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    I am speechless after watching this and so jealous. With her skinny bf beneath her, watch as she uses size to her advantage to submit him and make him groan in pain. She smother him with her belly and sits on him straddled, bouncing on him like a chair as he whimpers and grabs her belly. You can see her thick thighs straddling his head as well. Then, she turns around and you can see how wide her fat ass is compared to his torso and watch it bounce. To finish off, she lays on him sideways, showing how her gut jiggles and sways and touches his skinny belly. She taunts him more with her sexy soft fat ass and belly some more before leaning over to end the vid. A 5 out of 5 short but sweet clip of a soft heavy beauty throwing her weight around. I need a switch feedee like her in my life 😍😍😍
    Bouncy round and jiggly are all adjectives that perfectly describes Couch Queen's big sexy ass and I'm happy to see as she grows bigger, it does too. A very nice video shot in Portrait view perfect if you are watching on your phone. Watch her shake her money maker around for a bit wearing some panties that she has probably outgrown the way her booty swallows them whole. Also, I love the garter belt adorning her thick thighs and framing her plump cheeks perfectly. She also wear a sexy bra over her shirt which is too small and her back rolls are swallowing the straps deliciously. After shaking her fat ass, she sits down and plays around with her fat gut bouncing up and down in the chair. Shes so heavy that the chair is groaning with her every movement. I predict this chair is on its last legs. She makes for a super sexy and soft chubby kitty all around. Great job making a super sexy clip and keep feeding that fat ass fatter 🍑🍑🐷😉
    Belly lovers and lovers of soft jiggly fat will go absolutely insane for this epic video. Watch as Chinky demonstrates just how much her body can wiggle and jiggle like jello with an emphasis on her jelly belly. Showing off from the front, side and back, her big belly bounces and jiggles with absolutely no control . She uses her hands, the waist band of her thong and just the movement of bouncing up and down to keep her belly and rest of her jiggling nonstop for your viewing pleasure. For those that love ass, she turns around quite a bit showing her fat booty is just as soft and bouncy. Her boobs also look delicious in her top bouncing without a bra with her hard nipples showing. My fave parts of this were her moving her belly side to side with a sexy shimmy I cannot do justice and her side profile displaying her 3Bs in such an awesome way. Dont miss out on this jiggly masterpiece
    Really enjoyed this one alot! It started off a bit slow with all the inflation, but it was nice seeing your belly fill with air like a balloon and then watching you let loose all the gas in your stomach with all kinds of different farts. Loud ones, long ones, tiny ones, airy ones. I wish more girls were brave enough to try inflation and do fart fetish. I hope you do more like this. Would love to see just a purely deflating clip where you are full of air already. Thanks for making such a sexy clip.
    Wow! Just wow! An over 10 pound gain in a week. I guess I really did overestimate your gluttony, but with the way you are loading those bread rolls with mayo to add your already doughy rolls, I shouldn't be too surprised 🐷🐷🐷😉. From beginning to end, this video is awesome. Starting with the weigh in, followed by a nice body show off with her big fat ass bent over in the fridge. This outfit is perfect for showing off your gain btw and it looks so sexy getting tighter as you bloat up. Next, watch her move to the couch and get amazing shots of her huge belly from the front and side, thick thunder thighs, and in my fave moment, she turns around between stuffing her face and shows off where alot of the weight is going- her big wideload of a fat ass. I really hope you do this more often. She gorges on roll after roll covered in mayo, even getting it on herself along with crumbs looking like a sexy slob of a pig. She also lets out big burps and uses her huge gut as a shelf to eat candy off of. Finally, she shows off a bit more playing with her big stuffed gut that I bet will be causing rips in that bodysuit in no time 🐷🐷🐷. This video was one of your best yet! I loved the slapping and jiggling of your gut as you ate and again, the turning around showing off your booty was much appreciated. I think for the next challenge (if possible) doing a month speed challenge would be amazing. I can only imagine how much you would gain in a month being your absolute greediest 🐷🐷🐷🤤
    Really nice video! I absolutely love your red bikini that says coke on it. Such a fitting bikini, yet at the same time not fitting as your huge butt is eating the bottoms and your huge boobs are flowing out of the top. I think if you do this in the future, you should use water or jusf use coke to help you swallow the mentos whole. There was some pretty big burps throughout either way. My fave was when you said "This is not sponsored by Coke" and then let out a huge belch that only a greedy piggy could do 🐷🐷🐷😍. It was also nice to hear about your reasons for wanting to gain and your desires as well of where you hope to gain. I love big butts too, so I hope your butt continues to balloon out and cause you problems with chairs 🍑🍑🍑. Speaking of, I love how you showed off your belly and also your ass. Keep showing your booty in future vids as well please. Hope you also consider some of my other ideas I mentioned, like the large pizza and 2 liter and definitely the outgrown vid 🐷🐷🐷
    Shar starts off in some tight blue jeans she is struggling to do up and a blue top that can't cover her massive gut. She is preparing for a gathering with friends. Her table is loaded with all kinds of food, ranging from sandwiches, to popcorn and chips to soda and beer. Shar sits there for a moment trying to wait for her guests to arrive, but then decides to grab a slice of pizza. That one slice then leads to a couple of sandwiches and before you know it, Shar has lost all control and is munching away like the piggy she is. Watch as she stuffs her face nonstop with complete greed, even undoing her tight jeans at one point to allow room. She eats on her couch in her living room and also eats in her kitchen, which is my fave part. She chugs soda and beer which pushes her belly out big and round and she lets out these sexy monstrous burps in a row. I love how her belly bunches up as she sits her fat ass on the counter filling her belly nonstop. She goes back to the couch and eats and drinks some more before finally deciding to put on her party dress. Even if she didn't just gorge herself like an absolute pig, I don't think this dress would have party appropriate, but man I would love to watch her at this party filling that belly and letting out huge burps like the perfect piggy of the party 🐷🐷🐷
    Wow talk about a well fed body! Watch as she flaunts all her fat as she strips out of her jeans and just gets in a bra and panties as she teases you with her massive butt and big jiggly belly. She plays with her belly alot between jiggling it in her hands or plopping it right in front of you or using her panty band to jiggle it. Tons of belly play from different angles, plus a bit of booty bouncing as well :). The best of both worlds on display for your viewing pleasure!
    If you love seeing a fat girl in shorts fill her belly to the absolute brim with a shake made from the most fattening ingredients in her kitchen, you are in for a treat. She starts off making her calorie bomb of a shake with a whopping 15 scoops of protein, full fat milk and other ingredients. Once the shake is made, watch her drink it all down until the last drop. She gets so full, she has to undo her shorts and let her belly free. Very nice start to her gaining week and with shakes like this everyday and being a total piggy every meal, I am sure she will make a big impact on weigh in day 🐷🐷🐷. (Just wanna emphasize again would love to see more booty in your vids. Even if its a stuffing or chugging. Atleast one full turn around part or bending over a few times from behind)
    A clearly overweight fat girl who thinks she is still in shape wearing a sports bra that her boobs are about to spill out of and some gym shorts that look like spandex the way they cling to her thick chunky thighs and wideload booty that spills out of the back of the pants and a belly that hangs over the front? YES PLEASE! Well she is in shape because round is a shape and from her massive shelf butt to her jiggly gut, she is definitely round. Watch as she goes through a quick workout routine that any personal trainer or generally fit person would scoff at and watch as it leaves her panting and breathing heavy barely able to explain how she is still in shape from being so out of breath. Watch as she does jumping jacks, running in place, sit ups and push ups, failing them all. I have to say I absolutely love the choice to show slow motion, as it really emphasizes how much you jiggle. Another favorite part of mine was seeing you attempt push ups only to fail and cause your big ol butt to jiggle like jello when you hit the mat. Such a sexy sight. Not sure how much of the labored breathing was real or was acting, but you definitely convinced me that you was really gassed at the end and I hope you carb loaded after 😉🐷🐷🐷 I really love this idea about the in denial fat girl and hope you continue with it. I have some ideas about future themes roleplaying this character. Once again, you continue to show how you are ahead of the class when it comes to making amazing clips. The jury is still out on if you are good at stuffing yourself as good as you say you can and I hope a stuffing and a bottoms try on are coming very soon 🐷🐷🐷😉
    This video is all about the belly! (although I kind of wish there was some booty included too like bending over from behind or turning all the way behind for future vids would be nice). Firstly, I will say that I do like the beginning clip showing off how you end up stuffed full of beer before the clip actually starts. (Perhaps you could start making preview trailers for clips feauturing key moments in the video before they play more often. Even include it in the clip description.) As I mentioned, this video features lots of her already heavy and huge belly being forced to get even bigger as she chugs beer after beer. She has 3, but as big as they are, they might as well be six and she is up to the task of getting each of them inside her super stuffed gut. Watch as she chugs beer that she pours into a mug as her belly expands against her pants, which are buttoned but not zipped to give an awesome belly look. It's not long before she has to undo her incredibly tight pants button, and when she does it, the button actually rips off the pants (I feel like if you held out just a bit longer, it would have popped on its own and been 10x hotter). With more room to drink beer now with her big belly spilling into her lap completely covering her jean front, watch her as she fills her mug over and over until she can't anymore. All this beer causes her to produce some pretty big burps and belches as it seems everytimes she jiggles her gut, it causes her to have to burp. She also ends up sneezing a bit too if thats one of your things. By the end of the clip, her belly is huge and hard from all the beer. Some nice angles at the end of her sitting, standing and also a seated position from an above view so you can see how her beer belly sticks out in front of her. A really nice video with something for everyone, including some fat talk sprinkled in toward the end. Hope you take my feedback in consideration for future vids and I just wanna say I appreciate your determination to gluttony and I cant wait to see how your hard work leads to a softer you 🐷🐷🐷
  1. Picture this as a sexy work roleplay forcefeed scenario: You are working at your retail shop when a customer comes up to you at the register with a large package. They tell you they have a product they would like to return to you and you tell them to wait a minute while you proceed to go in the back. That customer follows you and they end up overpowering you and tieing you to your nearby office chair in an undisclosed location in the warehouse. The customer opens that box on top of your desk to remove what looks to be a funnel and a big container with fast food and a huge container of some kind of liquid that looks like chocolate milk. As you stare in slight fear and arousal, the customer opens the lid revealing 3 huge burgers with 3 patties each, lots of cheese, bacon and mayo, as well as a big pile of fries. The customer looks at you with a grin as he picks up a burger with one hand and pats your belly sticking slightly from out of your shirt with one, and he places the burger up against your lips until you open your mouth and he shoves it in, getting about a quarter of it down your throat, filling your mouth with meat, cheese and mayo which turns you on. As he sees you finishing the burger, he grabs a greasy handful of fries and shoves them down your mouth as your lips glisten with grease and mayo dribbles down your chin. Bite after bite, your belly gets fuller and fatter as your shirt rises up more and more as your belly pushes onto your lap as it balloons before your very eyes with each bite. Finally beyond stuffed and all burgers and fries gone in your huge gut that sits heavy in front of you, all you can do is moan and burp to try and create some release from the fullness you see. Liking what he sees, the customer slaps your big belly a few times prompting you to feel embarassed as you burp and wince in pain at the slap, but also getting a bit wet. Before long, the customer pulls out the funnel and he readies it to your mouth. He shoves it in deep enough that it holds and he grabs the mysterious liquid in the unlabeled bottle and shakes it around. You notice how thick the liquid is, and notice that he is unscrewing the cap off the bottle and watch in horror as he pours the thick liquid out slowly filling the funnel head, trickling down the tube to your throat and down to your already full belly. The taste of the liquid is amazing and despite being beyond stuffed, it tastes so delicious that you can't help but want to suck it down. Your gut grows bigger and bigger with each massive gulp, and your burgeoning belly is threatening to bust the button on your work pants. The customer notices this and begins to pour more liquid down as you wince and moan in pain as your belly pushes against your work pants more and more until finally--- POP! Your button shoots across the room and your belly pushes your zipper undone as your big belly is finally free to take over your lap and you let out a sigh of relief as you now have a bit more room to expand your beach ball of a belly. The customer smiles as he sees your overstuffed belly free of your tight workpants. A few more pours and you see the bottle is emptying the last remnants of the tasty beverage into your gut. He removes the funnel from your mouth and the last bit of chocolate dribbles onto your lips and onto your big boobs in your shirt. He examines his work as you sit there completely full, breathing heavy and moaning from the fullness and the orgasmic feeling of being a greedy slobby piggy. He swishes your belly around with his hands smacking it and lifting it up and down as you winch and moan and plead with him between burps. The customer decides to listen to you and he readies his equipment to go back in the box. Before he leaves, he decides to lift your shirt up over your boobs and he wriggles your work pants off of your thick thunder thighs leaving you indecently exposed in your office and unable to move to fix it. He unties your hands and gives your belly one last smack before making his back to the front of the store. Able to compose yourself just enough to lock your office door, you call your assistant manager and tell them you are going to be in your office working on paper work and that she is to not have anyone bother you for any reason. Now, alone in your office, you think about what happened and how much it terrified you, but also aroused you that you cant help but to rub your belly and reach down your panties as you think about how much of a greedy fat pig you had just been 🐷🐷🐷
  2. Oooh. What would be your ideal burger place of choice for this feeder to get your burgers and fries from, and realistically how many burgers and fries do you think is your limit? Like whats a normal burger and fry meal like for you?
  3. Is the idea of being tied up and fed something that turns you on? What things would you like to be fed if you had your choice?
    There's not many more pleasureable things to me than watching a beautiful girl try on super tight, revealing clothes that capture every curve of their beautiful body perfectly, and this video delivers on that in droves. As a long time fan and supporter of Kitty, Ive watched many of her try on videos, and theyve been a constant favorite of mine as she does them so well, and this is no exception. I'm not sure what's more fun or enticing: seeing you jiggle and struggle to put on sexy too small, indecent outfits that you could never wear out publicly or watching as you put them on and look like you are about to burst. Luckily, this video has plenty of both so you don't have to choose. Tons of sexy looks of each outfit in every angle, as Kitty's belly, thick thunder thighs and massive ass all threaten to rip the very fabric of these dresses apart. From a nice sexy black dress with some ties, to a sexy orange one perfect for halloween and perfect for showing off Kitty's back rolls and giant pumpkin booty, to an even sexier little white dress that Kitty can't even get her boobs to stay in, this is a buffet of sexiness that you can't miss.
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