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    1. Chances


      You are so beautiful. Awhile ago you revealed your beautiful face. Hooe some day you will do so again. 🙂💕

  2. I haven't attempted any kind of workout in years. In this video you guys get to see me try it out lol not very successfully but I gave it a shot. I mention it in the video but it was a huge shock to me that I literally cannot even tie my own shoes that's how big I am rn lol.. I hadn't noticed because I don't wear sneakers lol.


  3. Workout video next :)


    1. Holddowntab
    2. portport


      wanna see you fake nails.. you so done up and sexy.. you fat expensive  bii 😜🤑

    3. portport


      Sammy02k but waaaay better 

  4. You guys wanted a weigh in here it is!

  5. A lot of you guys have been asking for a weigh in so here it is! I don't really ever weigh myself lol so this was a surprise to me as well. I hope you guys enjoy the video


  6. What kind of workout would you guys like me to *try* to do?
  7. What kind of workouts do you guys want to see me *try* to do?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. bozak


      sit ups for sure

    3. Ian jackson

      Ian jackson

      Jumping Jack's, squats

    4. smiling_Mike


      treadmill so we can see you struggle and jiggle even more hehe

    5. bust9111


      Eating a lot.  Bending over to set up a scale.  Stepping on it and breaking it. 

    6. Holddowntab


      Jumping jacks, treadmill, running in place, climbing stairs, anything that gets you out of breath


    7. oscate


      pushups and situps are a nice standard too



    1. senorclean


      So glad to see you back again Candi! 😊 Your figure and belly are iconic, and curvage is not the same when you're gone.😔

  9. This quarantine has kept me in the house.. And when I am home all day and bored the number one thing I do is eat. In this video you can hear me talk all about it


  10. Hmmm maybe a workout video coming soon.. I haven't worked out at all in years 🐷

    1. biggirlsok


      You haven't worked out in years? I couldn't tell

    2. Mc_Snob


      brilliant idea! 😱

    3. Holddowntab


      A workout video would be amazing!  Or a weigh in!

    4. smiling_Mike


      workout video where you weigh yourself 😍 instant buy

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