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You and your girlfriend Savannah are going on a tropical summer vacation together. Savannah is trying on all of her swimsuits that she plans on taking with her. She’s definitely out on a lot of weight since the last time she wore them but you see smiling and admiring herself in the mirror as she’s outgrown everything she tries on. She actually seems to be turned on.. so turned on in fact that she thinks it would be so sexy if you put on some weight too. Savannah fantasies about what it would be like for the both of you to be big fatties together 


{ video includes; role play, mutual gain, outgrown bikinis  ,belly play, Fat chat, pov}


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Every video is something incredible. Every single second of every video must be watched. Savannah you are the most beautiful and sexy woman in the world. You are beyond beauty. I suggest everyone to buy your every video, everything about you is perfect. You are the BBW by definition. I have all your videos and every video is big treasure. A fantastic face with magic eyes, a boobs incredibile,  belly fat and sexy, a round perfect booty but all your body is impossible to describe. 

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Another insanely sexy mutual gain video in the series! The red bikini looks really amazing on you, but I hope the green bikini gets fixed. Any time you wear something small and you spill out of it everywhere, it's just so damn beautiful! 😍 Without hesitation I'd be honored to gain weight together. It doesn't take long for me to feel convinced on that thought. Getting bigger and bigger with the most beautiful Goddess is ultimately sexy! 🤤🥵 Thank you so much for making mutual weight gain vids Savannah!! They really keep me motivated for the dream of zero restriction on food after college! 😊❤️

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The hottest mutual weight gain video on curvage...hands down. Please don't stop making mutual weight gain vids. Savannah vids are top tier and insanely affordable! Please support her content!

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Hearing Savannah describe how hot it’d be if we gained weight together is so sexy, I love the way she describes how big we’d get and the things we’d do together, it makes me want to start putting on weight for her 😍

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