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  1. This is incredible! I think I speak for all of us when I say just wow you always look amazing regardless of weight, breathtaking 🥰
  2. I'll second that! Everyday I check Curvage and your forums bc of you you are the essence of Curvage, and are so authentic. I can't thank you enough for being you.
  3. That is an absolutely beautiful dress😍
    I loved the messy part of this video, you look like you could drink 5 of these in a day😅it goes down so easily. And the fact that you are wearing a barely there bikini just makes it better🤤😍
    Another wonderful video and wow your burps are incredible. You are such a naughty piggy. Capable of eating so much
    Another stunning video. Your appetite is unreal. You just give in to your cravings. The 2 handing of the pizza was jaw dropping. You looked so stuffed by the end and I liked the absolute mess you made as well. Goddess 😍❤️
    You're belly hang is amazing 😍you're Portuguese is so sexy. And you are literally the most beautiful model.
    The best video yet! You look so greedy and ready to be a massive piggy. The burp at the end summed it up so well. You crushed it in this video. And the pounds just won't stop.
  4. Feeling quite full lately😏


    Your belly is growing so much! I love how much you just stuff your face. I can't wait to see how much you're gonna grow in all aspects. Your belly, your butt😍
    Your gain is coming along so very nice! You are simply gorgeous, your eyes are simply stunning. I loved this photo set and am so ready for the vidoes
    Your belly is growing so fast😍love love love this video, keep growing
    The best video yet🥰the added burps were huge, the wet t-shirt was super sexy the shake dripping down you was heavenly and showing off all the assets was just the cherry on top😍
    This video was everything wrapped into one, dialogue, stuffing, and of course the burping😍 another incredible video.
    The way you slap your gut,and call yourself a piggy was so incredibly sexy. The pounds just keep on increasing 😍can't wait for what's next for you beautiful
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