Wow! So many reviews in less than a day of this clip being up. Thats insane! Definitely gonna check this out on payday
    Guess I'm review luck 7! I can't give this clip true justice with just words. It's that good. First off, the quality is on another level. The camera is so clear that you can really see every dimple, roll and ounce of cellulite or stretchmarks on Kitty's porky body. Second, the outfit is so perfect and tight that her belly is pressing the front of her skimpy spandex skirt and her ass is hanging out the back. I bet your office admirers would lose their minds if you wore this to work ;). Starting off the video, Kitty shows you how she likes her shakes and spoiler alert; its thick and loaded to the brim with fattening ingredients. Watch as she puts a copious amount of "Serious Mass" protein powder to her shake with a huge ass scoop for her huge ass. This is the type of protein that requires you to be incredibly active in the gym, and since Kitty is incredibly active in the kitchen and drive thrus, this is guaranteed to turn into pure fat. Then, she adds some full fat milk, double/ heavy cream, and ice cream. What a fattening combination fit for a greedy, growing piggy. She mixes it all together and then prepares to chug it. The shake is so thick it looks like she is chugging pancake batter. No doubt that this thick shake will stick to that thick ass, thick thighs, and thick tummy. Kitty looks so sexy chugging, putting her mouth right around the opening as to not waste a single drop. Hear her moan and watch her belly fill up to the point that her belly pokes out past her ass and she has to remove her skin tight skirt, giving you great views of her ass eating up her leotard and her belly pushing up against the suit, make her look pregnant. After giving her belly a break and rubbing it properly, she gets back to it. After a while, Kitty undoes her body suit, giving a great view of her slowly expanding shake filled gut. To finish off, Kitty plays with her belly seated and shows off her nice well fed bum. This video is so hot for reasons stated above and so many more. The fact that Kitty chugs until she has to strip is so hot. She also says hot things like she doesn't know if her belly or her ass is sticking out more. After the shake, her gut definitely wins. This clip has everything a fat lover could want and Kitty is the perfect greedy bottom heavy feedee with a belly that is just as big if not bigger. Do yourself a favor and get this gem of a clip.
    What a pair!! Love that you both compare measurements and cant wait to see these numbers increase. Its clear that blondepeach has you beat in measurments, but im wondering who is the greediest piggy of all. Love seeing both your asses dancing around and also the end with both of your sexy guts on display. Really looking forward to you two making sexy content together and separately. Lets see who can out stuff the other 🐷🐷🐷😏
    The video resumes where the first part ended as Laura is fed the last remaining pieces of food and drinks, despite her moans and groans and pleas to stop. Laura ends up too full to talk and can barely keep her eyes open as her fat gut is fondled with and all she can do is burp and moan. At the end, all the plates are lined up and all the drink cans are shown, completely empty. Laura said she was hungry, and her date did not disappoint 🐷🐷🐷😈
    Two words for this video: must buy! Laura starts off in a ridiculously tight white dress and winds up stuffed to the brim in her bra and too small panties with a huge gut full of pizza, burgers, soda, beer and fries. The clip starts with Laura arriving for a date a bit late. She mentions how hungry she is and is eating away at some fruit. She leaves to go freshen herself in the bathroom and unbeknownst to her, her drink is drugged. Shortly after drinking it Laura begins to feel dizzy and blacks out and that's when the fun begins. Laura wakes up confused, restrained and surrounded by food and drinks. Soon, she is being forced to chug beer after beer and coke after coke between mouthfuls of fattening greasy food. Her belly expands with every bite and her captor torments her grabbing her porky gut and slapping it, along with her thunder thighs and fat boobs. This video may have dark undertones to it, but it is a must have guilty pleasure if you love to see a helpless girl being forced to be her greediest despite already being "too fat". Definitely recommended if you liked the other force stuffings.
    A really sexy pair of matching underwear. Love how you show off your big sexy butt and also jiggle your belly. My fave part is you lying on the orange chair. You look so content and lazy on it with your belly and ass both hanging off deliciously. You really look like you didnt wanna get up from that chair. I love the huge burp you let out once you got up. Such a sexy 🐷🐷🐷😍
    Really hot video!! Love the sexy spanish talking with subtitles and seeing you inside the tub with practically nothing on is quite a sight. Your butt is so round and plump. I love how much it is on display here. Also your tan lines I love on it. Im hoping you do more sets like this, but id love to see something for fit for a greedy piggy like hot dogs or pizza or burgers or maybe all 3 🐷🐷🐷. Still, i guess eating a whole bag of chips isnt that bad. I look forward to seeing more sets of you in bubble baths showing off your perfect bubble πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜˜
    An absolute classic display of gluttony. Laura plays the mean, oblivious fat nurse who cannot see how much of a hypocrite she is. Her belly is looking softer and rounder than ever, as well as her legs and butt. She continues to berate her patient for being fat all the while stuffing donuts and chugging coke. My dream nurse. Hope this theme continues as I'd love to see the fat nurse's plan to help her patient get in shape. I hope it involves her getting more out of shape
    I hope that the pics plus video combination is a more frequent thing in the future because these pics and this video are absolutely epic! I feel like you could have easily ate more of the cream donuts and been really gluttonous because you made such short work of them. However, I love that you showed off and played with your belly and big jiggly bum. Watching you be a piggy in bed is so hot and you always say something sexy to entice the viewer. A true show woman that knows how to show off and tease with each of her jiggly bits. Speaking of teasing, man oh man! Seeing you rip your fishnets open and show your jiggly gut in various positions was a true sight to behold. You continue to invent sexy new ways to show off your fat. That is why you are one of my fave models on this site and always will be
    7:59. That's the moment that every feeder fantasizes about in a video. A girl stuffing herself to levels of gluttony where her belly gets so massive that her clothing can't handle it and a button pops. That golden moment happens in this very clip, and what a sight it is to behold. But before that, Shar is an absolute machine filling herself with atleast a family of four size pasta dish with no breaks. She sticks her fork in the dish, loads it with pasta, puts it to her lips and then into her greedy gut until her coveralls have had enough. After the sexy pop, like Pringles slogan, the fun doesn't stop and Shar continues to stuff herself full. With her shirt rising higher and higher on her rapidly expanding gut and her boobs barely able to be contained, Shar finishes letting out a series of deep sexy burps and a gut that is hanging between and resting on her chunky thighs, dangerously close to touching the couch. What a sexy greedy display!
  2. "Once you pop, the fun don't stop" The oldΒ Pringles snack slogan sounds like it fits right in with the ideals of feedismΒ πŸ˜‚

    Love your sexy talent of making your far ass clap. Also making your belly plop and jiggle like jello. So many rolls and curves to admire from your big jiggly gut and thick thighs to your sexy back roll and ample flabby butt. I love it all and cant wait to see it all grow, especially your jiggly cakes 🍰🍰🍰😁
    A very nice short and sweet clip showcasing a beautifully overfed girl in pain as she is teased n fed even more while getting her fat played with. Very sexy POV style video. Loved the little moment where you turned on your side and showed off your fat jiggly butt n delicious side rolls. Also, love very much how you play with your belly sitting up and laying down. You are turning into such a fat pig downing all this pizza and other junk food. Its gonna be fun to watch this sexy outfit attempt to handle all your new sexy flab as you keep stuffing yourself full of calorie after calorie like a true gluttonous pig 🐷🐷🐷😍
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