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  1. fan2000

    Nelly Furtado

    Here's a pic of Nelly with Dua Lipa and Drake from this week.
  2. fan2000

    Female wrestlers

    btw, about a month ago now Jamie Hayter returned to AEW and yes she's still good
  3. fan2000

    Female wrestlers

    Back in November/December 2019 when she first appeared in AEW and up until her injury in May 2020 Kris Statlander did show up in the thread due to her soft muscular look (best way I can describe it). However while recovering she worked out a lot and staying at home not out on the road meant she controlled what she ate and unfortunately lost her soft look. Personally hoping with AEW back on the road she'll indulge a little more and get a little softness back, but I still like her as a wrestler no matter what she looks like.
  4. John Mulaney announced on Late Night that he and Olivia are expecting. https://www.etonline.com/olivia-munn-and-john-mulaney-expecting-a-baby-171634
  5. fan2000

    Female wrestlers

    She was Deonna's mystery challenger for Slammiversary and the match was her Impact debut. Whether she'll appear more in Impact or not I don't know, but I suspect this was part of the AEW-Impact talent exchange agreement even though she'd signed with NWA.
  6. fan2000

    Sara Tomko

    I've been looking for a few weeks unsuccessfully after noticing how thick she is on Resident Alien, but hope others will be able to share stuff.
  7. fan2000

    Female wrestlers

    Jimmy not Jey. I know she's been injured a lot and was away last year for personal reasons (a relative's death I believe), but I don't think she's ever been released.
  8. fan2000

    Female wrestlers

    He can't fire someone in The Rock and Roman Reigns extended family.
  9. fan2000

    Female wrestlers

    Can't get enough of Statlander, love when she's on Dynamite and actually watch Dark when she has a match.
  10. fan2000

    New to this

    Hey @Abitofbelly11, everyone has to start somewhere. Personally I think the second morph (Magic Mirror) is the best of this bunch. Keep on practicing and working at morphing that's the only way you improve.
  11. Some nice sketches, glad to see you post again.
  12. I can't give tips for improvement, but I can say that I'm going to be interested to see your future work because already you're very good.
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