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    This is probably one of the best videos Kitty has ever posted! Seeing a gorgeous fat girl in skin-tight attire struggle with gym equipment is always a win!
    It's always great to see two of my favorite Curvage models - and accomplished gainers - spending time together, encouraging each other's growth! The chemistry these gorgeous women share is delightful to watch. And while Kitty flirts with SSBBW status, CC appears to be doing her part to ensure her round belly remains biggest! I can't imagine it will be long before these big fat beauties are unable to both fit on that couch, together!
  1. I received the same "waiting for approval message" both times that I purchased clips with the new billing system. I'm sure there's a valid reason that Stripe is no longer available, but I am finding CCBill to be a more obtrusive alternative - I do not like the idea of having to verify my purchases from "curvage.org" every time, with a stranger on the phone. It's especially weird because I've paid for stuff with CCBill on other sites, before, without having to verify or authenticate anything. It's only here that I'm getting the third degree; I'm glad to see I'm not the only one.
    Lindsee and Steph together is a combination that can't be beat, especially when they're squeezing their large and lovely figures into tight spaces!
  2. British-Nigerian, Plus-Size Actress Currently in "Loki" on Disney+, previous work includes "Lovecraft Country" and "His House"
    Great video! Shot at multiple angles, this video does a wonderful job showing off Anna's growing rotundity! She's getting so big, the extra little distance from the camera really helps you to appreciate her full figure. I would love to see more videos shot like this one in the future!
    Personally, I've never found Hooters to be appealing (food or gimmick). But somehow, Lauren makes it work! Her ample curves look amazing, pressing against the taut fabric of that uniform. Can't wait to see how it fits (or doesn't) in a couple of months or so!
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