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Kitty is once again serving up a calorific gainer shake treat! After months upon months of quarantine, Kitty has bought a new blender and is ready to enjoy her shakes again!

Chugging, tight clothes and a very large looking Kitty!


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Here is the absolutely gorgeous KP in another epic video shoot. As always KP is very well presented and looking super sexy and huge in this video...😍. I think the last time we saw KP in this top was 'weigh' back in May 2020 for one of her weigh ins at this time. Well I'm not sure how you got this top on this time KP but it is looking super tight and accentuates your curves very well indeed.. Just love your strength in your arms to lift the shake down without even flinching...so hot...

The first thing that I noticed was how much bigger KP is looking in her upper body, arms and chest - KP looks super huge and feminine - just loving the elbow dimples that are nicely formed now.. so hot...

Also KP's belly, hips and thighs are looking super huge and I can't get over how thick KP's love handles are getting now - even thicker than her hand width. Clearly with only a few more pounds to go until KP reaches the 400lb club, a few weight gain shakes turbocharged with full fat milk, ice cream and 'squirty' cream should help do the trick... not long now...

Another absolutely great video from the insatiable KP....

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Wow - another FANTASTIC video from the always-amazing @KittyPiggy!

You'll have to pick your jaw up off the ground when you see KP at the start of this video.  She looks so big and cute!  In fact, she looks bigger than "big" - and she looks so UNBELIEVABLY GOOOOOOOD bursting out of her skimpy, super-tight little top!  As ever, her hair and make-up are spot-on.  Her body is a growing miracle.  I'm genuinely in awe of this wonderful woman's achievements.

A couple of things I noticed straightaway:

-KP's double chin!  I remember when it was only noticeable when she specifically looked down or when she deliberately made an effort to emphasise it.  Now it's just THERE - permanent!  So cute.

-KP's arms!  Perfect!  They're really developing all those beautiful folds and mini-rolls around the elbow and into the upper arm.  @1mini1 also drew attention to this in their review.  Adorable!

Okay, so just like in every other KP video, there's just so much good stuff going on here:

-the way she clutches the tub of weight-gain to her stomach as she's making her shake.

-the way her micro-skirt rides up to reveal her underwear.

-the way she covers her ears when the blender gets to work - can this woman be any sweeter?

-the way she guzzles the shake straight from the blender, like all good feedee girls should.  Fuck dainty little cups.

-the way she caresses her belly and softly grips her rolls as she drinks.

-the way she desperately needs every last drop of the gaining-shake.  You can SEE and HEAR how precious it is to her.

As usual, throughout, KP's personality and conversation is charming, sweet, adorable, and sexy.  The camerawork and movement is excellent, as is the quality of the image.

Another absolute classic from the stunning KittyPIggy!  5/5!

(If you haven't bought it already, make sure you buy KP's video below.  This new video is the sequel to this earlier one.  The earlier one is from March 2019 (wow - can it really be nearly TWO years?!).  It's a fab video in its own right, but now has the added value of serving as a comparison between Kitty then and Kitty now.  Needless to say, she looked lovely then and looks lovely now!  And, goodness, how she's grown!)


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What a great video! I am just amazed how beautiful you are 😍

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Always worth it. Always beautiful, Kitty. 

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Every video you seem to be a little bit bigger and a little bit happier with your gains. You are a true Gainer, an absolute pleasure to watch your progression over the years. 

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