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  1. I play with my growing belly in this video, squishing and plopping it onto my fat thighs. Watch this clip & see how big I’ve grown! My belly is so big now, it’s so soft and squishy. I play with it while I listen to music and get in the mood of thinking about how absolutely massive I’ve gotten.


  2. ((Clip features: smoking 🌿, lots of belly play & squeezes. Plops. Shirt rolling up because I’m too big for it!)) In this video I squeeze my gargantuan belly, plop it & try to make this tiny shirt fit over my massive gut. This is a request I’ve had a lot that I figured I’d make for y’all! Watch me smoke & listen to music for a minute or two, dancing and playing with my belly. Then I turn the music off to discuss how absolutely huge I am. —remember to review & 5 star if you love it!!—


  3. My new video is on sale for less than half off! 


    1. SomeGuyNamedChad


      Love your big belly and soft thighs.

    2. Guest



  4. This is my first time showing a before & after! I’m SHOCKED at how big I’ve gotten… I barely tried! I wonder how big I could get if I really put a good effort to it…

    My last weigh-in I found out I was over 250lbs (watch the video to find out how much) for the first time… now? The next weigh-in will be a surprise for everyone because I have gotten much bigger & have no clue what I weigh!



    1. SomeGuyNamedChad


      Cutie. I wish I could use your belly as a pillow.

    2. HoneyBun_TV


      @SomeGuyNamedChad I wish you could too. 💕

    3. Willydilly


      You're stunning

  5. ((Clip features: belly play, fat chat, morbid obesity, being in the hospital, not fitting in chairs, stuffing, eating and bloating!)) This is a video made for people who love to watch us fatties eat with reckless abandon while we talk. I’m updating y’all on my life, discussing future video plans & just chattering away while I put away an entire plate of cinnamon buns! I play with my belly, remarking how fat I’ve gotten. I can’t wait to upload the new weigh-in video as well as the measurement video. [[remember to give 5 stars & review this clip if you like it!! I have a few questions at the end & hope you’ll answer 💕]]


  6. I’m gonna make a new clip trying on things that are too tiny for me… here’s this pic showing exactly how round I am! Look how hard it is for me to pull this over my massive belly!


    1. regbill
    2. SomeGuyNamedChad


      That's not looking easy

    3. HoneyBun_TV


      I wish someone could help me get dressed!! I feel like if I had someone a little stronger, maybe together we could get these tiny things up & over my massive gut…

    4. SomeGuyNamedChad


      I'd love to help with that. We would probably have to pull really hard because it's so big and round.

  7. Go check out this review on my newest stuffing & fat chat update video… I’m so big now!!! I can’t see my feet…


    1. Gamer_feeder


      WOW it's been awhile since I've checked you out and my my have you been busy 💯💯👏👏🔥🔥🔥

  8. Guest

    Would you be interested in doing a big belly stuffing video soon with some burping? We would love to see it! 

  9. I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been lazy… clearly, as I’ve obviously gained who knows HOW much weight since my last uploads! Can you guess how much? I’m going to do a weigh in soon, if you all show interest…


  10. I’ve gained so much weight… good lord. I was like at least 15 pounds lighter when y’all saw me last! I can’t wait to show you how big my belly is now.

  11. I’ve been gaining for y’all! :3 Do you like? I can’t wait to do a weigh-in!


    1. AthleteTurnedFatty


      You look amazing 

    2. Artemis8


      Looking bigger than ever! 😍

    3. Guest


      Love to see your weigh in!!❤️😃

  12. I’m really feeling Christmassy… 



    1. George_Young


      Putting the mass in Christmas?

    2. HoneyBun_TV
  13. https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/profile/161246-honeybun_tv/&tab=node_filestabprofile_filesTab

    Black Friday sale!! All videos have been marked down & will be put back up tomorrow. 

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