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  1. Hi, I’ve been getting some messages asking about me so I thought I’d share this on my wall as well. I’m well  atm but I’ve had some medical issues and been working heaps. As for the medical issue, I’ve developed type 2 diabetes and have had to change my diet drastically. At present I haven’t had the time to take any photos or videos. I do wish to, but just had no chance to. I’ve lost 28 kgs and I’m sure I will probably lose more because of my diet. I’m happy and healthy. Thanks for inquiring everyone.  😘❤️

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    2. freedombell2001


      It's lovely to hear from you Niki and totally understand re the health situation. You're gorgeous to me whatever size you are and all that matters is that you're happy and healthy x

    3. bbwloverbr


      Good  to see you back, keep your health :)

    4. Tastic1


      Good to hear from you. Your health is the most important thing. 😀

    5. Chances


      Thank God you are doing well. I am diabetic, and eating right, controllong weight and taking the meds is the only way to a good life. Take care of yourself, and l wish nothing but the best for you!

    6. Ni Ki

      Ni Ki

      Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement. It means a lot and very much appreciated 😘😘

      @Chances @Tastic1 @bbwloverbr @freedombell2001

    7. lory Six

      lory Six

      how nice to hear from you, you made us all dream but now the most important thing is your health, so I recommend you think you will be better you will always be more beautiful ,, a big big kiss Lory

  2. Hi ni ki, i am watching your pics since years, loving it. There is always one question: what has driven you to become so unbelievable fat?!

    1. Ni Ki

      Ni Ki

      Sorry for late reply. My boyfriend suggested that I try to gain wait to see how big my boobs would get.   We enjoyed the weight on me so we kept gaining. 😍

  3. You’re super pretty. Cute belly. 😊

    1. ice on my wrist

      ice on my wrist

      Oh my God chinky! You are looking fatter and more beautiful than ever! Keep this up:-) 😋

  4. Upload more photos

  5. Hello

    You are really amazing...and so beautiful big😉

    May I ask you 2 questions:

    What is the biggest difference when it comes to eating/ eating routine...consuming compared to the time as you started gaining?Did it change a lot?

    Do you wear High Heels just in your pics or also when you are outside where ppl can see it?


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    2. KingCharlez


      I am just curious..

    3. KingCharlez


      I am a new fan of you😁

    4. Ni Ki

      Ni Ki

      @KingCharlez food has changed. Don’t eat much salads these days. I eat lots of cream buns, cake, and drink heaps of coke, and I love eating hot chips. I love creamy foods and ice creams. Ice blocks. Lots of toast with heaps of butter and vegemite, jam, or peanut butter.

      Love fish and chips. Love milk shakes but I’m too lazy to make.  I like quick easy meals as I’m too lazy to cook these days. I need someone to cook for me!! 😜

    5. KingCharlez


      I would love to cook for you if I could XD 

      i work as a cook....and it is good to see that you changed your eating that much.So it’s very effective.😎

      Do you also like Beer or something/wine or something similar?Or is that nothing for you?

    6. Ni Ki

      Ni Ki

      I wish lol.  I don’t drink these days. I think I’ve had one bourbon and coke in the last 8 months. I use to like red wine, although if I had one glass of wine I’d be flat as a tack under the table. Haha 

    7. KingCharlez


      Ah i see I just was curious.😂

      Anyway if there is a chance to support you you with new tips or encouragement let me know it 😁

      I would love to help 

  6. Hello

    Compliment to your gaining….i hope you will countinue because you look phantastic

    1. Ni Ki

      Ni Ki

      Aww thank you 😘

  7. Aww thank you 😘 😍😘 Thank you Aw thank you sweetie 😍 You’re welcome 😘
  8. Thank you Haha my pleasure, and thank you!!
  9. Good morning. Just woke up. 😘 #nomakeup #nofilters
  10. Good morning.

    Just woke up. 😘

    #nomakeup #nofilters 



    1. JohnnyX


      No better way to do things than no makeup, no filters, IMHO.

    2. JohnnyX


      No better way to do things than no makeup, no filters, IMHO.

    3. Ni Ki
    4. Jafo


      You wake up in a teddies halter ?

       3 days ago, i woke up in a dig out sleeping area in California ... not in a teddie...   but covered in ash. Firefighting

      Now home in florida, and worked yesterday...as medic... again... not in a teddie but in uniform.

      But love to see you in them.

      My sore and tired arse is going to bed... until next deployment.




  11. Thank you. I will be popping in when I can. Extremely busy these days, so it’s hard to find the time for videos or photos. You’re welcome. I’ve been gaining for 5 years now. Curvage says my thread is too long, but I can’t seem to make a new thread. Way too much history here. 😍 Thank you. 💣🧨 Thank you. Good to be back. ❤️ Aww thank you. Just on Curvage now. Don’t have the time for anything else. Hehe. Thanks Aww so kind. Thank you 😘 I aim to please. ❤️ Haha yep. Super hard though. I’m so uncoordinated these days. Thank you. Nice to post something for a change.
  12. Too kind. Thank you. Hope you enjoyed. ❤️
  13. Omg! I just discovered you! Your amazing! 😍😍 And your a fellow Aussie too? 😜😍 the sexiest ladies on internet! I'm literally exhausted now after going through Ur page 😏 hope you're having a good day x

    1. Ni Ki

      Ni Ki

      Aww thank you. That’s a lot to go through. 😜

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