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Your personal trainer has been training for an upcoming bikini competition.. she’s been working so hard to look long and lean and takes fitness VERY seriously. But when she greets you for your training session today you can’t help but notice there is something completely different about her.. she’s no longer thin and strong but you can’t help but think she’s looking FAT… when you ask about how her training is going she tells you all about the regime her own trainer put her on… she tells you her  coach has her in a bulking phase. Eating almost twice as much and almost no cardio with tons of mass gainer. Only allowed to workout with clients. She’s  nervous she’s  getting too big. She used to be so small and lean! But this bulk has caused you to put on 20 pounds over the past 3 months!! 

As your training session goes on you can tell Savannah is getting embarrassed about her body, her workout clothes definitely are fitting her the way they used to.. but she can’t help but notice the way you are staring at her. She asks you if you are  into her new physique. You  confess you are secretly obsessed with bigger fatter women. Savannah can’t help but get excited about this and takes your somewhere more private where you can really admire her new body… who knows maybe she’ll give up on fitness competitions and maintain her new chubby figure! 


{ Video Includes: role play, pov, belly play, tight clothes, fat chat } 


If you enjoyed this clip 5 star reviews are always appreciated ;) 

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