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  1. Trying on Last years Fave outfits
  2. Bojack Screencaps from s06e10 Diane's stays this size through the end of the season/series. Her weight gain is never overtly commented on (except the one time she mentions her boobs are heavier), which is actually refreshing. Her taking prescribed antidepressants is framed as a positive, regardless of the effect on her weight. In this episode however, she struggles with the fact that - as she sees it - the medication is preventing her from accessing her traumatic childhood memories to write her memoir. She ties her success as a writer to being "sadcore" and briefly goes off her meds until her boyfriend intervenes. She ultimately accepts that she doesn't have to be in a dark place to be a good writer and decides instead to write a mystery novel for middle-grade girls with the encouragement of her boyfriend and her agent/manager. This is the only real Diane-focused episode; by the end of the series though, it's revealed that she winds up getting happily married to the boyfriend and moving to Houston. Overall, she's framed as having become a much more well-rounded and healthy person.
  3. dunchester

    Katy Mixon

    I love how one of her earliest TV roles (at least that I remember) was on My Name is Earl, and had her wearing an absurdly proportioned butt padding to show her character had gained weight. Considering how fickle the Hollywood industry is, it's pretty amazing how much she's filled out, seemingly without any negative impact on her career. That's downright inspirational!
    I really appreciate how the video description does not overhype the amount of weight gained. That being said, this is a significant gain from her first weigh-in video, which is the last weigh-in video I bought from CC. The difference is visibly noticeable as well, with her face having grown delightfully fuller and rounder. So CC, I'm sorry that you're not as far along in your gaining as you would like to be just yet. But for what it's worth, red is absolutely your color!
  4. Sorry, this is the link: http://www.gifshow.com/fw/user/yinghuochongli
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