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  1. I’m gonna make a new clip trying on things that are too tiny for me… here’s this pic showing exactly how round I am! Look how hard it is for me to pull this over my massive belly!


    1. regbill
    2. SomeGuyNamedChad


      That's not looking easy

    3. HoneyBun_TV


      I wish someone could help me get dressed!! I feel like if I had someone a little stronger, maybe together we could get these tiny things up & over my massive gut…

    4. SomeGuyNamedChad


      I'd love to help with that. We would probably have to pull really hard because it's so big and round.

  2. Go check out this review on my newest stuffing & fat chat update video… I’m so big now!!! I can’t see my feet…


    1. Gamer_feeder


      WOW it's been awhile since I've checked you out and my my have you been busy 💯💯👏👏🔥🔥🔥

  3. Guest

    Would you be interested in doing a big belly stuffing video soon with some burping? We would love to see it! 

  4. I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been lazy… clearly, as I’ve obviously gained who knows HOW much weight since my last uploads! Can you guess how much? I’m going to do a weigh in soon, if you all show interest…


  5. I’ve gained so much weight… good lord. I was like at least 15 pounds lighter when y’all saw me last! I can’t wait to show you how big my belly is now.

  6. I’ve been gaining for y’all! :3 Do you like? I can’t wait to do a weigh-in!


    1. AthleteTurnedFatty


      You look amazing 

    2. Artemis8


      Looking bigger than ever! 😍

  7. I’m really feeling Christmassy… 



    1. George_Young


      Putting the mass in Christmas?

    2. HoneyBun_TV
  8. https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/profile/161246-honeybun_tv/&tab=node_filestabprofile_filesTab

    Black Friday sale!! All videos have been marked down & will be put back up tomorrow. 

  9. Happy Thanksgiving!!! I’m gonna eat so much food. 


    1. DrPepper1991


      Happy Thanksgiving gorgeous! 😘

  10. 3D1223A6-FE62-40E2-8185-891D15D86B6F.thumb.jpeg.e186e31362bfef4404076b87e5ac6dc4.jpeg

    I’m so fucking fat… I’ve been watching all my Curvage videos lately & I LOVE THEM!!! Is it weird to pleasure yourself to your own feeding-porn?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. regbill


      You're so fucking gorgeous!:wub:

    3. HoneyBun_TV


      @regbill 🥺🥺 thank you 

    4. Artemis8


      One of the fattest bellies I've ever seen and I love it 😍

    5. bellyfan19


      Absolutely GORGEOUS!  Mind-blowing… just WOW!!! 😯😵😍

    6. HoneyBun_TV
    7. shyer2022


      very very beautiful

  11. Good morning! Sorry I haven’t been around as much, I’ve got a vanilla job that takes a lot of brain power… here’s some pics of me this morning before makeup, a bra or anything. I hope you’re all doing well!

    I’m gonna film something for you all today… a video ALL about how hard it is to work a job standing on my feet with alllll this fat!!!!



    1. bellyfan19


      No make up necessary for you to look stunning - such amazing natural beauty! 😍

  12. 2CA3D1BF-C98C-4B37-96C2-ADC3B3D6E725.thumb.jpeg.32384ca07810062084bfbb681a2666dc.jpeg6DB96E69-36D4-43DF-8F93-477066BA34D1.thumb.jpeg.aaaad9270195aa91796e6a0a99d00681.jpeg

    I can’t wait til my next measurement set… I’ve gotten so big all my panties are too tight!

  13. Sorry I haven’t been around as much, I’ve been feeling a bit down. 😞 cheer me up?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DrPepper1991


      …Because he kneaded a poop.

    3. Artemis8


      You hear about the claustrophobic astronaut?

      He just needed a little space

    4. HoneyBun_TV


      Y’all are wonderful. 

    5. DrPepper1991


      You seen Dune yet? How’re you doing? 

    6. HoneyBun_TV


      @drpepper1991 Yes! I loved it. What did you think of it? 

    7. DrPepper1991


      Pretty fantastic all round I thought! Could’ve given more time to the Mentat’s Pyter and Thufir, but I’m so glad it’s doing well and has a broad appeal to people who haven’t read the books! Did you read the series? 

  14. $1 for the next few hours then being put up to $3.50!

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