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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cPmx-FZmRY
  2. we will see, if she has the willpower...
  3. Half Hungarian - half Gypsy I believe
  4. Rich Hungarian food since, she's Hungarian
  5. True that, annoying as fuck...
  6. Hey! My name's Tom. You maybe know me as PrinceFlabby. A Hungarian gainer and feeder. I'm in the feederism business since the summer of 2011. I realized then,that I love to be fat, and I want to be fatter. Always loved the community and the people in it. And I think Curvage is ome of the most important sites for this community. Here's how it started with the help of my feeder gf:
  7. Geez guys, you've made me laugh, I hope it's not a high-treason that I laughed on my own nation 😋
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