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    Real people who are comfortable in their own skin. Knowing when to offer affirmation and when to just shut up. Making the world a better place. Et cetera.

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  1. dcc

    Have You Missed Me?

    Oh my, yes! I hope that you are well. Great to see you.
    Candi looks great, here. One special treat is when, facing away from the camera, she takes off her bra. We are treated to a breathtaking view of her beautiful back. Those are some really hot back rolls. 👍
  2. I'd love to spoil you, buy you delivery, and make you dessert. You are blooming into a gorgeous, sexy pig. Follow you desire. Order what you want, and order extra. You look great and you're getting better. So attractive. Three hundred pounds will be a good weight for you, though you needn't gain an ounce to be the hottest woman on this site. IMHO.
    She's right. It is her hottest clip yet... purchase this and you won't regret it. Also, you'll be contributing to support this gorgeous piggy's eating habits.
  3. You are looking *sooo* good. Very attractive.
  4. dcc

    Belly Plops/Play and Fat Chat !

    Wow. You look great. That is a gorgeous belly and a really nice ass too!
  5. dcc

    The gaining "C U R S E"

    Wow! You've thought about this a lot and I'm learning quite a bit, myself, from reading your posts here. In my humble opinion,a gainer doesn't need to grow ad infinitum to be hot. Indeed, I (and I expect many others) find just a little extra padding on an otherwise tone figure to be very exciting. The most important thing, in my view, is to see you at a weight where you are comfortable with your body and your body is curvy but healthy. More booty *does* look really great on you, but I'd say ignore the haters and get to where you are feeling good about your size.
    Candi looks excellent in this video. Very enjoyable to watch.
  6. dcc

    Candi's Measurements

    Wow, Candi, those extra inches and all of that new padding look really great on you. You're gorgeous. I hope that you're enjoying it and feeling great. Meanwhile, I'm scooping my jaw off of the floor.
    You're getting so doughy and chubby already! What a hot, sexy piggy, GGG.
  7. dcc

    Forced stuffing II

    She is getting so wide, so beautiful.
  8. Such fun. Would love to have a few drinks with Ember!
  9. That muffin top in those jeans is really appealing. Ember, you are very much missed!
    Ember is authentic, beautiful, and clearly having a lot of fun. This video is quite worth your time and money. And she's clearly a really cool person, too. Support her being on this site and check out the full video! Oh, and need I mention that she's gorgeous and seems more so every week?
  10. dcc

    Swimsuit Season

    This woman just keeps getting better. She looks so good in that cute little bikini... Not that you can see much of it.