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After being separated by lockdown for so long, Kitty and Aliss are so excited to be spending some quality time together again but this time, in GREECE! 

It really doesn't take long before they can't keep their hands off of each other's growing bodies and what better excuse than helping to apply sun lotion to help a friend out.

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Okay, so this video is a little more expensive than the average Curvage clip - but, trust me, it's worth every single penny!  

@KittyPiggy.  Aliss Bonython.  Bikinis.  Suncream.

I mean, come on - those words alone should have you adding this to your cart without a second thought.

Our two busty, ultra-curvy, beautiful, double-chinned heroines are about to head out into the Greek sunshine - but wait!  Before they go into those hot rays, they need to lotion up their stunning bodies, right?  And they're letting us watch!

"Oh this is such a chore!" KP comments, as she lovingly sprays cream onto Aliss's thick arms and begins to massage it in.  This is one of those videos that you need to pause and wind back (sorry, VHS reference) every few seconds because you've discovered that, in staring at Aliss's adorable double-chin, you've missed a breath-taking side-view of KP's beachball-like posterior.  

KP then turns her attention to Aliss's BEAUTIFUL back.  Look at those rolls!  What KP says at 03:34 is so, so true!!

When KP starts work on Aliss's butt (mmm, just read those last seven words again), she needs to take a seat.  Look how she spreads out when she sits down!  She's so massive and gorgeous!!  (There's also something really sexy about the way KP manoeuvres Aliss around just a little, so we can get the best views of everything that's happening.)  

I should add that these ladies aren't doing any of this in silence.  They keep up a lovely, fun stream of charismatic conversation about how they look, how they want to be bigger, how they work on their bodies - it's all very, very sexy in a fun, light-hearted way.  

There really is something a bit magical about watching the goddess-like KP rubbing her chubby hands over the velvety soft skin of Aliss's shoulders. 

Okay, written way too much already.  Let me just add that Aliss then starts lotioning KP's awe-inspiring body, which is a truly stunning sight.  Make sure you're not near any sharp cornered furniture when watching this bit, because you may very well pass out with the pleasure of it all.  

Awesome video: 22 minutes of highly entertaining, sexy fun, featuring two of the most perfectly-formed women on the planet!  One for the hall of fame.

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God it's always a sight to behold watching these two goddesses get together 😍 I hope the both of you are eating well 

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Kitty Piggy is getting so very soft and fat with Aliss seemingly not far behind but being taller and more tanned she’s nowhere near the fluffy white dumpling that Kitty’s become! I loved the comparisons and the playfulness of two plumped up beauties especially with the pats of each others big bellies and Kitty’s outstanding bottom!!

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Guest BlackPeter57

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I completely agree with all BBC the points mentioned in @jj22’s review of this video. His review is what sold me on purchasing this video. It is a nice salesman pitch. I would highly recommend purchasing this video for all the reasons mentioned in @jj22‘s review. The price is high but worth it for the quality content within this video. 


This is a Nice #FatChat filled video. This video is contained with loads of body and #fatEncouragement and #FatPositivity. It is an aspect nice to see in a society mostly filled with hate for being plus size. One statement made in this video was that #AlissBonthomyn asked “Why would you not want to be fat with all this #jiggling?” It sounds so attractive to hear women embrace being plus size. 


What stands out to me is how they make comments that are honest discussing what features of their body they each find Attractive that most in society would be often rejected. It is pleasant to see people embracing their fat vs being shamed or hated for being #plussize. I liked hearing people excited and enthusiastic about the other’s bodies and excited about getting fatter.


Loved the #honesty that there is nothing made up about what they are saying to one another. You can tell this is not made up because this video starts off as if they were having the discussion before it started and @AlissaB Bonython is unaware early on that they are being recorded already. 


You can tell they just had a stuffing in this video from listening to the conversation and hearing them describe the other’s belly when they touch the bellies. 


This is a good video for artists like myself because you get all the dynamic views of the body. It can serve as a good drawing reference.


One thing that does surprise me while watching this vide is that neither of them put sunscreen on their double chins or face but maybe it was because of all their makeup or something else. 


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